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  • Everything about Naruto off his medications.
  • Kakashi and Yamato discussing of the results of Naruto not knowing that antifreeze is poisonous in front of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.
  • Sasuke asks Naruto to train him. Just to have him stop annoying him by asking, Naruto accepts... And has Sasuke do pranks in a neon pink tracksuit with purple shoulders so he'd stop. It's actually good stealth training.
    • After being taught his lesson by Naruto, Neji joins the training-in a neon yellow tracksuit with green shoulders and sandals.
  • The way Gaara comes back in time, and his reaction to Sasuke in a pink neon tracksuit, Sakura covered in feathers and corn syrup (she had got caught in one of Sasuke's pranks), and having to deal with the "Stupid Raccoon" again.
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  • Just the imagine of Gaara doing macrame. Especially in the first timeline before befriending Naruto.
  • Gaara catching Orochimaru in the Forest of Death... and turning him into a basketball. *bounce bounce*
  • Gaara being almost forced to marry Hinata because of a misunderstanding.
  • The whole "playing ninja" scene.
  • Sasuke's first attempt at revenge on Kakashi for getting them disqualified was to wander around Konoha henged in a naked Kakashi to humiliate him and excite his fangirls. The jonin just thought Kakashi was sleepwalking again and had Gai "wake him up"-good thing the henge was illusory-, and then noticed he was actually Sasuke.
    • Later, Neji stumbles on a naked Kakashi, and activates his Byakugan to see who had the balls to go around turned in a naked Kakashi. It was the real Kakashi and was sleepwalking.
    • Sasuke's other attempts, all using dangerous animals. Kakashi mistakes them for gifts.
  • Tenzo locking Naruto and Danzo in a closet in hopes of evoking Naruto's enemy-to-friend powers on Danzo. It doesn't work and Tenzo finds out it has been attempted a dozen times before.
    • It turns out that it isn't because Danzo is immune, it's because protocols have been put in place for this situation ever since the first time it happened when Naruto was two. That time, Danzo had even sworn to raise Naruto as his own child.
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  • All of Chapter 28.
  • Kisame's advice to Rock Lee to win Sakura's heart: give her flowers and racy lingerie. It goes as well as you'd expect.
    "It seems that I will have to get my dating advice from somewhere other than Gai-sensei, Icha Icha Paradise, and random strangers I meet on the street."
  • Itachi learns of the Kiri nin fear of all things Uzumaki and proceeds to troll the hell out of Kisame.
    Itachi: "Hey Kisame."
    Kisame: "What?"
    Itachi: "Did I ever tell you about the time Naruto tried to eat me?"


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