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The Funny Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • Missy gives us this gem in a masterclass of Hypocritical Humor, mixed with a little irony:
    Missy: Urgh, Charlie is such a hypocrite. And the worst part is, he probably thinks he's the hero here.
  • The entire eighth elimination scene qualifies as one.
  • Willow trying to get Simone to read Twilight and not taking no for an answer.
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  • Kyle gets hit with a paintball on one side of his on his suit. His reaction? ''Hit himself on the other side so it's symmetrical.
    Kyle (psyching himself up):This is for the greater good (pulls out a paintball gun, closes his eyes, shoots himself on the opposite side of his suit) Ow!
  • Most of the final statements from the eliminated contestants to the Final 3 are pretty funny, but Kyle, Alison, and Simone's definitely take the cake.
  • Zola bribing Simone into her alliance.
  • Willow expressing her thoughts about Simone and Zola's argument.
    Willow:Oh man, I haven't felt this bad since the time Edward and Bella broke up.
  • Willow gets another one with to her "victory" during the racing challenge.
  • During one particular challenge, Kitty's performance is an Epic Fail for pretty much the entire time. When she's eliminated from the challenge, she describes her performance in a short but fitting way:
    Kitty:…I never had a chance, did I?
  • Blaineley confessing her "sins" during the storm:
    Blaineley: Oh, we need to confess all our sins and regrets! If we're going to die we might as well get everything off our chests.
    Chef: Well, I only have one regret. There was this girl—
    Blaineley: Yeah, yeah, no one cares about your pointless life. People want to hear about my life of sin and debauchery! Like this one time…I signed one of those idiot hippie petitions because I thought 'Saves the Whales' was the next Hollywood Blockbuster. Or there was the time when I…gave away my secret to perfect nails because I needed a reason to get onto a Talk Show. It still tears me up to this day…
    Mr. Mint: Let's see, I-
    Blaineley: I wasn't finished!
    • Later,
    Blaineley: And then there was the time when I sent my dress to the drycleaner and they left a tear in the back. I was going to press charges, but then I got sidetracked and I never did. Every night I lose sleep over that horrible drycleaner I let just get away like that.
  • Later on in a similar scene to the one above, we do get to here Mr. Mint and Chef talk a little. Of course, Blaineley has something else to say . . .
    Blaineley: And that's everything that's happened in my life.
    Mr. Mint: Very fascinating.
    Blaineley: Okay, I'm done. You two can talk now.
    Mr. Mint: Well…I can't say I've had any major regrets in my life and career. Oh, except casting Staci in Total Drama Revenge of the Island.
    Chef: If I make it out of here alive, I'm going to call Cynthia. Maybe it's not too late.
    Blaineley: Oh, that reminds me. I forgot to mention all the things I didn't get to do before I die. Okay, get comfortable, because I'm not stopping till I get through all 972 of them.
    Mr. Mint:(sighs)
    Blaineley: Number one, have my head carved into Mt. Rushmore. Number two: have a theater named after me. Number three: Have Stan Lee create a comicbook counterpart of myself…
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  • Ken beats Kitty in a card game and their immediate confessionals afterwards:
    Ken: Like I said, if you're truly a good player, you'll find the best cards in any hand.
    Kitty: Let me guess…Ken just said something incredibly corny.
  • Kitty's Insistent Terminology of calling herself an "Undercat".
  • Noriko introducing Skye to her team.
    Noriko: Let me introduce you to everyone. I'm Noriko, that's Strike, Sebastian, Sharidan, Cerise, Reuvan, Theodore, and the team lesbian!
    Lynne: I'm also a human being.

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