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    Bud Collyer (1956-1968) 
  • November 18, 1958: On the third game, featuring football coach and private detective Mickey Sullivan, one of the impostors mistakenly identifies himself as Mike Spillane during the introduction. note 
  • February 18, 1963: A game revolving around Polish defector Pavel Monat. All three contestants wore bags over their heads for two reasons—the real Monatnote  wore it to avoid being recognized, while the impostors wore it to conceal their identities. After the game was over, the impostors removed their bags and revealed their identities. Number Two bore a resemblance to then-Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev (to further the joke, guest panelist Art James, who was the son of Russian immigrants, took off his shoe and started banging it on the desk in reference to Krushchev allegedly doing the same at a 1960 UN meeting), while Number Three, who received all of the votes by the panel, was revealed to be Henry Morgan.
  • Exact date unknown: An attempt to reveal the owner of a parakeet by having him fly to his master goes wrong.

    Garry Moore/Joe Garagiola (1969-1978) 
  • C. 1970: Garry Moore holds an armadillo during the intro in preparation for the first set of contestants. Unfortunately, the armadillo chose to relieve itself on Moore just before the panelists could be introduced. None of them would shake Moore's hand as custom while they came on stage, choosing to stay as far away from him as possible.
    Moore: Does anybody in the audience want an empty armadillo?
  • 1971: As three contestants come on stage, the music goes haywire. Johnny Olsen tries not to laugh while introducing them.
    Moore: The orchestra wants to go home early!
  • 1971: Similar to the Pavel Monat game, one subject was Jack Pentes, who ran a Wizard of Oz-based theme park with all three people wearing costumes (#1 was the Scarecrow, #2 was the Tin Man, and #3 was the Cowardly Lion). After the real Pentes revealed himselfnote , the impostors revealed themselves.note 
  • 1972: Garry Moore calls the producer's bluff after being told that "any dummy can do this show!"
  • 1972: As three contestants are introduced, Bill Cullen's chair falls over.
  • 1977-1978: This introduction:
    Number 1: My name is Peter Agabanbi Polangen.
    Number 2: My name's the same as his.
  • Date unknown: In one game involving a contestant who had birds, Bill Cullen excuses himself from the round because he had seen one of the contestants in the restroom. When asked how he knew it was one of the contestants, Cullen replies that "He had his bird in his hand!"

    Anthony Anderson (2016) 
  • In one episode, the penultimate round featured Kevin Farrell, a.k.a. Dee W. Ieye, a drag model who markets Tupperware, alongside a RuPaul's Drag Race contestant and a woman dressed like a man in drag as impostors. The final round involved a contestant who was a famous stuntman. However, everyone was caught off-guard when one of the impostors ended up being Farrell out of costume.
  • July 5, 2016: The contestant is a pastor who is also a strongman, who was to perform a stunt involving holding on ropes attached to two motorcycles driving in opposite directions. Cue a simulated demonstration of said stunt using action figures.


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