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The Funny Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • During the talent show, while Noah's doing Shakespeare:
    Duncan: Man, this is depressing sounding.
    Harold: Hamlet's contemplating suicide in this scene.
    Duncan: Really? So am I.
  • Chris's name for the "popular teens" team: The Cool Kids Club! To make it extra cool, they replaced the Cs with Ks! ...wait a second...
  • In Chapter 18, everyone in the confessional cam reacting to the possibility that Ezekiel likes Heather:
    Harold: (astonished) Ezekiel likes Heather?!
    DJ: (incredulous) Ezekiel likes Heather?!
    Duncan: (startled) Ezekiel likes Heather?!
    Gwen: (surprised) Ezekiel likes Heather?!
    Lindsay: (dumbfounded) Ziggy likes Heather?!
    Beth: (astounded) Ethekiel likes Heather?!
    Tyler: (thunderstruck) Ezekiel... likes... Heather?!
    Katie: (flabbergasted) OhmygoshEzekiellikesHeather?!
    Noah: (horrified) Heather likes Ezekiel?
    All nine of them: ...NAH!
    • Again in Chapter 19, when Ezekiel angrily drags Heather into the kitchen after she pours cold water all over him:
    Tyler: (astonished) I don't know about the others, but all I could think was 'he's going to kill her'!
    DJ: (incredulous) He's going to kill her!
    Duncan: (startled) He's going to kill her!
    Harold: (surprised) He's going to kill her!
    Lindsay: (dumbfounded) Esteban's going to kill her!
    Gwen: (thunderstruck) He's going to kill her, and not let me to!
    Katie: (flabbergasted) OhmiGodhe'sgoingtokillher!
    Beth: (astounded) He'th going to kill her!
    Noah: (matter-o-factly) He's going to kill her.
    All nine of them: ...YAY!

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