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The Funny Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • The animals using the confessional.
  • Whenever Chris or Kasimar get kicked in the groin.
  • Uzuri getting drunk during the disgusting food challenge.
  • Fripp calling Donny a tiny little smelly doo-doo meanie head, and his immediate reaction.
  • Kasimar getting tortured after the straps on his torture chair get stuck.
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  • Uzuri winning the torture challenge due to enjoying the pain akin to Izzy.
  • Tabitha being defeated during the dare challenge akin to Heather.
  • Daisy being eliminated from the island...twice.
  • Gordon getting eliminated due to getting drunk during the Playas Des Losers challenge.
  • Fripp sabotaging his own team and getting himself eliminated.
  • Winnie being attacked by an animatronic dinosaur and having her panties ripped off.
  • Donny chopping down a tree and crushing Kasimar.
  • Nina forcing Rheneas to sniff her stinky armpit.
  • Kasimar's real name being Pokey.


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