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Funny / The Wicked Years

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For the musical, see here.

  • When poor Boq confesses his feelings to Galinda, and Elphaba is snarking at him the whole way for sounding rehearsed. Galinda scolds her, while at the same point ripping on Boq with "Let me consider his stupid idea", while he's still sitting right there.
  • When Fiyero asks Glinda if she has children.
    "Chuffrey is dry as two baked walnuts."
  • Knowing her green skin is an Elephant in the Living Room, Elphaba brings it up early in the first book with "Okay let's get this over with. No I'm not seasick. Yes I've always been green. No I didn't eat grass as a child".
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  • When Nanny questions Elphaba's green skin, Melena blanches and Frex goes red (and he's under the impression that Elphaba's skin was due to his preaching abilities). Elphaba herself even stops breathing, as if she already understands language.
  • While ranting to Melena, Nanny quips that women only have babies when they're young and ignorant but "dry up in disgust and sensibly stop production" once realizing how grim life is. Men never learn this.

Alternative Title(s): Son Of A Witch, A Lion Among Men, Out Of Oz