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Funny / Tokimeki PokÚLive! and Twinbee

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  • Anytime Mutsuki says something mildly narcissistic!
  • Anytime one of the girls shows affection for her love interest in public with the girlfriend telling them to stop in Pig Latin.
  • Some of the ideas to plays Hilda and Shizuku could perform for the Theatre Club along with responses to said ideas in "Group Discussion!".
  • Hilda's tsundere showing briefly in "A Trip to the Pet Shop!".
  • Yuri Mido acting like a badass for her introduction to the Rookie Trainers in "School Trainer Festival MASTERS!".
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  • In a prologue for the Sonic:Blue Adventure adaptation of Sonic Forces, Infinite tries to retcon a few of the protagonists out of existence only for his attempt to backfire on him miserably, since the Phantom Ruby only added Rina, Ai, Ayumu and the other three PDP members to this universe, and Infinite scurries on back to the Forces Dimension in a hurry before that universe's version of Eggman can chew him out!

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