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  • The entire Chrimbus special. To elaborate, the core of the episode is about a a bizarre/satirical version of Christmas called Chrimbus, the "season of getting"/"lifetime season of the year" where everything is decorated in blue and yellow and it's a tradition to eat a pound of your own hair. Instead of Santa, we have Winter Man, a large fellow dressed in naught but a vest who lives in a cave in the woods, and if you keep your Chrimbus bush trimmed and wet, he'll stuff it with your favorite present. The special itself is an insanely over-the-top Variety Show whose sole point is to advertise the DVD for the Tim and Eric Chrimbus Special. Combine this with the sketches, commercials, A Chrimbus Carol, and the Framing Device about Dee Vee, and you have one helluva special.
    • To set the satirical and over-the-top tone for the remainder of the special, the opening dance number.
    • Pierre's Special Chrimbus Safety Message about frostbite, which gets progressively creepier as it goes.
    • The ending of the Chrimbus Special, where Dee Vee sacrifices himself to give a Spoiled Brat one last copy of the Tim and Eric Chrimbus Special. When the doctor asks the father if it was worth killing a man, the father smiles and says, "I think it was." They hug anyway.
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    • Also the Jimmy Kimmel interview where they manage to be very funny without the use of their usual editing.
  • "Quilting With Will" from Presidents, which gets increasingly darker as Will gets angier and angier about his father.
    Will: He would just go, "Hey! Hey! You're not smiling right now! You should be happy all the time! SMILE!
    *whacks quilt with a belt*
    *whacks quilt with a belt*
    *whacks quilt with a belt*
    Will: COOK THE DOG!!!
    *whacks quilt with a belt*
    Will: COOK YOUR OWN DOG!!! *crying* No child should be made to do that! Dogs should be RAW!... and LIVING!
  • Virtually all of the Channel 5 Kid Break raps. Special mention goes to...
  • The opening of Road Trip.
    • From the ending of the episode, continuing the episode's theme of 80's-style college films, Tim, Eric, and friends infiltrate Eric's parents' hotel to throw a party, only for, naturally, Eric's parents to come back early. So, everyone runs to the closet to hide as the two begin having sex... and then the rest of Eric's friends begin ogling the sight, and if that weren't bad enough, the two of them are fantasizing they're making love to Eric.
  • The dueling commercials for Tim's Discount Prices and Eric's Premium Prices. They start out fighting fair, but then they up the ante with each insult until their commercials merge and explode.
  • Some re-occurring sketches are guaranteed to be funny...
  • The Free House Advertisement intended for Jim Boonie only.
    Tim: Free Real Estate! I'll pee my pants!
    Eric: Jim, come get your damn land!
    • Also...
      Eric: It's a free f---ing house!
    • And who could forget...
      Tim: [whispering] It's free real estate.
  • From Crows, The Dark Man showing Tim and Eric their cruelty against birds, set to jaunty infomercial music, and one such act includes the two of them beating up a man dressed in a chicken suit, who's advertising hot wings, with baseball bats.
  • A large number of sketches involving Pierre.
    • Doo Da Doo Doo: Dance Instruction Tape For Children, particularly after its Wham Line.
    • Meditation For Children, in the same vein as Doo Da Doo Doo.
    • All The Food Is Poison.
    • The Dream Cream Sketch, wherein we find out the extent of Pierre's obsession with kids, dads, barbequed meats, and internet connections.
      Pierre: There are some sites for dads and some sites for children... We're looking at the sites for dads now.
    • Pierre's Chrimbus Safety Message before descending into nightmare fuel.
      Pierre: Damn, it's cold out here! I know: I'll just put on my gloves... Oops! I didn't pack my f@#$ing gloves, kids!
  • The Pest Control Prank Call.
  • Paul Rudd's Computer, consisting of Paul Rudd watching virtual avatars of himself dancing. Amusing at first, but it only gets more ridiculous when Tayne is introduced.
    Paul: Is there any way to generate a nude Tayne?
    Computer: Not computing. Please repeat.
    Paul: Nude. Tayne.
    Computer: This is not suitable for work. Are you sure?
    Paul: Mm-hmm!
    Computer: Okay...
    *computer makes a tone, Paul glances at computer*
    Paul: *wincing* OH S@#$!!!
    Paul: I'm OK.
  • "SPAGETT!" Or rather, the reactions to Spagett's "spooking," which tend to be more confusion than fright. A textbook example of Cringe Comedy. The awkward pause after Spagett jumps out from behind the plant really sells it.
    • The way they play off Spagett's popularity as an Ensemble Dark Horse by showing how terrible a Spagett movie would be. Terribly HILARIOUS!
  • The Man Milk episode is in both parts Nausea Fuel and Funny, culminating in Tim and Eric failing to pasteurise their "man milk" and causing every one of their friends to die instantly from poisoning.
  • In Friends, Jan and Wayne Skylar trick Steve Brule on his 10th anniversary of broadcasting into thinking Wayne has passed away. Steve is absolutely distraught. Jan and Wayne then come in and shout "Surprise!" which causes Steve to have a total nervous breakdown. It's really fucking funny, if you don't find a harmless manchild breaking down completely a Tear Jerker.
  • The Universe... what a Concept!
  • The various commercials for "Steve Mahanahan's Child Clown Outlet" (particularly "Steve Mahanahan Goes to Jail") are basically televised YouTube Poops.
  • While otherwise Nausea Fuel, the point in the ending of "Re-Animated" where Uncle Muscles throws off his mike and walks off stage after seeing the undead Casey's body fall apart.
  • As tragic as Will Grello's childood was, some of the things his abusive father said to him are admittedly quite funny if only because of Refuge in Audacity...
      • "I want to see them... I wanna see what you've done..."
  • The entire Stylistic Suck aesthetic of the show. In a lot of sketches, the stylistic suck is the joke.
  • The ad for B'owl, a bat/owl hybrid toy that slowly devolves from selling you on how great it is, to how barely tolerable it is, to how great it is for throwing away.
    Your pets will LOOOOOoook at B'owl!

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