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  • The highly dedicated London police chasing Bond's hijacked mini-speedboat across the streets of London. Repeat, the boat is taking a street route and being chased by police cars. See also the moment of Bond diving the speedboat to get past an obstruction and straightening his tie while underwater.
    • Oh, and this little gem from Q once Bond hijacks the mini-speedboat:
    Q: Stop! STOP!!! IT ISN'T FINISHED!!!
  • The banter between Bond and Dr. Molly Warmflash when he seduces her into giving him a clean bill of health - especially when she interrupts him when he's halfway through stripping her clothes off to squeeze on his injured shoulder to ensure that he calls her this time.
    M: I see the good doctor has cleared you. Notes you have exceptional stamina.
    Miss Moneypenny: I'm sure she was touched by his dedication... to the job in hand.
  • Bond is initially confused upon seeing a bagpiper in the Q lab playing "Amazing Grace", answered a moment later when the man reveals that the bagpipes hide a submachine gun and a flamethrower.
    Bond: I suppose we all have to pay the piper sometime, right Q?
    Q: Oh pipe down, 007!
    • Bond's "is this guy serious?" glance to Q as "R" overexplains how to operate a jacket. Q shuts him up by popping the red tab that activates the coat's built-in parachute. It certainly helps that R is played by John Cleese.
  • "I've always tried to teach you two things: First. Never let them see you bleed...Always have an escape plan" And then Q exits on the elevator he's standing on. Also a Moment of Awesome as it was Desmond Llewelyn's final appearance as Q in the series before his tragic death.
  • After tricking a snowmobile driver into driving off a cliff, Bond says "See you at the lodge"... only to have a parachute open up and the entire snowmobile safely descend back down the mountain. Bond's look of total annoyance at the henchman ruining his line is priceless.
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  • The See-Thru Specs.
  • Bond goes to visit Zukovsky, who is initially happy to see Bond. Then Bond says they need to talk.
  • When Dr. Christmas Jones orders Bond not to make any jokes about her name, he replies, "I don't know any doctor jokes."
  • When Renard repeats Elektra King's "There's no point in living if you can't feel alive" line, Bond says "Huh?!" in the most dumbfounded tone of voice possible, and his facial expression is just hilarious.
  • When Zukovsky finds Dr. Jones in his office, he looks her over and says, "Who are you, and how did you get in? I'll call security and congratulate them. Drink?"
    • And then his exasperated expression when Bond reveals himself from behind the door.
    Zukovsky: Can't you just say hello, like a normal person?
  • The BMW gets set-up for a big action sequence, but the helicopter saws it in half before it really gets to do anything!
    Bond: Q's not gonna like this.
    • In the documentary, the producers tell how their visit to BMW's plant left the company's representatives speechless regarding how their brand new Z8 would be used.
  • Just after the second giant-chainsaw helicopter thing is destroyed:
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  • Zukovsky bursts into Elektra's room waving a submachine gun and says to the room at large "I'm looking for a submarine! It's big and black and the driver is a very good friend of mine!"
  • While Zukovsky's death is tragic, there's a funny moment afterward. Zukovsky has just used his last breath to fire a shot that frees Bond from Elektra's death-trap, but Bond fakes being hit by the shot so as not to alert Elektra. Elektra is left thinking that Zukovsky, in his dying moments, wanted to be the one to kill Bond instead of her.
    Elektra: (chuckles, incredulous) Zukovsky really hated you.
  • M screaming at full volume to 007 as he chases Elektra for him to release her from her cell: "BOOOONNNNDDDD"
  • After rescuing Dr. Jones on the submarine, Bond says that they need to force the sub to surface where the Turkish Navy can intercept them and arrest Renard. After the ensuing shootout between Bond and the squad of Renard's Mooks on the sub's bridge results in the controls being destroyed and the sub going into an uncontrolled dive:
    Jones: So, we're going UP then?
    Bond: A slight miscalculation.
  • MI6 uses satellite infrared scans to locate Bond, then M is outraged when she realizes Bond and Jones are having sex.
  • "I thought Christmas only comes once a year." Painful? Yes. The entire cinema twigging what Bond's referring to and losing it? This trope.
  • The video game has a few of its own:
    • In "King's Ransom", after you initiate the third floor's lockdown sequence, the game cuts to a mercenary doing a Double Take as he turns his head to see the window he obviously just rappeled through suddenly be sealed off by a metal blast door. Even though he's wearing a mask and he doesn't say anything, you can just tell from his body language that he's thinking "WTF?!" at that moment.

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