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  • Bumbling may also be a good term, the boys' older brother and father, played by Christian Slater and Beau Bridges, are shown to be very well intentioned, if clumsy in their relationship with both each other and their search for the boys.
    • "I touched her breast! She doesn't have any breasts!"
  • When Spanky and the truck drivers catch up to Putnam:
    "All right, let's not lose our temper. It's very hot—" (*punch*)
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  • When the kids are fleeing from Putnam, they climb into a stage elevator. As it descends, Putnam shrieks comically, "What the hell is that?!"
    Mike Nelson: It's changing their elevation somehow!
  • After he spends the whole episode maniacally and cruelly chasing down the kids for a living, it's pretty hilarious hearing Putnam cheering "I know that kid!" when Jimmy wins.
  • Every second the contest emcee is on screen.
  • When the fight breaks out on the King Kong ride:
  • When Haley reiterates that there's no point in being scared, Corey outs on a skull mask and asks if she's sure. Haley's response is to punch him the face, and the movie uses a sound effect that makes the punch sound several hundred pounds heavier than it could have been.
  • "I love the Power Glove. It's so bad."
    • Doubly hilarious when you realize that while Lucas was clearly praising it in front of his competition, the infamous Power Glove really was a bad controller, as it was notorious for being unresponsive and unwieldy, being largely reduced to a collector's novelty as a result.
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    • Corey's attempt to show up Lucas immediately after by unceremoniously putting his arm around Haley.
    "Yeah well, just keep your Power Gloves off of her pal, huh?"