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  • In the episode called "The Sinner", the young pastor Matthew Fordwick is staying with the family, and he's a ridiculously zealous preacher who scares the family with his fearful sermons. Arguably the overall funniest part is when the newcomer reverend goes with Zeb to a "harmless" sit in with the Baldwin sisters, not knowing that their "recipe" is whiskey! And then he becomes drunk, of course, and goes to his first sermon!
    Rev. Fordwick: Ladiesh 'n gentlemen, I wanna thank-*topples over and lands on his back, passed out*
    • As well as this line:
    Rev. Fordwick: What do you think of my sermon?
    Jim-Bob: Scary.
  • At the end of the Season 4 episode "The Secret," Jim-Bob is asked to say grace. Fully half of the length of the prayer is him talking about what kind of plane he saw that afternoon.
  • In one episode, Jason is sitting at the piano playing "Camptown Races". Grandma Esther comes in and doesn't say a word, but instead gives him a Death Glare, which he doesn't notice for about a minute until he finally looks up. At this, he panics and quickly begins playing a hymn called "The Old Rugged Cross".
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  • The way Jim-Bob makes faces into a television camera late in Season 9.


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