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    Season 1 
Episode 1: Anarchist Ricky Martin (A Thing For Musicians)

Episode 2: Willy Wonka and the Illuminati Factory (The New Jerry)

  • The joke about WOOHP being the cause for global warming.
  • Them assuming that Jerry is the girls' adoptive step-father.

Episode 3: Surfer Saiyan (The Get Away)

Episode 4: Weekend At Lord Bernies (Stuck in the Middle Ages with You)

Episode 5: (Almost) The Worst Terminator Reboot (Child's Play)

Episode 6: Super Villain Breaking Bad (The Eraser)

Episode 7: Body Pillow Nonsense (The Fugitives)

Episode 8: Six Head (Abductions)

Episode 9: Are You Thirsty? (Model Citizens)

Episode 10: First Nation Gimp (Spy Gladiators)

Episode 11: Ran-domme Access Memories (Silicon Valley Girls)

Episode 12: Tactical Pastel (Queen for a Day)

Episode 13: When Daddy Gives You The Punnies (Shrinking)

Episode 14: Assassination of The Hero Clover By The Coward Jerry Lewis (Aliens)

Episode 15: Double Dipping Rude Titties (Wild Style)

Episode 16: Those Who Hunt Cheerleaders (Black Widows)

Episode 17: Friends on The Table (Spy vs Spy)

Episode 18: President In The Buff (Evil Boyfriend)

Episode 19: Gamer Girl Episode 215: E3 GRRRLS (Game Girls)

Episode 20: Chekov’s Gut (Passion Patties)

Episode 21: Ashey and the Mozz (Malled)

Episode 22: Vampire Helicopter (Soul Collector)

Episode 23: Suck The Teat of God (Do You Believe in Magic?)

Episode 24: Leonard The Robo Trucker (Man or Machine)

Episode 25: Uncle Jerry's Fun Time (Ice Man Cometh)

Episode 26: The Rock Gets Kidnapped (A Spy Is Born (1))

    Season 2 
Episode 27: Cruise Missile (A Spy Is Born (2))
  • "Clover's Law: Woohping only happens when you don't want it to".

Episode 28: Sex Ed Magic Schoolbus (The Yuck Factor)

Episode 29: Return To Totally Spies Underground Mountain (I Want My Mummy)

Episode 30: Grinding The Pearly Gates (Evil Hair Salon)

Episode 31: Wedding Lip Smackers (It's How You Play the Game)

Episode 32: Attractive Geniuses (Here Comes the Sun)

  • Ashley and Molly actually used to keep count on how many times that the Spies have "died", but they gave up.
    Molly: It's fuckin' innumerable.

Episode 33: Those Who Draw Butts (Green with N.V.)

Episode 34: Tum Tum Tattoo (Boy Bands Will Be Boy Bands)

Episode 35: Gnarls Crane (I, Dude)

Episode 36: First Furry President (First Brat)

Episode 37: Clover Commits A War Crime (Zooney World)

Episode 38: Tim Scam Fucked My Mom (Mommies Dearest)

Episode 39: The Day My Spies Went Punk (Stark Raving Mad)

Episode 40: Private Armies and Child Soldiers (S.P.I.)

Episode 41: Sam The Perfect Warrior (W.O.W.)

Episode 42: Potent Nut (Nature Nightmare)

Episode 43: A Long, Strange Year (The Elevator)

Episode 44: Taking the Piss (Animal World)

Episode 45: Reverse Clockstoppers (Alex Quits)

Episode 46: Top Gun Jerry Lewis (Totally Switched)

Episode 47: Murder Mandy Wrote (Ski Trip)

Episode 48: First Person Cucking (Matchmaker)

Episode 49: Asiago Face (Brain Drain)

Episode 50: Grease Trap (Fashion Faux Pas)

  • "Furry Syrup"... "On Mickey Mouse pancakes".

Episode 51: Trenchcoat Dracula (Toying Around)

Episode 52: Mayonnaise Sandwich (Starstruck)


    Season 3 
Episode 53: FLOATING (Physics 101 Much?)

Episode 54: “This Episode Is A Nightmare” (Freaky Circus Much?)

Episode 55: The Horny Matrix (Computer Creep Much?)

Episode 56: Sam Buys a Dom (Space Much?)

  • The girls theorizing that Myrna (with her pointer, or riding-cop as they called it) came from Sam drunkenly buying a very expensive Dom, hence the title.

Episode 57: Steampunk Junkrat (Evil Coffee Shop Much?)

Episode 58: Carpet Eating (Forward To The Past)

Episode 59: We Love You John Popper (Planet Of The Hunks)

Episode 60: The Last Macro Minute (Morphing Is Soooo 1987)

Episode 61: Alex Gets Swole (The Incredible Bulk)

Episode 62: Ashley Joined The High School Illuminati (Super Nerd Much?)

Episode 63: Like Pulling Teeth (Dental? More Like Mental)

Episode 64: Jerry Lewis’ Battlegrounds (Escape From WOOHP Island)

Episode 65: Codename Daddy (Scam Camp Much?)

  • The walk-in freezer tangent.

Episode 66: Sad Girl Next To Ice (Evil G.L.A.D.I.S. Much?)

Episode 67: Cyborg Eye (Super Agent Much?)

Episode 68: 60% More Anime (Evil Airlines Much?)

Episode 69: Nice (Creepy Crawly Much?)

Episode 70: Totally Mercs (Truth or Scare)

Episode 71: The Sub-Plot (Feng Shui Is Like Sooo Passe)

Episode 72: Friends, Loved Ones, Spies (Evil Valentine's Day)

Episode 73: 666 Ghz (Halloween)

Episode 74: One Weird Trick Martial Artists HATE (Power Yoga Much?)

Episode 75: Rosanne Fanfiction (Head Shrinker Much?)

Episode 76: Inner Laura Croft (Evil Promotion Much? (1))

Episode 77: Jerrance the Vampire (Evil Promotion Much? (2))

    Season 4 
Episode 78: Stretch Into Your DMs (The Dream Teens)

Episode 79: Mandy Lives In The Ceiling (Futureshock!)

Episode 80: You Got Spy Mail (I Hate The Eighties)

Episode 81: Bodied By A Mom (The O.P.)

Episode 82: Woke Before It’s Time (Alex Gets Schooled)

Episode 83: Ascended To The Jerrance Form (Evil Jerry)

Episode 84: In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Mime-3: Walking Against The Winds Of Destiny (Mime Your Own Business)

Episode 85: Thank God It’s Mandy (Attack Of The 50 Foot Mandy)

Episode 86: Days Of Our Spies (0067)

Episode 87: The Tavros Theory (Arnold the Great)

Episode 88: The Girl With The Velvet Dick (Mani-Maniac Much?)

  • "Clover is the human torch".

Episode 89: Cruisin’ (Déjà Cruise)

Episode 90: Fernando AKA WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel (Evil Bouquets Are So Passe)

Episode 91: The Power Of Horror Yoga (Evil Heiress Much?)

Episode 92: Flat Hotdog (Sis-KaBOOM-Bah!)

Episode 93: I Embraced The Piss (Evil Ice Cream Man Much?)

Episode 94: Vanity & The Emoji Factory (Beauty Is Skin Deep)

Episode 95: Strange Mall Shop (Like, So Totally Not Spies (1))

Episode 96: BROTHER (Like, So Totally Not Spies (2))

Episode 97: Kyle Katz Fucked My Mom And It Was Actually Great (The Suavest Spy)

Episode 98: Soccer Space Jam (Spy Soccer)

Episode 99: The Cain Of Outer Space (Spies in Space)

Episode 100: Broccoli Boyz (Spies On The Farm)

Episode 101: Game Girls E3 Game-Aplooza (Totally Busted!)

    Season 5 
Episode 102: Totally Ronpa (Evil Graduation)

Episode 103: In The Arms Of GLADIS (Evil Roommate)

Episode 104: Mali-U's Most Wanted (Evil Professor)

Episode 105: "Points at the screen* That's Granny (The Granny)


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