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Pictured: Thor casually talking with a Rock Monster. The monster has no idea.
Jane: Darcy?!
Darcy: [surprised, she drops Ian] Jane!
Eric: [disbelief] Ian!
Ian: [embarrassed] Selvig...!
Darcy: [as Mjölnir rockets past the group looking for Thor] Myeh-Myeh!

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    Thor Odinson 
  • In his introductory scene, Thor arrives mid-battle to lend Lady Sif and the Warriors Three a hand during the battle in Vanaheim:
    Lady Sif: I've got this completely under control!
    Thor: Is that why everything's on fire?
    • Moments later, she uses her shield to intercept an arrow that would have caught him in the back, without even looking.
      Sif: [deadpan] You're welcome.
    • From the novelization:
      Sif: Shouldn't you be battling trolls in Nornheim?
      Thor: I ran out of trolls.
  • After Thor curb-stomps a Kronan:
    Thor: Anyone else?
    • And then, just like that, the other creatures drop their weapons and surrender peacefully.
      Fandral: Perhaps next time, we should start with the big one?
    • Also notable is Thor's reaction to seeing the Kronan stomping towards him.
      Thor: I accept your surrender.
    • Not to mention Sif's reaction to the arrival of the monster:
      Sif: [Looks at Thor] All yours.
  • During the prison break, Thor arrives and announces that he can guarantee their safety if they surrender. One creature attacks him... and Thor immediately takes back his words before hitting him.
    Thor: Return to your cells, no further harm will come to you. You have my word. [Marauder punches him] Very well, you do not have my word.
  • Thor's increasingly frustrated attempts to get the flying ship started by punching random buttons. Loki tries to get him to go about it logically, and Thor's response is to hit the controls harder.
    Loki: You must've missed something.
    Thor: No, I didn't. I'm pressing every button on this thing.
    Loki: Then don't hit it, just press it gently.
    Thor: [hitting the buttons harder] I am pressing it gently! It's not working!
    • And it does work.
  • While most of the scene is a Tear Jerker, there's this after Thor and Loki stop fighting after an argument concerning Frigga:
    Thor: She wouldn't want us to fight.
    Loki: ...Well, she wouldn't exactly be shocked.
  • Possibly the biggest laugh of the entire movie: When Jane and Thor arrive back on Earth, Thor turns to look at the coat hooks... before hanging Mjolnir on one. Since Mjolnir doesn't rip it off the wall, we can assume that they were very worthy coat hooks.
    • There's also something inherently funny about Thor, who is a prince dressed in full regalia, getting into a simple car and riding around with Jane in it rather than having a huge procession preceding him.
  • Thor on the London Underground. "How do I get to Greenwich?" (This is even funnier for Londoners since the answer given is impossible).
    • The lady he asks barely blinks at his appearance when she answers. This is followed by her bumping against Thor clearly on purpose and clearly just for the chance to, much like Agent Carter to Steve Rogers, sneak a grab at his heroic pecs. And judging by his expression, he knows, and thinks it's funny.
    • Even better, the way the woman falls against Thor makes it look like the film is spoofing its own poster.
    • Another passenger on the train also takes the opportunity to pull out her camera phone.

    Loki Odinson 
  • Loki in his first scene, before Odin on his throne; he doesn't take anything seriously, and genuinely fails to understand that he did anything wrong.
    Frigga: Loki, please, don't make this worse.
    Loki: Define worse?
    • "It's not that I don't love our chats... It's just... I don't love them."
      Odin: We are not gods. We're born, we live, we die. Just as humans do.
      Loki: Give or take five thousand years.
    • The facetious manner in which Loki clicks his heels together to stand at attention when he reaches Odin's throne.
    • For to twist the knife in the wound: The Futhark (Nordic runes) engraved on Loki's manacles are about a certain hammer...
  • What's Loki doing during the prison break? Calmly reading (and looking mildly annoyed about the distracting noise of the battle outside his cell).
  • Loki's new hairdo. However, it's less funny when the context is clearer.
  • Loki being damn near giddy with delight immediately after Thor releases him from prison.
    Loki: This is so unlike you, brother! So clandestine! Are you sure you wouldn't rather just punch your way out?
    Thor: If you keep speaking, I just might.
  • Loki makes use of his illusionary powers by turning Thor into Sif, and afterwards turning himself into Captain America, whom he then proceeds to thoroughly take the mickey out of. Even the hilariously cheesy music from the WW2 presentation makes a return. And on top of it all, Chris Evans manages to nail a lot of Tom Hiddleston's mannerisms and inflection in his performance, which just makes it even funnier.
    Loki: [after turning Thor into Sif] Brother, you look ravishing.
    Thor: [with his normal voice] It will hurt no less when I kill you in this form.
    Loki: Very well. Perhaps you prefer one of your new companions, given that you seem to like them so much.
    [as they pass by the next column, Thor turns back into himself while Loki turns into Captain America]
    Loki: [in Chris Evans' voice] Oh, this is much better! The costume's a bit much, so tight! But the confidence! I can feel the righteousness surging! Hey, want to have a rousing discussion about truth? Honor? Patriotism? God bless Ameri--!
    [Thor clamps a hand over his mouth to avoid being overheard by a guard]
    • It gets even better. Since Chris Evans' delivery of the scene had to be added in digitally afterward, Tom Hiddleston wore the Captain America costume himself. Complete with a Chris Evans impression. Evans had to watch that before he was filmed as reference, and while filming commented that "I spent over two years trying to not play Steve Rogers that over-the-top".
    • From the deleted version itself, there's just something really funny from Tom Hiddleston in Captain America's costume and commenting that the costume is so tight, then he claims that he can feel the righteousness and finally offering to give a Rousing Speech about truth, honor, and patriotism.
    • Extra funny, because it showed that when Loki turned into Captain America, he also took on Chris Evans' voice, but when turning Thor into Lady Sif, was unable to give him Jaimie Alexander's voice (though in the deleted version, Alexander speaks with her own voice).
  • And then, when Loki asks for his daggers back, Thor appears to give them to him... but then Loki stops smirking, holds up his hands and reveals that Thor actually handcuffed him. Thor's grin is priceless.
    Thor: I thought you liked tricks.
  • Jane slaps Loki. "That was for New York!"
    • Loki's response? "I like her."
    • If you listen closely, you can actually hear Loki introducing himself to Jane nonchalantly before she slaps him.
      Loki: Hello, I'm Loki. You might have heard—...
    • And then when Thor asks Sif to hold off the guards, Loki can be seen behind him smirking down at Jane, who appears to be glaring at him.
    • After Jane slaps Loki, watch Sif in the background. First she stays there looking surprised and then turns to Jane with an expression that seems to say, "I wasn't expecting that, but I'm kind of impressed".
    • Even better, Thor gives Jane a brief 'What the-?' double take, like he can't believe his girlfriend just hit his evil little brother.
  • This Running Gag:
    Thor: Betray me, and I will kill you.
    Loki: [nonchalantly] When do we start?
    Lady Sif: Betray him, and I will kill you.
    Loki: It's good to see you too, Sif.
    Volstagg: If you even think about betraying him...
    Loki: [bored] You'll kill me? Evidently, there will be a line.
  • From a TV Spot:
    Loki: [after montage of Thor hitting various things with his hammer] Hitting doesn't solve everything, brother.
  • When Thor and Loki are escaping from Asgard in said flying ship, with Loki playing backseat driver:
    Loki: I think you missed a column.
    Thor: Shut up.
    [they fly their ship out of the hall they've just wrecked]
    Loki: Look, why don't you let me take over? I'm clearly the better pilot.
    Thor: Is that right? Well, out of the two of us, which one can actually fly?
    [various aerial acrobatics ensue, and Thor manages to knock the top off a tower]
    Thor: Not a word.
    [pursuit is fast approaching]
    Loki: Now they're following us. [shots] Now they're firing at us!
    Thor: Yes, thank you for the commentary, Loki, it's not at all distracting!
    [they enter a tunnel, the wing of the craft accidentally cutting the head off a statue of Bor's outside it]
    Loki: Well done! You just decapitated your grandfather.
    • Jane faints halfway through, and Loki says, in the most bored tone ever, "Oh dear, is she dead?"
    • Loki starts yelling at Thor, pointing out all the flaws to his plan; specifically, how bad an idea it was to steal a large and obvious Dark Elf ship in order to escape. Thor's response is... to push him out of the hatch. Then he grabs Jane and jumps out after him, where Fandral is waiting with an Asgardian boat.
    • And when Loki realizes that Thor lied to him about it:
      Loki: You lied to me. [smirks] I'm impressed.
    • Then they have to go through the portal that only Loki knows of. Which turns out to be a small crevice among rocks that they have to cross at full speed.
      Thor: [on seeing where Loki is heading the ship] ...Loki?!
      Loki: If it were easy, everyone would do it.
      Thor: Are you mad?!
      Loki: Possibly.
    • And finally, when they make it through the portal in the realm of the Dark Elves...
      Loki: [deadpan] Tah-dah. [ship crashes]
  • Rewatch bonus: Easy to miss the first time, but Loki as Odin sounds downright smug and gloating when he's saying goodbye to his "son" at the end. There's also the way he is quite obviously slouching in the throne, something that is rather odd-looking for Odin.
    Loki: Go! My son.

    Jane Foster 
  • As Thor finally reappears for Jane, she slaps him in the face because she "wanted to make sure he was real, because it's been a very strange day." And then when she realizes he's real... she slaps him again. Judging by Thor's expression, it felt like nothing more than a tap to him.
  • While being examined in Asgard, Jane asks if she’s in a quantum field generator. The Asgardian medic replies primly that it's a "soul forge". When the medic reluctantly confirms Jane's description of what the soul forge appears to do, Jane turns to Thor with a grin and stage whispers, "Quantum field generator."
    • Odin arrives, and compares Jane being in Asgard to a goat at a banquet table. Jane takes real offense to Odin comparing her to a goat.
      Jane: Did he just...? Who do you think you are?!
      Odin: I am Odin. King of Asgard. Protector of the Nine Realms.
      Jane: ...Oh.
    • When she realizes that Odin knows exactly who she is, she turns to Thor and asks, "You told your dad about me?"
    • Later, her quasi 'Oh, Crap!' upon meeting Frigga. She wasn't ready to be introduced to the family, it seems.
  • Thor and Jane share a moment in a cave... and then Jane's phone starts ringing with its gangsta rap ringtone, both of them sharing confused WTF looks as this registers.
    • To add insult to injury, it's Richard calling her. Thor's changing facial expressions while she's talking to him are priceless. Once they're going again, he asks, "Who's Richard?" Jane's reaction is just as priceless.
      Thor: So who's Richard?
      Jane: Really?
  • After going through the Bifröst for the first time:
    Jane: [grinning excitedly] We have to do that again! [sees Heimdall] Hi.
    Heimdall: Welcome to Asgard.

    Other Asgardians... 
  • At a feast, Volstagg finishes a drink and tosses the cup aside shouting, "ANOTHER!", as a Call-Back to the first film. Apparently, that's the Asgardian way of ordering seconds.
  • Thor says, "Sometimes merriment is a greater burden than battle." Heimdall answers, "Then you are doing one of them incorrectly."
  • After Heimdall remarks on the beauty of the Convergence:
    Thor: I see nothing.
    Heimdall: Or perhaps that is not the beauty you seek.
  • A bit of classic comics style Warriors Three banter that's barely audible when Algrim is infiltrating Asgard disguised as a prisoner.
    Volstagg: Escorting these scoundrels is beneath us.
    Fandral: Nonsense, my rotund friend. If they were beneath you, they would all be dead!
  • Heimdall nonchalantly dodging the chunk of car that comes through the Bifrost.
  • When they get the news of the Dark Elves' attack, Frigga and Jane have this exchange:
    Frigga: I need you to come with me and do exactly as I say. No questions.
    Jane: [unhesitatingly] Yes, ma'am.
    • This being after Frigga effectively steals a sword from one of the passing soldiers following Odin. His reaction is hilarious; you can practically see him going: "Hey! That's my swor— oh wait, that's the Queen, never mind..."
  • This exchange between Frigga and Odin:
    Odin: Despite all I have survived, my queen still worries for me.
    Frigga: [matter-of-factly] It is only because I worry for you that you have survived.
  • Fandral and Volstagg's reaction to the news of the riot:
    Fandral: It's as if they resent being imprisoned!
    Volstagg: There's no pleasing some creatures!
  • When Loki falls into the boat face-first out of a speeding airship, Fandral reacts as casually as though he walked in through a door.
    Fandral: I see your time in the dungeon has made you no less graceful, Loki.
  • Fandral's very understated war-cry when he leaps from the boat. "For Asgard!"

    ...and Everyone Else 
  • Possibly even an intentional Actor Allusion, Malekith's Dark Elf mooks have been compared to resembling Doctor Who villains (specifically, the blank looks of the Cybermen since the 2005 revival).
  • Darcy showing up in the middle of Jane's date with Richard and being her usual self.
    • Every line spoken by Chris O'Dowd, especially since it's quite easy to imagine he's actually playing his character from Family Tree.
    • Darcy inadvertently reveals to Richard that Jane has been in Heartbreak and Ice Cream mode ever since Thor left.
  • This brief moment when Jane and Darcy reach the first convergence site, with just English kids in some abandoned warehouse.
    Darcy: It's okay! We're American!
    Jane: Is that supposed to make them like us?
  • A literal Brick Joke: when the group discover the portals, they throw a brick into one of them, and it doesn't come back. Then later, when Jane wakes up from being unconscious, the brick appears of out nowhere and lands in the background.
    • Ian ends up throwing something into them... which don't come back. Darcy asks flatly, "Were those the car keys?" They were.
    • Another Brick Joke: Darcy asks for one of Jane's shoes to throw in, and after Jane wanders off she asks Ian for one of his. Later, when Thor and Jane are in the cave, Thor asks, "Why are there so many shoes in here?"
  • Before she reunites with Thor, the rain doesn't touch Jane because he's controlling it from hitting her. Then Jane sees Thor, moves away from Darcy... and the rain hits Darcy.
    Darcy: ....Typical.
    • And then there's Darcy's Moment Killer entrance during Thor and Jane's Almost Kiss.
      Darcy: Look at you. [pokes Thor] Still all muscly and everything. So how's space?
      Thor: Space is fine.
    • And Darcy's reaction to Thor whizzing Jane off to Asgard with him via Bifrost is hilarious.
      Darcy: HOLY SHIT!
  • Erik Selvig running around Stonehenge naked.
  • After Selvig explains how the convergence will affect things, using shoes as props, the camera reveals he's talking to a group of asylum patients, at which point he follows up his explanation with "Any questions?". Stan Lee then asks if he can have his shoe back.
    • Wait for the credits; Stan is credited as "Himself".
  • Birds appear at the feet of Ian, Darcy and Selvig; the latter comments:
    Selvig: There's nothing more reassuring than realising the world is crazier than you are.
    • Then, he throws away his huge bag of meds.
  • Erik greets our heroes happily, in a shirt and tie... and his underwear. According to Ian, it helps him think better.
    • Before they go out to save the day: "I'd better go get my pants."
    • And this:
      Erik: Your brother's not coming, is he?
      Thor: Loki is... dead.
      Erik: Oh, thank God!
      Thor: ...
      Erik: [backtracking] I-I'm so sorry.
  • During the final battle, portals start opening up everywhere. Thor and Malekith end up in several realms, Darcy and Ian end up all over London...
    • Two fighter jets make an unintentional visit to Vanaheim when attempting to fire missiles at the Dark Elves' space ship. They manage to return to Midgard just after the final battle none the worse for wear.
    • Thor and Malekith land on London's Gherkin and both slide face-first (with classic sound effects) down the glass. The people inside can only watch in confusion. They even try to reach for the glass to save themselves, because without Mjölnir, neither of them can fly.
  • Jane and Erik try to evacuate the naval college, but everyone is just watching the battle:
    Jane: What are you all doing? You need to get out of here! Now!
    Bystander: You're joking, right? That's Thor out there! He's waving his hammer around and everything!
  • As Selvig and Jane walk fast through the library, Selvig's shoes are sqeaking loud. A bystander turns and shushes them.
  • After Ian saves Darcy, a portal transports them to Erik and Jane... while they're locked in a passionate kiss. With, just to be clear, Darcy dipping Ian.[1]
    • Followed by a Rocky Roll Call:
      Jane: Darcy?!
      Darcy: [surprised, she drops Ian] Jane?!
      Eric: [disbelief] Ian?!
      Ian: [embarrassed] Selvig?!
      Darcy: [as Mjölnir rockets past the group looking for Thor] Myeh-Myeh?
    • Speaking of which, Mjölnir whizzing around, trying to find Thor. It's like a dog running through the house looking for its master's voice, and getting rather irritated over it. If Mjolnir had a voice, it would've been groaning from frustration.
      • Just to be clear, due to the rapid realm-shifting involved, Mjolnir is repeatedly going in and out of Earth orbit trying to get to Thor as he leaves and returns to Midgard.
  • The return of a behemoth from Jotunheim. Specifically the Brick Joke in The Stinger, where we see it trying to eat birds (and failing) in London. Seems like everybody forgot about it.
    • When it first bursts out, on Earth, one of the dark elves chasing Darcy and Ian looks up at the roar, leaning away, and falls over mid-run.
  • Algrim/Kurse punches a rocky outcropping and tosses it at Thor. Thor got Tor-ed!
  • One deleted scene can be described as "Algrim nags Malekith like a housewife" and finishes with this:
    Malekith: Let's go kill some Asgardians!

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