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Funny / Tomokazu Sugita

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  • For the Tokyo Encounter moments, see here.
  • The funeral with his two co-hosts.
  • Tomakazu playing as Jin Kisaragi in Relius' gag reel in Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend. That is all.
    • Let just say that he makes Jin over the top more gayer than before.
  • In the behind-the-scenes section of Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows, Sugita talks about how the lights went out when he was going to take a bath, so he bathed in mostly darkness. He then suggests putting the game in a watertight plastic bag and playing Corpse Party in a "Darkness Bath" with bath powder added so that the water is blood-red.
    Sugita: Who would do such a thing, you ask? I would. I would do such a thing.
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  • Promoting Hitman 2 with Mafia Kajita, complete with Sugita cosplaying as Kajita and mimicking whatever he says.
  • His reaction of him just watching Diabolik Lovers and looking at the series from a So Bad, It's Good perspective.

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