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  • White Elephant
    • Alexandria stealing her team's sled? Funny enough as is. The Baroness' reaction to it? Priceless..
      The Baroness No one takes me ship and gets away with it!! (Alexandria promptly gets away with it)
    • Selene's idea for what to use as a sled after theirs is stolen
      Derby Well, what do we do now?? (Throws hands in frustration)
      Selene (gets wide eyed) Ride Benny!
      • Benny's terrified shout helps complete the scene.
  • Red Alert
  • Out of the Blue
  • Salmon is for Desire
  • Feeling Yellow-Bellied
     Total Drama High School 
     RR: North American Tour 
  • A Little Less Sixteen Teams, A Lot More "Paint Me"
    • Don immediately apologizing for insulting the Scene Queens once he realizes their internet fans might boycott the show.
    • Mia writing an apology letter to the little kids she and Midori stole the bikes of.
    • Helen discussing adopting the younger contestants with Frank, only for her to get all four of the twins this season confused.
    • Encore getting incredibly frustrated with the old man in the Portrait challenge for insulting her beautiful pop art.
  • A Rocky Start
    • Once again, Cleo and Jason prove to us that meme humor will never get old. Ever.
      Cleo: YAS!
      Jason: Yas! (mimicking Cleo's voice for effect)
      Cleo: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaas!
      Jason: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!
      Cleo: yaaaAAAAAAAAAAA - (camera switches scenes)
    • Muff saying "Goobly Moobly!"
      • From the same conversation vein, Muff proceeding to call Cleo their 'second bride'. This causes GG to wonder who the first bride was, and why she wasn't invited to the wedding.
      • The first bride is apparently Ulyssa, who Muff later attempts to prank.
      Muff: Ssh! I'm huntin' wabbits!
      • The dirty jokester is met with a firm punch in the gut when they attempt to do so.
      Ulyssa: You better learn today not to mess with Ulyssa, you jerk.
      Muff: (wheezing, on the ground) Y-yeeeeeeess..
    • "Ya know what ain't fun? Our son not getting college funds because we had to make out."
    • Starr getting incredibly annoyed with Don cutting her off, resulting in Don cutting the scene before she could express her anger any more.
    • Dylan's hat flying off his head and landing on Erin. And then Irene and Erin joking about it.
      Irene: Erin, noo! You...You can't become infected! Fedora culture is soooo ugly!!
      Erin: (weakly) It's too late... (fake wheezing noises) Tell my m-m-m-
      Irene: ERIN?!?!
      Erin: - M'lady I loved her!!
    • "Bury me here and hope I possess someone better than us..."
    • Eli slapping Dylan, causing him to fall over the side of the mountain and roll the way down.
      • Made even funnier by Eli's reaction.
      Eli: I saved us all!
      (Ulyssa meerly looks on in complete shock, not sure how to feel about the whole thing.)'
      • Made even funnier by the fact that Dylan nearly rolls over Starr and Midori on the way down, resulting in the feuding girls momentarily making up... just to escape being crushed.
    • Lexi checking her text messages while skiing down a mountain.
      • Made funnier by Natalia breaking into tears at the bottom of the mountain, thinking her girlfriend's dead... only to almost immediately receive a text message from her saying that she's okay.
  • Ain't No rest for the Cryptid
    • Rosamie and Ronnel remembering a previous encounter with 'bears' they had.
      Ronnel: I swear, I haven’t seen so many bears in my life since we went to San Francisco...”
      Rossamie: (giggles) That was a fun day~!
    • This Gem between Cleo and Jason.
      Cleo: (enthusiastically)' C’mon, we’ve got a monument to battle! (races off)
      Jason: (frantically chasing after his sister) CLEO, WAIT UP, WE’RE NOT FIGHTING THE MONUMENT!
  • Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Poe
    • Admit it, Ulyssa and Dylan being beaten up by an old lady is actually pretty funny.
      • Especially after Muff and GG walk right by and are told what good children they are by the aforementioned elderly woman.
    • Muff tazing the raven rather than actually capturing it.
      • They later taze Eli and nearly taze Don, much to his annoyance.
  • Operation Ridoncu-rage
    • The fact that a lot of the plot of the episode happens over Churros.
    • Erin and Irene getting distracted in the airport... by a portrait of a poodle dressed up as Queen Elizabeth.
    • Starr's Dad Crowdsurfing.
      Gary: (in a complete monotone) Weeeeeee......
      • Somehow, he also acquires a Blooming Twin T-shirt and never says a word about how he gets it.
    • Don's Sled falling apart while he's demonstrating the challenge, resulting in him immediately cutting the scene to hide his embarrassment.

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