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Funny / There Will Be Brawl

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  • "And maybe you me your moves."
  • Mario crashing through the news broadcast on Yoshi.
  • Link finally says what we were all thinking:
  • Link gets a good one against Zelda. "To hand the kingdom over to a bipolar crossdressing psychotic?!?" Even Wario thinks it's pretty good.
  • Squirtle's non-violent Dynamic Entry, scaring the hell out of Samus and Pit, deserves mentioning. Sure, Samus only flinched, but Pit ran off screaming like a girl.
  • Captain Falcon's "Falcon Punch" was just hilarious, as well as awesome. The way Those Two Guys screamed as it happened really did help.
    • Followed immediately by both Luigi and Samus mouthing "Holy shit".
  • In the first episode, Peach tries to hide her identity with a hoodie, sunglasses, and her freaking crown.note 
  • "We gotta finish this. The one back there—he is fucking crazy!"
  • Little Mac: "Hey, that's my bike!"
  • Episode 3: "Come on Charizard! Let's go get you some kittens!"
  • From one of the supplemental videos of Lakitu's news.
    Lakitu: And for our final segment tonight, "Where Are They Now?". Tonight, the Koopa Kids...where the f*ck are they?!


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