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  • Rutledge rides in the back of a limo as Tanner attempts to drift the limo. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Season 2, episode eight's Hollywood cars challenge.
    • Rutledge got a black Pontiac and put in a toy computer in it to mimic KITT. His turbo button? A Staples Easy Button.
    • Tanner turned a Nissan into a DeLorean time machine and had to put his car doors on hinges and rely on a door prop to keep the doors open.
    • Adam had the doors of his Plymouth welded shut to turn it into the General Lee. The brakingnote  test turns into a massive disaster:
    Adam: No brake. Some brake. Not enough. (goes spinning out into the infield)
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  • Season 1, episode 3 had Rutledge trying to win the Evade the Stig challenge. His car wouldn't start so he grabbed some moonshine from the trunk and ran from the Police car. He didn't win the challenge.
  • In "Beater Boot Camp", Tanner (and Adam, for that matter) learn the hard way that the parking brake on Tanner's Fiero no longer works.
  • For the $500 car challenge, Adam buys a retired taxi. While he's driving through San Francisco, someone climbs in back and Adam has to tell him that it's not in service.
  • In "First Car", the boys had some fun that involve driving around with their rear tires on lunch trays.
  • In the Texas special, one challenge involved the carrying capacity of the guys' cars. The cargo was manure.
  • In the Trucker special, for their final challenge, they were tasked with hauling cargo in the backs of their ten-ton trailers. Rutelege got open, lit grills and fireworks. Adam got pianos, bowling balls, and shelves with opened paint cans lining them. Tanner got an extremely fancy dining room set. To say Hilarity Ensues would be an understatement.
    • Tanner's first reaction to seeing his cargo is to complain that the table is set incorrectly.
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    • "Bearded Lady, you are on fire!" Adam sees smoke pouring out of the back of Rut's trailer. He opens it up... and ALL OF THE FIREWORKS WENT OFF. The fire department had to be called in to put out the brush fires that had sprung up. All the while this was going on, "The Star-Spangled Banner" playing. And when he delivers the cargo? Adam puts his hand on the door of the trailer to check its temperature, notices it's still warm and backs away rather quickly, which turns out to be a good idea because THE FIREWORKS ARE STILL GOING OFF.
    • Also funny was Adam and Rutledge's complete shock at how (relatively) intact Tanner's cargo was. Admittedly, it was in pretty bad shape, but compared to Adam's, which had paint splattered everywhere and was compared to the work of Jackson Pollack and Rutledge's, which is explained above, it was in decent condition.
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  • In the Muscle Car episode, one challenge involved driving around a parking lot. Sounds simple, no? To up the ante, the hosts were hooked up to an electric muscle stimulator while driving. Adam had his hooked up to his chest, Rutledge to his stomach (which he believed would cause him to soil himself) and, to make things more difficult since he's a professional driver, Tanner had his hooked up to his face. Calling the ensuing driving while each driver is being repeatedly shocked hilarious would be an understatement.
    Tanner: I can smell my teeth right now.
  • In the Dangerous Cars episode, Adam can't get his Pinto out of the ditch it fell into at the end of the demolition derby. Rut was able to drive his Corvair out of the arena and Tanner's Samurai limped its way out, but Adam is forced to leave the Pinto where it is. And as soon as he proclaims that it didn't burst into flames on him, it bursts into flames.
    • Earlier in the episode, the hosts are discussing their modifications to their cars to make them safer. Rutledge's Corvair needed to be weighed down in the front, so he filled it with 200 copies of Ralph Nader's Unsafe at Any Speed, which had been mentioned as having specifically criticized the Corvair.
  • From the Continental Divide episode:
    • Minivan curling.
    • The guys are supposed to herd livestock into their vans for a challenge. Hilarity most definitely ensues. Special mention goes to Rutledge's constant exclamations of "Jazz Hands!"
    • When Adam and Tanner are floating their mini-vans across a river, Adam desperately tries to keep Tanner from passing him. He started out yelling "You shall not pass!" over and over again while beating Tanner's van with a paddle, before graduating to boarding it pirate-style to sabotage it!
  • In "Supercars", at the end of the team time trial segment with the three elderly ladies, Tanner cannot resist showing off by doing a few donuts as he leaves.
    Rutledge: [Narrating] We headed out and learned something new - whatever their age, there's no woman on Earth that Tanner doesn't feel the need to impress.
    Mary: Be still my heart.
  • In "Rut's Show", Rutledge draws up his design for a mobile charger for electric cars. He uses a stick figure to represent Adam. Tanner comments that the stick figure doesn't look that much like Adam. So he takes the marker and uses it to sketch Adam's mole on the figure's cheek.
  • Adam driving his '77 Cadillac Coupe de Ville around an off road track. He actually makes the 5,000 pound car fly and visibly bends the car.
  • In "One Tank" challenge, Rut getting delivery pizza while driving. He didn't bother to share with Adam and Tanner.
  • Adam's attempt to get a Mustang down a ten-story cliff. He puts a bounce castle at the bottom of the cliff and puts something similar to a hang glider atop his car. Three guesses as to how well it works.
  • The Unkillable Cars episode had a challenge where the hosts set off explosives in their cars. Rutledge expresses trepidation, having never blown up a car before, and infamous car killer Adam assures him there's nothing to it.
  • In the Minnesota Ice Driving episode, Tanner was driving a icy road course in a rear wheel drive car. His car ended up stuck in a snow bank and so he ran the rest of the course.
  • In one episode they're tasked with finding cars for an endurance race. The stipulation is they have to cost less than $500. Rut finds a Crown Victoria...
    Rutlege: The hardest part about finding a $500 car that runs is finding a $500 car that runs.

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