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Funny / Thelma & Louise

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  • When Thelma calls home to check if the FBI have informed her husband. The whole scene, really. The best part is that she knows straight away when Darryl answers the phone nicely.
  • This scene:
    Thelma: Louise, shoot the radio.
    (Louise fires at the car radio.)
    Thelma: The police radio, Louise!
  • Darryl tripping over construction while trying to get to his car. Even better that it was an unscripted accident.
  • The sheer Mood Whiplash of Louise solemnly staring at the two old ladies - to Thelma running out having just robbed the gas station.
    • And they show the CCTV footage of Thelma's robbery. As JD had taught her, she walks in cheerfully, points the gun in the air and goes "Simon says this is a robbery."
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    • This is shown to Darryl, whose reaction is priceless.
  • Jimmy wires the money to Louise and the code word is "Peaches". You can hear the embarrassment in Louise's voice when she asks if they have an envelope for Peaches.
  • Slocumb informing Darryl that his wife is a fugitive.
Darryl: What? What?! What?!
Slocumb: (Chuckles) You stepped on your pizza.
(Darryl looks down to see he has indeed stepped on his pizza)
  • During one Academy Awards, when learning of how much money a sequel would make, Sarandon and Davis suddenly started workshopping how the characters survived the ending.


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