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Funny / Time Lords and Terror

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  • When The Doctor *ahem* 're-modulates his vocal chords' with Fluttershy to activate the Hervoken Charm Cube. Try to imagine David Tennant speaking in Andrea Libman's 'Fluttershy' voice without laughing.
  • Pinkie Pie's ability to dumbfound the Doctor is both hilariously in-character and believable.
  • The Doctor's reaction to his ponification
    "I've heard about regenerations going wrong before, but never one that ended in...pony!"
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  • Pinkie Pie "advertising" the summoning charm for the S'Muz, which caused all the ponies that heard it to completely crack up:
    "Warning: use of summoning charm can cause vertigo, nausea, and may unleash an malevolent cosmic monstrosity upon all reality; do not use under any circumstances," Pinkie Pie said in her best advertising voice.
  • Rarity's reaction to the TARDIS.
    Rarity: It's so... tacky!
    The Doctor: What?!
  • Twilight's computer is programmed to show a virtual Pinkie Pie whenever it comes up with something that doesn't make sense. Think about that.
    Virtual Pinkie: Nonsense is what sense sees when it looks in the mirror!
    Twilight: Why did I even get this app?

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