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The film, 13

  • When Tracy, Evie, and Astrid go "shopping".
  • When Tracy gets high for the first time, she comes home, and says "Rawr! I'm a lion!" while picking up pieces of the game Melanie and her boyfriend are playing, and throws them everywhere.
  • When Tracy and Evie come out in hand made matching shirts.
  • Evie tries to pierce Tracy's bellybutton, and she accidently stabs Tracy's belly, to which Tracy responds "The fuck did you do?". Even though this is not meant to be funny, some viewers may think it is.
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  • When Tracy and Evie roam free on the Boulevard, some of the things they say are funny.
  • The gang who rapps "Humping Something" on the Boulevard.
  • Tracy's mantra of "No bra, no panties," could be funny to some viewers.

The musical 13

  • Brett walks into the girls' bathroom, sees the tampon machine and says "Whoa, you have a candy machine in here".
  • During the Cut Song "Opportunity":
    Lucy: I could be Brett's brand-new girlfriend.
    Kendra: Lucy! Look at Brett.
    Lucy: I could show him a lot of new tricks.
    Kendra: He looks like a rainbow full of sad.
  • This exchange between Archie and Patrice:
    Archie: ... and if you cared at all, you'd be going to save him.
    Patrice: I don't care. I'm not going.
    Archie: Okay.
    Patrice: I'm not.
    Archie: I know.
    Patrice: You know I'm going, don't you?
    Archie: Yup.
    Patrice: I hate you. [she runs off to save Evan]
    • In some shows, Archie would respond "I hate you too."


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