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Funny / Thirty Hs

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It'd be so easy to say the entire fic was one. But let's go over it, shall we?

  • The groinsaw.
  • The rape ape.
    • Especially the passage, "His people once graced the canopy, their penile digits proudly grasping the vines as they swung through the night, their hundreds of sweaty simian dongs trailing a now-fetid memory in the rape ape's watering eye." The mental image is either hilarious or Squick.
  • Three and a million thousandsurf ninjas, who only operate during the day.
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  • Ray Bradbury's expy's appearance. His rather random demonization, plus his gratuitous comments on incest and racism, take the cake.
  • Spinning wonder turbine!
  • Pretty much anything that Harry does that involves the word "fuck" in it.
  • Dumbledore's name constantly changing is a Crowning Running Gag of Funny.
  • "Harry, you must rock the fuck out."
  • And, of course, manwithoutabody's reading of it.
  • "If a whale tries to sell you a pumpkin, don't."
  • "Accept only the American cockstitution."
  • The fact that it's described as an Angst/Romance fic, pairing up Bellatrix and Seamus on


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