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  • Definitely Black Comedy, but the over-aggressive father cheering on his son as he beats the hell out of Tuck's son. The encouragement is more appropriate for a cage match than a children's martial arts sparring match.
  • Pretty much everything Trish says, especially when she yells out "sex tiebreaker!"... within earshot of kids.
  • Tuck and FDR bickering with each over the flaws Lauren mentioned them having (FDR's girlish hands, and Tuck being British)
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  • Tuck screwing with FDR's headset while he's out with Lauren and feeding him bad lines.
  • FDR is faking that he works at an animal shelter, so he tries to pick up a seemingly cute dog, only to get violently attacked by it.
  • The two watch Trish and Lauren talk:
    FDR: ...why's she talking to that old man?
    Tuck: I have no idea.
  • FDR making fun of Tuck's general Britishness.
  • Likewise, Tuck's dig at FDR's "soft" hands in the scene with Lauren at the restaurant:
    "It's like holding a salmon."
  • FDR and Tuck's Mission Controls messing with each other when FDR and Tuck are competing, and then bickering with each other when they are a team again.
  • FDR being shot in the neck with a tranquilizer gun by Tuck whilst on a date with Lauren. The look on FDR's face as he collapses onto the sofa, Lauren walking back into the room to find him seemingly asleep - with "Smooth Operator" playing in the background - all make this scene priceless to watch.

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