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Funny / The Way Back (2010)
aka: The Way Back

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  • At one point, while they're circling Lake Baikal, the group is being eaten alive by mosquitoes. While hiding, they see that the local farmers aren't being bothered, and Zoran decides to go ask them why. The rest of the group thinks he's insane, and will get them all caught, but he returns with a large necklace woven out of a type of bark that acts as a natural mosquito repellent. When they ask what he said to the farmers, he says, "I am an escaped convict plagued by mosquitoes." The tell him to stop joking, but no, that really is what he said.
  • While in the Gobi, they manage to catch and kill a snake to eat. We get this exchange:
    Janusz: "Tastes like chicken."
    Zoran: "Yeah. A big black poisonous chicken with no legs."
  • Not long after leaving the lake, the men pause to clean up and shave so that they don't look like "thieves and robbers". Given nobody has a mirror, they shave each other's faces — except for Valka, who refuses to let anyone else near his throat with a sharp object. What really makes it funny is his expression, which can roughly be summed up as, "Are you kidding me?"

Alternative Title(s): The Way Back