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Daryl: Hey kid, what'd you do before all this?
Glenn: Deliver pizzas. Why?
Daryl: You got some balls for a Chinaman.
Glenn: I'm Korean.
Daryl: Whatever.
— "Vatos"

Who said you couldn't have a laugh or two in the Zombie Apocalypse?

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    Season 1 
Days Gone Bye
  • Shortly after leaving the hospital in the pilot, Rick finds his first zombie: a horribly rotted woman missing the entire lower half of her body, crawling toward him. Cue a man in nothing but his underwear, an open hospital gown, and a bandage around his torso jumping on a stolen bicycle too small for him and pedaling as fast as he can with a look of abject terror.
  • Rick, having just crawled into a tank to escape from a zombie horde, sits next to a deceased soldier to catch his breath. The soldier suddenly reanimates and turns to eat Rick, before Rick quickly blows the soldier's brains out, forgetting he is in a metal enclosed space. He was limited in options given the circumstances, however. The "funny" is the way it happened: both Rick and the reanimated soldier turn to each other and just pause for a moment as if to take a second to realize what's going on. It's hilarious.
  • "Hey, you! Dumbass! Yeah, you, in the tank! Cozy in there?" Best cliff-hanger EVER.


  • After Rick performs his Due to the Dead for the walker they're about to open up Glenn stops them to point out something Rick missed.
    Glenn: One more thing. He was an organ donor.
  • Another one happens when Rick and Glenn are pretending to be zombies to reach a parking lot.
    Glenn: (When rain suddenly comes in and the zombies start to get wary) The smell's washing off, isn't it? Is it washing off?!
    Rick: No, it's not! (passes by a zombie who eyes him suspiciously) Well, maybe...
    Zombie: Growls and lunges at Rick.
    Rick: (Kills zombie with axe) Yes! Run!
  • Before that, everyone's reactions when Rick goes "We need more guts," and takes another swing at the zombie with the axe, which are by this point past squick and into, "Oh come on!"
  • Rick tells Glenn to imagine puppies and kittens when he is cutting up the body.
    T-Dog: Dead puppies and kittens.
    Glenn: *throws up*
    Andrea: (to T-Dog) That is just evil. What is wrong with you?
    Jacqui: (to Rick) Next time, let the cracker (Merle) beat his ass.
    T-Dog: I'm sorry, yo.
    Glenn: You suck.
  • After bashing Merle in the face with a rifle and handcuffing him to a pipe in retaliation for trying to use force to gain control of Glenn's survivor group, Rick refers to himself as "Officer Friendly."

Tell It to the Frogs

  • Shane and Lori's conversation is pretty funny, with the bonus of innocent little Carl:
    Shane: When you get down to that last can of beans, you're gonna be loving those frog legs, lady.
    I can see it now...[imitates Lori] 'Shane, do you think I could have a 2nd helping, please? Please? Just one?'
    Lori (grinning): Yeah, I doubt that.
    Shane (chuckles and looks at Carl): Don't listen to her, man. You and me, we'll be heroes. We'll feed these folks Cajun-style Kermit legs!
    Lori: I would rather eat Miss Piggy. (Beat.) Yes, that came out wrong.
  • After Daryl finds out Rick and T-Dog handcuffed Merle on the roof and left him there, Shane has to restrain Daryl to stop him attacking Rick.
    Daryl: Best let me go!
    Shane: No, I think it's better I don't.
    Daryl: Choke hold's illegal!
    Shane: File a complaint.
    • There's also this, when Rick resolves to go back and rescue Merle:
    Shane: Could you just tell me why? Why would you risk your life for a douchebag like Merle Dixon?
    Daryl: Hey. Choose your words more carefully.
    Shane: No, I did. Douchebag's what I meant.


  • When Glenn is kidnapped by the maybe-gangbangers who threaten his life, the others eventually find him—in an old-folks' home, in no danger whatsoever. T-Dog, grumpily: "We thought you were being eaten by dogs, man." Cue Reaction Shot from a Chihuahua.


  • Dr. Jenner when he's drunk is apparently quite the joker.
    "Hey, how far you think I can chuck this? Pretty far, I bet! *flings wine glass across the room* WOOOOO! IT'S OUT OF THE STADIUM!"


  • Glenn (and most of the other survivors) hungover in the morning at the CDC. Glenn is in the worst condition, he can't even stand the sight of eggs. It's hilarious. Poor guy.
    Glenn: Don't ever, ever, ever let me drink again.
  • When Daryl tries to break the sealed door down with an axe, but Dr. Jenner calmly points out:
    Jenner: That door is designed to withstand a rocket launcher.
    Daryl: (angrily stomping toward Jenner) Well, your HEAD ain't!
  • The survivors try to break the building's windows, and Carol pulls out a grenade. Rick sets off the grenade, then bolts away from the window, almost as if he just realized he set off a friggin grenade.

    Season 2 
  • In the second season premiere, the sign for the church lacks a specific bible passage and just reads "Revelations."
  • The look on Rick's face as Daryl dissects a walker in the second season premiere. Daryl then pulls a large, gory mass out of its stomach and simply mutters "Looks like this guy ate himself a ground chuck a few days ago or something."
  • In "Bloodletting", Daryl offhandedly telling a walker to shut up before shooting it.
  • When Dr. Hershel Greene reveals that he's a vet, Lori thinks that he used to be a combat medic until he clarifies that he's a veterinarian.
  • Daryl whips out a large bag of narcotics to help T-Dog with his infection.
    Daryl: Merle got the clap on occasion.
    • The look on T-Dog's face when he's informed "Merle Dixon's clap is the best thing that ever happened to you."
  • The scenes with Daryl and Andrea in the woods in "Save The Last One".
    • Upon finding a walker hanging from a tree by the neck.
    Daryl: "What the hell?"
    • Said walker's suicide note:
    "Got bit/Fever hit/World gone to shit/Why not quit?"
  • The well zombie might be one of the most hilariously disgusting scenes to date. They spent several minutes, nearly got Glenn killed, and busted the water pump to get the zombie out of the well... and it immediately rips in half, sending its lower half back into the well.
    T-Dog: Good thing we didn't do something stupid... like shoot it.
  • With or without context, still funny.
    Glenn: I still got 11 condoms...
    Maggie: You see 11 condoms, I see 11 minutes of my life that I'm never getting back!
    (lmao get rekt Glenn)
  • Glenn tells Dale his theory on why all the women are acting weird. Dale gives Glenn sage advice.
    Glenn: Um, Dale, you think Andrea's on her period?
    [Dale waves his hand to try and keep Glenn quiet]
    Glenn: I'm only asking 'cause it's like all the women are acting really weird. And-And I read somewhere that when women spend a lot of time together, their cycles line up and they all get super crazy hormonal at the same time.
    Dale: I'm gonna advise you to keep that theory to yourself.
  • Dale then asks who else is acting weird, and Glenn says Maggie. This happens:
    Dale: Ah, Maggie.
    Glenn: She started off being mean to me. Then she wanted to have sex with me.
    And now she's being mean to me again. And I don't even want to know what's going on with Lori.
    Dale: What's going on with Lori?
    Glenn: Nothing. I don't know.
    Dale: All right, let's take this back a step. How do you know that Maggie wanted to have sex with you?
    Glenn: Uh, um. Well-
    Dale: Oh, son, you didn't.
    (Glenn gives a shameless cat-that-got-the-cream grin)
    Dale: Did it ever occur to you how her father might feel about this?
    Glenn: She's 22.
    Dale: And he is our host.
    Glenn: He doesn't know.
    Dale: Well, see that it stays that way. Jesus, Glenn, what were you thinking?!
  • "There are walkers in the barn and Lori's pregnant." Cue Dale's infamous Dale Face that basically reads: "What the shit?" It is priceless.
  • Earlier in the episode, this exchange between Lori and Carl:
    Carl: Stop looking so worried.
    Lori: It's my job.
    Carl: No it's not. You were a house wife.
    Lori: (throwing chicken seed at him) You see my house around here?
  • Andrea is beside herself, having a My God, What Have I Done? moment after she nearly kills Daryl, having thought he was a walker. Dale comes to console her by telling her not to beat herself up over it, since they've all wanted to shoot Daryl at some point or another.
  • Earlier, Daryl is being aimed at by Rick, who thinks he's a Walker, and he says "That's the third time you've pointed that thing at my head. You gonna pull the trigger or what?." Then, after he is shot by Andrea, the first thing out of his mouth is, "I was kidding!"
  • Glenn wearing Dale's hat. And this only happened because Maggie put eggs in Glenn's baseball cap and smashed it on his head, spilling yolk and whites everywhere.
  • Carl finding out that he's about to become a big brother. One comedy leads to another, especially the moment where Lori tells Dale and Andrea that she never told Carl where babies come from.
  • In "18 Miles Out", there's something darkly humorous about one point where Rick is hiding from Walkers on the ground. One spots him and starts lumbering over, so Rick shoots it, and it falls forward, on top of him. A second walker hears the shot, and follows, also getting shot in the head, and also falling forward on top of Rick, only for a third Walker to show up right on their heels and pin Rick under all three of them. At this point Rick's face is less, "Oh god I'm gonna get eaten!" and more, "Oh come on!" And then shoots the third zombie by using the mouth of the first zombie.
  • In the Season 2 finale, this line by Hershel:
    Hershel: I can't profess to understand God's plan. Christ promised a resurrection of the dead. I just thought he had something... a little different in mind.
  • The otherwise unmemorable Jimmy had one when trying to use Gangsta Style in shooting training. After T-Dog calls him on it and he holds the pistol the correct way, he hits the target he was missing while holding it gangsta style.
  • This exchange from "Secrets":
    Glenn: You expect to bribe me with fruit?
    Maggie: Of course not. There's also jerky in there.

    Season 3 
  • The third season premiere has Carl developing a Precocious Crush on Beth. When they initially infiltrate the prison, he seems to briefly consider taking the bunk above hers, but Herschel arrives to ask him if he's found a place to stay, flustering and driving him off.
  • Carol and Daryl's conversation while standing lookout in the first episode.
    Carol: Pretty romantic... Wanna screw around?
    (Daryl gives her a look. They both laugh. Daryl starts to get off the bus.)
    Daryl: I'll go down first.
    Carol: Even better.
    Daryl: Stop.
  • Maggie grinning and asking "Did you see that?" when she figures out how to stab a walker in riot gear. Counts as a CMOA, too. It's adorable.
  • When Rick is looking at the cafeteria where the prisoners were holed up he asks what's in the freezer, despite being told not to open it he does and proceeds to choke on the smell of what is clearly a makeshift bathroom.
  • When T-Dog and Rick return with food we get this from T-Dog
    "Canned beef, canned corn, canned cans."
  • After lecturing the inmates on staying in formation, and aiming for the Walker's heads, the inmates charge at random, stabbing them everywhere but the head. The look on Rick, Daryl, and T-Dog's faces says it all.
  • Daryl's attack stance while poised behind Oscar. It almost qualifies as a Funny Background Event.
  • The Governor walking in on Milton and Merle in the middle of a quarrel in "Walk With Me". He even compares it to a schoolyard fight.
    Governor: You finish your homework?
    Milton: I would have but the dog's already eating it.
  • There's something slightly funny in Oscar throwing a barrel at Andrew.
  • The Governor of all people has one while golfing in episode "Killer Within": He hits several golf balls while talking to Merle, and one hits a walker and knocks it to the ground!
  • Carol, T-Dog, Daryl, and Rick catching Glenn and Maggie in the guard tower not entirely dressed.
    Funnier in that it's preceded by Daryl shouting "You coming?", inciting giggles from the surrounded adults.
  • In "Say The Word", while Daryl and Maggie are looking for baby formula to feed the baby, they find an opossum in a closet and Daryl shoots at it with his crossbow:
    Daryl: Hello, dinner.
    Maggie: I'm not putting that in my bag.
  • Daryl's suggestion of a name for the new Grimes baby to cheer everyone up: "Little Asskicker".
    • In the same episode, just the look on Rick's face when the phone starts to ring. It's an interesting mix of, "Am I going crazy?" and "Who in the hell could possibly be calling?"
    • When Carl finally broaches the topic of a proper name for Judith, the fact that he chose to start the conversation with with "Daryl's been calling her Ass-Kicker" and the resulting look on Rick's face. (Note that it wasn't until two episodes later that anyone got around to coming up with an alternative to "Ass-kicker.")
    • And then we see it's written on the box they use for her bed.
    • When Andrea hears the nickname, she immediately guesses that Daryl came up with it.
  • In "When the Dead Come Knocking", when Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and Oscar are going to rescue Glenn and Maggie in Woodbury, they hide from walkers in a cabin. However, the still-alive occupant surprises them, seems oblivious to recent events, and clearly thinks they're just intruders, despite Rick trying to explain. He demands they leave:
    Hermit: I'll call the cops!
    Rick: I am a cop!
  • Axel telling Carol he thought that she was a lesbian (solely because of her short hair) during "Made To Suffer". Followed by Axel hitting on her. And Carol shooting him down.
    Carol: I'm not a lesbian.
    Axel: You're not. *big grin* That's interesting.
    Carol: No, it isn't.
  • Merle getting back to form by being a complete jackass with Rick's group, joking that Michonne and Andrea had a lesbian relationship, and that Michonne's jealous of the Governor.
  • The Governor asking a favour of Milton:
    Governor: "You keep an eye on her for me."
  • Axel revealing why he was really imprisoned: he robbed a store armed with a water pistol. He also jokes that his brother had a money problem (while Axel himself has dice tattooed on his neck): his brother wouldn't lend him any.
  • Daryl acting like a little brother, trying to show Merle he's tough. The best part is when he awkwardly imitates his brother's spitting.
  • After Andrea and Milton manage to lasso a zombie, Tyreese and his group show up, and the dumbfounded looks they give are hysterical, as are Andrea's and Milton's "it's not what you think" reactions, followed by how casually Andrea walks off with the zombie.
  • Carl, Rick and Michonne's car gets caught in mud and then swarmed by a gang of walkers. All three look annoyed more than anything, and Rick just calmly tells the others to cover their ears while he cranks down his window and headshots walkers through the gap.
  • After Carl and Michonne's attempt to retrieve Grimes family picture from a local bar fails the first time, Michonne goes in the back and grabs it for him. After assuring Carl that he can trust her, Michonne then adds one more note.
    Michonne: [holds up some sort of rainbow-striped cat sculpture] Besides, this was just too damn gorgeous to leave behind.
    • Earlier, inside Morgan's stronghold.
    Rick: We're eating his food now?
    Michonne: *Shrugs* Mat says 'Welcome'. (Said mat covered a pit filled with stakes for intruders.)
  • There's a darkly hilarious aspect to the defenses, particularly those on the stairway. There are repeated notes along the lines of, "Turn back." "I'm warning you." "Turn around now." Then the final sheet just says, "I'm not shitting you!" leading to a tripwire, which is attached to an axe rigged to swing at someone's head. The kicker being that the axe has "Told you" written on the side.
  • Milton asking to see Hershel's leg stump.
    Hershel: At least buy me a drink first.
  • Daryl and Martinez's dick-measuring contest as they kill walkers together, won by Daryl thanks to a frickin' throwing knife. Bonus points for Andrea's complete look of "Is this shit really happening?" right before she kills the first walker for them.
  • Glenn being reluctant to have sex with Maggie on an outside prison walkway, as there are rotting walkers snarling just meters away. So she pulls him into what The Talking Dead later dubbed "the sex garage."
  • After Merle has kidnapped Michonne with intentions of sending her off to the governor, he is momentarily distracted by a group of walkers. After disposing of them with her blade, he asks why she didn't try to run away and Michonne sheepishly smiles and says that she wanted her sword back first.
  • Merle just straight chilling to some Motörhead in a parked car, surrounded by Walkers. He even offers one a drink.
    • After this, it cuts to a shot of Merle's stolen car slowly rolling through a field with a huge herd of walkers slowly following behind him.
  • Glenn getting an engagement ring for Maggie by chopping off a walker's fingers.

    Season 4
Nothing will get in the way between Carl and his pudding.
  • The shopping place with the rotting roof and the walkers falling through. Some folks will be reminded of the viral videos of botched burglarys of stores, especially since it's the liquor section. Some others, well...
  • Hershel calling an impromptu council meeting.
    Hershel: I propose we move Spaghetti Tuesday to Wednesday. First, we just need to get some spaghetti.
  • While preparing for a run for some medicine
    Daryl: You alright?
    Bob: ...You really want me coming along?
    Daryl: (show him the shopping list) What's that word?
    Bob: ...It's Zanamivir
    Daryl: ...Yup, we need ya.
  • When Carol and Rick meet Ana and Sam and have their guns drawn warily, Sam talks about the fruit they have and tosses them one. Neither moves and they all just watch it bounce down the stairs in the awkward silence.
  • Hershel's trying to keep the patients calm and keep the walker situation under control. Then he sees the respirator he desperately needs is on a walker dangling over the cell block's catwalk.
    Hershel: Son of a bitch.
  • Of all people, The Governor gets one in "Live Bait", with his response to a little girl asking how he lost his eye.
    The Governor: I'm a pirate.
  • In "After", Carl throws himself at a house's front door to open it. The end result is Carl knocked on his butt and the door unmoved.
  • There's just something funnily endearing about watching Carl eating a 112 ounce can of pudding on a roof while a walker trapped in a room behind him ineffectually tries to grab him.
  • The dialogue between Rick and Carl has this little gem:
    Rick: It's good that you found more food.
    Carl: I found even more, but... (sheepishly) I ate it.
    Rick: What was it?
    Carl: (even more sheepishly, a slight smile forming on his face) ...112 ounces of pudding.
  • Just the look on Rick's face when Michonne finds them and there's a quick, polite knock on the door. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment because he just looks so damn happy.
  • Michonne has a dream/flashback to before the apocalypse ended and in it, she stores her katana into her kitchen knife stand, even though it's far too small for the whole sword to fit.
  • Michonne attempting to cheer up a grumpy Carl by stuffing her face with Crazy Cheese. Even funnier is her awkward face-wiping when Carl doesn't react.
  • Daryl and Beth flipping off the burning shack in "Still".
    • The suddenness of it was even funnier. They're semi-drunk while having a somber conversation, then Beth suddenly says something to the effect of "we should burn this shack down", and it then cuts to them splashing moonshine everywhere to do just that.
    • The entire episode focuses on Beth's inexplicable quest for liquor, while Daryl gets more and more exacerbated with it as time goes on. Especially the part where Daryl smashes the peach schnapps and yells that her first drink won't be something like that.
  • In "Alone", Beth and Daryl take shelter in a funeral home. When night falls Daryl quickly claims an empty coffin as a bed, stating it's the most comfortable bed he's had in weeks.
  • In "Us", Abraham wants to stop and rest, but Glenn wants to keep moving to find Maggie. Abraham demands they take a break before it gets too late.
    Glenn: It's half past noon.
    Abraham: I don't give a monkey's left nut.
    • Later, Abraham is taking a nap in the backseat of a can while Eugene and Rosita are up front. When they stop to wait for Glenn and Tara, Eugene fiddles with his seat... But causes it to violently slam down on poor Abraham's head, abruptly waking him up.
    • The episode starts off with Eugene rambling on about the theory of a Zombie Apocalypse killing the dinosaurs. He doesn't believe it, but he thinks it would make a cool video game.
      • He starts to ask what video games she likes, when she finds a coin on the train track. He gets excited that it would make a battery, and she gives it to him.
    Eugene: For reals?
    Tara: For reals.
    • When Eugene tells Tara that she's "seriously hot," and Tara responds by telling him she's a lesbian. His flat "I know," is very funny, made more so because the delivery leaves it ambiguous if he actually knew, or is trying to save face after being rebuffed.
    • Carl and Michonne's train track balance game, especially Rick's WTF reaction.

    Season 5 
No Sanctuary
  • Eugene carefully and in great detail explains his plan to wipe out the zombie pandemic. Then out of nowhere, he adds:
    "All things being equal, it DOES sound pretty badass."
  • Carol massacring the people of Terminus can provide some Black Comedy, even when some of the cannibals are on the ground screaming for their lives as they're slowly eaten alive. In particular, Mary's death is a serious case of Break the Haughty as she had the balls to ask for a merciful death.


  • Daryl offering to help Carol carry some jugs of water... and accidentally throwing one at her in the process. Carol's smirking "...No." sells it.
  • Maggie and Tara wait outside a gun shop for Glenn. They hear crashing, and soon after, Glenn emerges. He says it was a walker, but doesn't look convincing. The real reason?
    "It was a stack of boxes and a mop. I tripped."
    • Michonne volunteers to kill a passing walker, and as she reaches for her back she realizes she never got her sword back from Terminus, so she has to begrudgingly bash its skull in instead of slashing it clean off its shoulders.

Four Walls and a Roof

  • The Hunters' panicked reaction to realizing they're eating "tainted meat" is both awesome and comedy gold as the Smug Snake's realize their mistake.

Self Help

  • Abraham and Glenn have a moment, where Abraham praises Glenn for staying with him and staying true to his word that he would help him get Eugene to Washington, D.C. Abraham then ends the conversation by declaring he's going to get himself some ass. Glenn says, to the awkward silence, "More than I really needed to know, but okay."
  • This is followed up by Eugene watching Abraham and Rosita have sex from the self help isle of the bookstore, which they notice and laugh about. Tara then catches Eugene, who admits what he was doing very matter-of-factly to Tara, noting that it provided both comfort and distraction. After they finish their conversation and Eugene leaves, Tara takes a quick peek at the action as well.
  • At the beginning of the episode, after clearing out the walkers, the group moves to start getting their supplies out of the crashed bus only for the bus to suddenly burst into flames. The exasperated looks on their faces is priceless.
  • After Eugene rattles off a big explanation of how long it would take for things to level out when he does his thing in Washington, Glenn asks this gem of a queston:
    Eugene: (beat) Because I like it.
  • Eugene dramatically confesses that he is not actually a scientist, was not involved in the project which created the walkers, has no idea how to save the world... and he also lied about T. Brooks Ellis liking his mullet.
    • For a bit of Black Comedy, the way Eugene falls flat like a ragdoll on the ground after Abraham punches him in the face is darkly hilarious.

What Happened and What's Going On

  • In the Story Sync on AMC's site, one thing that they occasionally show is a character's weapon with detailed information about it; knives and guns and so forth. During this episode, one of them is "Tyreese's Geode".
    Mineral: Amethyst
    Composition: SO2 (Silicon Dioxide)
    Shape: Asymmetrical
    Shell: Medium Sidewalls
    Crystals: Small but well-saturated
    Tenacity: Brittle


  • Though rather somber episode, just coming off the heels of Tyreese's death, when Sasha breaks formation and screws up their plan, Abraham says "plan just got dicked". His tone of voice sells it, almost sounding like he doesn't even care.

The Distance

  • Abraham just about orgasms when he discovers a can of spaghetti-os with cut up hot dogs.
  • Daryl's reasoning for leaving with Aaron for the safe zone? "This barn smells like horseshit."
  • Abraham notices the battery is almost dead, but after Rosita tells him they're halfway to Alexandria, he smiles, the happy music swells and he states: "We can make it." Then we cut to a shot of the group standing around outside the broken down R.V.
  • Daryl's confused look after Aaron says "The only way you’re stopping me from being with him is by shooting me.”


  • Standing outside the gates to the safe zone, the group hears a noise and the entire group turns in unison, their weapons a possum. Daryl then shoots it and holds it up, telling the greeter, "We brought dinner."
    • The fact that he then carries it around and eventually skins it inside this gated community is also pretty amusing.
    • He even brings it with him to the interview with Deanna.
  • Rick shaves, and Alexandria's leader, Deanna, does a double-take on seeing him, going, "I had no idea what was under there."
    • His exasperated expression afterward is the best.
  • Michonne tells Rick that she spent over 30 minutes just brushing her teeth. And then she comments on his lack of beard.
  • Carol not believing Daryl when he said he's taken a shower and threatening to hose him down in his sleep.
  • Carol's Obfuscating Stupidity act in her interviews and fumbling with her gun, pretending to be a burden on the rest of the group and the family's den mother, so that the Alexandrians don't know what she can do.
    • Daryl's reaction to seeing her dressed like a Stepford wife.
    "You look ridiculous."


  • Carol shoots a walker several times in the woods before shooting it in the head. When Rick and Daryl look confused, she tells them that she had to use the ammo up because they said they were going out for target practice, which prompts a deadpan from Daryl, "Lucky for us the walker showed up."
  • Buttons the horse. The name, not what happens to it.
  • This conversation between Rick and Pete
    Pete: Wanna come by my office next week? I'll take a look at ya.
    Pete: And I probably should've said I was a doctor first.
  • Abraham is quickly swayed into taking part in the party.
    Rosita: They have beer.
    Abraham: I'm going to try this.


  • Eugene tries to weasel his way out of the supply run and Aiden tells him that he doesn't want them to have to come back with "the wrong shit". Eugene, being who he is responds with...
    Eugene They are consistent in appearance across manufacturers. The shit will be right. I will install said shit.
  • When Eugene tries to talk himself out of going on a run with Glenn, Tara, Noah, Aiden, and Nicholas.
    Tara: Are you that much of a coward?
    Eugene: You know I am.
  • Abraham's grinning reaction to the chance to take on a small herd of walkers on his own.
    Abraham: Mother dick.
  • Tara and Glenn asking Noah what his story is only for Aiden to start blaring dubstep in the back of the van before he can say anything.
    • And when Eugene returns to save Glenn, Noah, and Nicholas the truck is STILL playing dubstep. Noah and Glenn look at each and exchange relieved laughs.
  • After Abraham saves Francine from walkers while Tobin cowardly abandoned her, he asks if she's alright only to get punched in the face.



  • Rosita watching Abraham quietly settle into a chair to avoid waking up Eugene and having to talk to him, then throwing a tray to the floor in a loud clatter.
    Rosita: Whoops.
    • Then Abe looks back at Eugene to see him suddenly awake and staring at him with a hilariously straight face.
    • Eugene sincerely apologizes to Abe for lying and Abe apologizes, too. When Eugene reassures him that he has nothing to apologize for...
      Abraham: I almost killed you.
      Eugene: Well, there's that.
  • Carol has an utterly frightening and awesome monologue where she threatens Pete and lets him know in no uncertain terms that she could easily kill him and get away with it. Then she hands him a casserole and tells him he damn well better give the platter back to her clean when he's done with it.
  • Rick dumping a walker into the middle of the campfire meeting without warning is unintentionally hilarious.
  • Abraham sticking up for Rick while trying to sound philosophical and even managing to channel Eugene.
    Abraham: Simply put, there is a vast ocean of shit you people don't know shit about. Rick knows every fine grain of said shit and then some.

    Season 6
When there is a tense situation, you can always rely on Eugene to break the ice.
First Time Again
  • "I'm supposed to be delivering pizzas!"
    • Morgan asking Michonne if she ate some of his food back in Season 3, in another Call-Back.
  • Eugene complimenting on Heath on his "hair game," to Heath's bewilderment.
    • Upon seeing Eugene after waking up, Tara's comments that she's glad his hair is okay.
    • Also during the Eugene and Heath scene, Heath asking if he's missed anything and Eugene simply saying, "There was a meeting last night." He follows that up with sticking his foot in his mouth by suggesting he go get his information from "the horse. Her mouth." AKA Deanna.
  • Rick immediately shutting down Gabriel's volunteer to help the group.
  • Carol, still pretending to be a simple housewife, saying, "That is just terrifying," completely straight-faced, when Rick tells the group about the walker quarry.
  • Eugene overhears some people trying to plot to kill Rick and take back the community when he drops a bottle of food. He immediately stumbles backward and ends up on his ass, whence the townsman confronts him. Armed. Eugene's response? "Hello."
  • Daryl slowly leading a road full of Walkers away from Alexandria on his motorcycle. Many viewers said it looks like he's leading the world's most depressing parade.


  • Carol being a total bitch to Sam while he's still mourning his father.
  • This exchange:
    Eugene: You're a doctor?
    Denise: (without missing a beat) Are you? (chuckles) I'm sorry, I heard that story.
    Eugene: Fair game.

Here's Not Here

  • Eastman's dry, pragmatic attitude contrasts with Morgan's Axe-Crazy and provides some humor.
    • Example 1:
    Eastman: What's your name?
    Morgan: Kill me!
    Eastman: That's a stupid name. It's dangerous. You should change it.
    • Example 2:
    Morgan: I have to clear.
    Eastman: What the hell does that mean?

Always Accountable

  • One of the members of the group hunting Dwight and Sherry gets bit and has to have his arm hacked off. As he is moaning afterwards, the leader of the party offers his helpful advice: "Walk it off."
  • We get another golden Abrahamism in this episode when Sasha tries to talk Abe out of killing a harmless, trapped walker:
    Abraham: Loose ends make my ass itch.

Heads Up

  • Rick tearing off a flyer that Gabriel posts for a prayer circle to take place later on in the day. After a moment of stunned silence, Gabriel simply staples on another flyer.
  • Rick begins tearing into Tara for risking her life to save Spencer. Tara responds by flipping the bird. Rick's understated, surprised reaction is just as hilarious.

From Start to Finish

  • Deanna's deadpan "Well shit," when she realizes that not only was she critically wounded by falling on a saw, but she was also bitten. Major Injury Underreaction if ever there was one.
  • When she's talking to Rick about why she let him in, she notes that it wasn't because he "could grow one hell of a beard." Even Rick smiles at that, despite the desperate situation.
  • Carl telling Ron that his dad was an asshole.

No Way Out

  • Just as the Saviors were about gun down Sasha and Abraham, they're suddenly blown to smithereens... by Daryl wielding a rocket launcher.
    Daryl: What a bunch of assholes.
    • Almost immediately after that, Abraham tells the smoking head of the lead biker, "Nibble on that," an ironic callback to the taunt the biker had just thrown at him.
  • Glenn is about to be devoured by walkers when suddenly they are mowed down by an onslaught of machine gun fire. Cue Glenn's stunned (and slightly petrified) face and Abraham grinning like a maniac from the fence. "Can you get the gate? 'Ppreciate it, pal! (Muwahahahaha!!!)"

The Next World

  • Rick and Daryl were comedy gold on their scavenging trip.
    • Daryl's, "No. Please, no," when Rick started to put a country music CD into the car (which was played repeatedly throughout the episode.)
      • Also indicates that this is not the first time Rick has subjected Daryl to his musical taste.
    • "He calls himself Jesus!"
    • When they knock Jesus out, they draw their guns on him, and Jesus calls it a bluff. They respond by both shooting at a nearby walker.
    • Rick deliberately turning the car so that Jesus would fall on Daryl in the back seat, and Daryl roughly shoving him away.
    • When Jesus is knocked out by the lake, Daryl's suggestion that they leave him up a tree.
      • Take a step further in the car, where Rick points out that Daryl wouldn't have done it, and Daryl assures him he would have.
    • When the two men realize Jesus is on top of the truck, and Rick slams on the brakes, causing the body to go flying overhead. If you listen closely, as Jesus falls in front of the truck a faint Wilhelm scream can be heard.
      • Daryl then proceeds to jump out of the car and chase him around while Rick's music continues to play in the background.
      • Jesus saves Daryl from a walker by telling him to duck and then shooting it. Daryl stands up, thanks him, and punches Jesus in the face. "That's my gun."
    • Throughout the episode, Rick keeps talking about "the law of averages," i.e., things haven't been going great for them lately but they have to eventually. As Rick and Daryl stare at their truck full of supplies sinking into the river, Daryl says, "Law of averages, huh? That's bullshit."
  • Denise awkwardly asking Daryl to pick up pop on his outing. If he sees it. It's not a priority. Just if he sees it.
    • Followed by Daryl's, "What the hell is pop?"
      • "I'm from the Midwest!"
  • Eugene going off on a tangent about how Rick and Daryl should pick up sorghum, followed by the two of them staring blankly at him.
    • Later on, when Daryl and Rick see the big barn that had "SORGHUM" painted on it, they initially drive past, then, after some thought, back up and pull in, knowing Eugene would probably chew them out a little.
  • When Daryl takes out a soda can, shakes it profusely and then throws it at Jesus, "In case you get thirsty".
  • Daryl flipping Jesus off as he and Rick drive away.
    Daryl: So long, you prick!
  • “It is pretty stupid of us to go out there.” “Yup. Do it again tomorrow?” “Yup.” -Rick and Daryl
  • The fact that according to the memes, giving someone breath mints will get you laid. Ask Rick and Michonne.
  • Jesus showing up in Rick and Michonne's bedroom after their consummation of their relationship. He doesn't even seem to notice they're naked! Talk about No Sense of Personal Space!
  • The episode as a whole was the most lighthearted, funny episode of the entire show. On Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick compared it to The Dukes of Hazzard, and pitched an episode where Daryl did a somersault while flying out of the General Lee, while Eugene would show up in his "hunky-dory" Daisy Dukes.

Knots Untie

  • After Jesus sneaks into their house and Carl catches him atop the staircase, Jesus tells him that they can talk after his "mom and dad" get dressed. Carl looks completely confused by this statement... and then Rick and Michonne come out of their bedroom half-naked. Not even two seconds later, several members of the group come charging into the first floor hallway... and see Rick and Michonne half-naked. They all have the same dumbfounded reaction as Carl, especially Glenn. The only member that doesn't look surprised by this is Daryl, either because he's focused on Jesus or he thought it was obvious it was going to happen eventually.
  • The next morning, Carl and Michonne are sitting next to each other while Jesus tells them about his community. Meanwhile, Carl keeps glancing between his dad and Michonne, the latter of whom looks downright embarrassed that her surrogate son caught her and his father half-naked in the hallway.
  • Before they leave for Hilltop, Rick awkwardly tries to explain his and Michonne's new relationship to Carl, who seems to enjoy letting his dad suffer for a little while. Then he says that "it's cool" and he has no problem with it.
  • As usual, about half of Abraham's dialogue is made up of hilarious and Unusual Euphemisms. After arriving at Hilltop, he asks Daryl if he knew Rick and Michonne were uggin' bumplies and also interrogates Glenn about him and Maggie's decision to have a child in the apocalypse.
    Abraham: (to Glenn regarding conceiving a child with Maggie) When you were pouring the Bisquick, did you mean to make pancakes?
    • Glenn's confused "Yes?" afterwards is pretty hilarious.
  • When Jesus takes Maggie to speak with Gregory, he apologizes for the other man's perverted behavior and describes him as a "real prick".

Not Tomorrow Yet

  • Abraham heartlessly breaks up with Rosita before they're both supposed to leave for a huge mission, which is not funny at all. As Abraham storms out and Rosita sobs, the camera pans to Eugene standing in the doorway in a shirt that says, "Virginia is for Lovers." He then tries to make an awkward conversation with the devastated Rosita about a cookie, who slams the door.
    Eugene: You try one of these? They're chewy. They, uh... got some fight in them.
  • When Jesus determines that the faked head for Gregory has the wrong nose, Rick decides to punch it in the face repeatedly until the nose breaks. Those present admit that was pretty weird.
  • The Savior at the entrance of the compound takes the faked head from Andy, inspects it and moves the mouth of it saying, "Little bitch broke my nose. Wahh." in a funny voice.

Twice As Far

  • Eugene escaping Dwight's Hostage Situation by chomping on his dick. It Makes Sense in Context.
    • Even better is Abraham's approval after the fact. Keep in mind this line is said with a completely dead serious expression on his face.
      Abraham: You know how to bite a dick, Eugene. I say that with the upmost of respect.
  • Abraham and Eugene's conversation in the warehouse, eating speaking in his own...rather unique speaking style.
  • After killing her first walker, Denise immediately turns and pukes...right all over her specs.
    Denise: I threw up on my glasses.
  • Also, Denise's reply to Daryl's accusation that she'd nearly gotten herself killed for a measly six cans of soda:
    Denise: Nope. [selects a single can] Just this one.


  • Rick and Michonne agree it's probably not best to piss off a pregnant Maggie.
  • When Daryl's about to leave, he simply barks that he's going out. Abraham fires back, "No shit, give some specifics!"
    • When Michonne and Glenn are about to head after him, Abe tries to join the adventure.
    Abraham: Whoa! Make room for my freckled ass!
  • Rick finally reveals to Morgan something that he has questioned for more than three entire seasons: Michonne did take Morgan's last peanut butter protein bar. The Quest is complete.

Last Day On Earth

  • The first time the group is roadblocked by the Saviors, Abraham exclaims, "What the bitch?" The second time it's "Bitch nuts."
    • When the gang comes across a roadblock formed by a huge pile of lumber, this exchange takes place despite the grave realization of the true power of the Saviors.
    Eugene: These tracks... They would indicate that not only do they have people, they've got some big ass-toys and capabilities.
    Abraham: What it means is that we are neck-deep up shit creek with our mouths wide open!
  • Whatever Negan says that wasn't horrifying is disturbingly hilarious.
    • "Pissing our pants yet? ...Gonna be pee-pee-pants city here real soon."
    • "Not cool. Not cool. You have no idea how not cool that shit is."
    • "This is Lucille. And she is awesome."
    • When Abraham straightens up, as if daring Negan to pick him, Negan's reaction is to look at Abraham's mustache and conclude he ought to shave his own beard.
    • As horrible as the scene is when Glenn tries to stop Negan from killing Maggie, Negan stops and turns to Glenn, acting as over-the-top as possible when he's mildly surprised. You'd think he was drunk and reacting to someone doing a somersault.
    • The home-release returns his Sir Swears Alot trait and Negan goes wild with it, dropping lines such as "I am going to beat the holy fuck fucking fuckity fuck out of one of you!" like a kid who just discovered what swears are.
    • After seeing Carl, missing an eye and not even crying like the others, Negan refers to him as "the little future serial killer."
  • To top it all off, when deciding who to execute, he decides to choose through a game... of Eeeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe.

    Season 7
The Day Will Come When You Won't Be
  • While the death of Abraham is both horrifying and sad, it is only fitting he go out with the words "Suck my nuts!". Even Negan found it hilarious.
    Negan: "You hear that? He said 'suck my nuts'!"
  • Negan apologizing to Carl while he's drawing a line on his arm with a marker to mark the spot where his arm will be chopped off.
    Negan: This is gonna be as cold as a warlock's ballsack, just like he was hanging his ballsack above you and dragging it right across the forearm.
    • Then Negan telling Rick how his arm should be chopped off:
      Negan: Now, I know this is a screwed-up thing to ask, but it's gonna have to be like a salami slice, nothing messy, clean, 45 degrees, give us something to fold over. We got a great doctor. The kid'll be fine. Probably.
  • After Negan finally convinces everyone in Rick's group he seriously means business and congratulating them for finally getting it:
  • Despite the fact it's in the middle of one of the most horrific and heartbreaking moments of the series, Negan's "and it is gross as shit" quip can make one laugh thanks to Jeffrey Dean Morgan's delivery making it sound like he's laughing at how silly it sounds too.
  • After Negan takes Daryl hostage, he tells this to Rick:
    Negan: He's got guts — not a little bitch like someone I know. I like him. He's mine now. But you still want to try something? "Not today, not tomorrow." "Not today, not tomorrow"? I will cut pieces off of...(Beat) Hell's his name?
    Simon: Daryl.
    Negan: Wow. (chuckles) That actually sounds right.
    • Made even funnier is Negan's reaction. It looks like he already figured out Daryl's name, or at least thought it would be some Southern name.

The Well

  • In sharp contrast to the season premiere, the second episode provided many moments of levity.
    • Carol's incredulity at the ridiculous over-the-top nature of the Kingdom (mimicking the audience's feelings).
    Carol: I don't know what the hell's going on in the most wonderful way.
    • King Ezekiel is Large Ham personified.
      • And he has a tiger.
    • Just how awkward Morgan is about the whole thing and Carol's reaction are hilarious. These are two of the most badass people in the show, who've survived the zombie apocalypse and this is the thing that is just too weird for them.
    Carol: You're shitting me, right?
    • Ezekiel's steward, Jerry, is hilarious in that while Ezekiel is going all out in the hammy kingliness, Jerry is cheerfully making dad jokes and totally not getting into the spirit of things. He even makes Ezekiel break character.
    Carol: Oh, I'm all about the well!
    Jerry: Well said! [cheesy grin]
    Ezekiel: [sighs in exasperation] Jerry...
  • The members of the Kingdom are seen letting their pigs eat Walkers. They are then seen giving said Walker-filled pigs to the Saviors, who comment happily about how much bigger the pigs are this time around.
  • It's very quick and easy to miss, but while Carol is nicking supplies preparing to run away again, she wheels herself offscreen and past a table with some clothes, a knife and an open chocolate bar. You expect her to reach back and grab the knife. What's hilarious is, a moment later, when her hand appears reaching back onscreen, hesitates for a second, then grabs the chocolate bar, too. She wasn't kidding when she told Ezekiel that she loves chocolate, apparently.

The Cell

  • While the conditions Daryl is being kept in at the Sanctuary are far from humorous, there's something morbidly amusing about the choice of song that the Saviors are using to torture him (with sleep deprivation by playing loud and on repeat) being called "Easy Street."
  • While the conversation itself was fairly tense, Negan asking Dwight if he's suffered any long-term damage from his earlier Groin Attack is kind of hilarious.
    Negan: Oh, crap. Are you okay down there? Your penis? I mean that guy he uh, clomped on it. Or is it *makes his finger droop with accompanying sound effect* down for the count?
    Dwight: ...I'm fine.


  • Negan going "dun dun dun duuuun" to himself right before he bangs Lucille on the gate in the opening.
  • Father Gabriel's Stealth Hi/Bye and serene manner managed to freak Negan out.
    Negan: Holy crap! You are creepy as shit, sneakin' up on me, wearin' that collar with that freaky ass smile.
  • Despite being an utter bastard, it's hard not to laugh at the things Negan says. At the end of the episode, after forcing Rick to show gratitude for essentially stealing all of his supplies, he delivers this particularly cruel yet equally hilarious line:
    • He also makes a quip about the overweight Olivia being in charge of the food rations.


  • Carl is throwing darts at the beginning of the episode, but due to his...lack of an eye, the darts miss quite badly and hit the wall. Where there are a dozen or so other holes from missed darts.
    • Later in the episode, Carl saves Enid from a walker by running it over with a car. Kind of amusing in itself. But then The Talking Dead eulogizes them as, "Carl Drives Like His Mom" walkers.
  • Gregory opening the hall closet for Simon, expecting Maggie and Sasha to be there so he can sell them out to the Saviors, and instead seeing just his expensive scotch. Simon assumes he's offering it, and takes the entire box to give to Negan while Gregory, caught in his lie, can only watch in horror. To top it all off:
    Simon: I'm gonna say it's from me, not mention you, okay? *Grins.* I really want the headline on this one.
    • Watch Jesus' face in the background of this scene - he is visibly trying not to crack up.
  • After Enid arrives at the Hilltop, she asks Maggie about how she killed a bunch of walkers... and a car... with a tractor. Maggie admits it wasn't the first time.
    Maggie: There was this boy in high school...
    Enid: You ran over the boy with a tractor?!
    Maggie: No, his car. It was a Camaro... and then it wasn't.


  • Tara throughout the entire episode.
    • Her awkward "Hi." while having a dozen guns pointed at her.
    • Tara claims that she used to work on a fishing boat as part of the lie to protect Alexandria from outsiders. When asked more closely about what kind of boat it was, one of the women lists a couple of them and she picks the last one. Later:
    Natania: You said you worked on a fishing boat, a larder.
    Tara: That's right.
    Natania: Tara, a larder is a room used for storing meat.
    Tara: (immediately and without hesitating) Yeah. I was lying.
    • When she gets around to asking the question that's on all the viewers' minds about Oceanside's population:
    Tara: I never thought I'd say this, but where are all the men?
    • When Tara is leaving the village, Rachel gives a Spiteful Spit at her feet as she's walking by. Tara smiles brightly and flips her off in response.
    • The shot of Tara walking back to Alexandria while wearing a pair of goofy sunglasses.

Sing Me a Song

  • Eugene, refusing to forgive Rosita by declaring, "I reject that!" in response to her apology, continues his rejection by stating, “I’d like to take it back to awkward silence now.”
  • Negan following up his surprisingly sincere-sounding apology to Olivia for being so rude to her by propositioning her for sex. And then she slaps him. This apparently turns him on even more.
  • Spencer is on a road trip with Father Gabriel and asks if hating someone is a sin. He then proceeds on a long rant blaming Rick for everything bad that's happened since his group arrived in Alexandria. Father Gabriel responds with a comforting smile and, "What you're saying right now doesn't make you a sinner. But it does make you a tremendous shit."
  • This exchange made it in from the comics, when Fat Joey returns Lucille to Negan.
    Negan: Were you gentle? Were you kind?
    Fat Joey: Uh...
    Negan: Did you treat her like a lady?
    Fat Joey: Uh... yes. Yes sir.
    Negan: (dead serious) Did you pet her little pussy like a lady?
    Fat Joey: Well, I...
    Negan: (cheerful smile) I'm just screwing with you! A baseball bat doesn't have a pussy!
    Fat Joey: (begins laughing, finally realizing the joke)
    Negan: Now get the hell out.
    Fat Joey: (quickly exits as fast as he can)
  • The entire sequence of Negan exploring Alexandria. He goes about his day playing darts, turning taps on and off, and generally marveling at everything Alexandria has to offer. Carl just stands there the entire time, looking for all the world like he's babysitting a giant manchild.

Hearts Still Beating

  • It's a sweet kind of funny, but Maggie is becoming a Big Eater thanks to her pregnancy and takes fruit from Gregory, veggies from Enid, and then starts tearing into an apple pie from a Hilltop resident all within a short amount of time.
  • After having Carl set a place at the table for Rick, Negan grows impatient when he doesn't arrive soon and puts Lucille in his chair.
  • On his way out of the Sanctuary, Daryl encounters none other than Fat Joey, who is nonchalantly passing by eating a sandwich. The Savior doesn't even try to subdue Daryl or even raise the alarm, and drops his food and throws up his hands, begging for Daryl to leave him alone. Daryl is completely unamused and goes to bash the begging idiot's head in with a pipe.
  • Some Black Comedy after Negan disembowels Spencer, after telling him he had no guts, taken word-for-word from the comics.
    Negan: How embarassing. There they are. They were inside you the whole time you did have guts! I've never been so wrong in my whole life!
  • Negan's voice breaks a little when he meets up with Rick again, and he immediately notices it too, mentioning that he's going to lose his voice with all the yelling he's doing lately.
  • When Negan's telling Rick how "reasonable" he's been, he points out that Carl killed a bunch of his men at the Sanctuary and in response he brought him home unharmed.
    Negan: And I fed him spaghetti!
    • The "are you kidding me?" look that Rick gives Carl just sells it.
    • And, after killing two of the Alexandrians, Negan semi-apologizes... for leaving a mess in Rick's kitchen.

Rock in the Road

  • Gregory is just so shitty to the group that he's pretty hilarious. Xander Berkeley is clearly having a blast being so deliciously shitty. Especially when he groans that he was asking a rhetorical question at one point.
    • When Gregory misnames Maggie once again, the group collectively sighs in exasperation.
  • Alvaro tries to uphold the Kingdom's hammy theatric standard set forth by Ezekiel and fails in a moment lifted directly from the comics
    Alvaro: Who dares trespass upon the Kingdom's-(notices Jesus) Oh shit, Jesus, is that you?
  • Ezekiel greeting Jesus, backed up by Jerry.
    Ezekiel: (booming voice) Jesus! It pleases me to see you, my friend!
    Jerry: It pleases him indeed!
    Ezekiel: (normal tone of voice) Jerry!
  • Shiva floors the group when they see her, and while Jesus is approaching Ezekiel and greeting him, he turns around and notices that the group is still clustered at the entrance to the theater in shock.
    Jesus: Oh... yeah, I forgot to mention-
    Rick: (breathless) Yeah. A tiger.
  • During Rick's story, when he tells how the girl found a bag of gold, Jerry pipes up, "Alright!" Benjamin looks over at him in confusion.
  • Negan's eulogy for "Fat Joey" (which Rick and co. overhear on the Savior walkie talkie) is hilarious on a few points, but this in particular stands out:
    Negan: Without Fat Joey, Skinny Joey is just... Joey. So it's a goddamn tragedy.
  • Tara taking a step back when Rosita starts trying to disarm the explosives.
    Rosita: Taking a step back is not gonna make a difference if this goes off.
  • Rosita's response to the stick of dynamite she told Tara to leave behind exploding almost immediately after they've driven off.
    Rosita: Yeah, I didn't like the look of that shit at all.

New Best Friends

  • Dianne notices a walker approaching, and muses that her late sister had the same dress the walker is wearing. Ezekiel tells her not to dwell on it. After the tense meeting with the Saviors, Dianne continues, "Yeah, she loved that dress" as if nothing had happened.
  • Despite the fact he's being a selfish asshole, Gavin's quip at Morgan to "read the room, sensei" is pretty funny.
  • Ezekiel asks Benjamin to not go looking for trouble now that he knows how to fight. As he leaves, Jerry comes over and whispers, "You were sick with that stick, dude!" Ezekiel can be heard offscreen calling Jerry's name in exasperation.
  • The Scavengers are so out-there with their ways and their strange rituals, once they assemble in their courtyard in perfect formation, you'd expect them to break out into a musical number like "Boom Shakalaka" from Muppet Treasure Island.
  • Rick questions Jadis as to whether the armored walker was meant to test survivors. Jadis says no, and that his name was Winslow.
    • By this point, Rick's just barely keeping up his cheerful disposition, and is audibly exasperated during his last conversation with Jadis.

Hostilities and Calamities

  • The episode begins with Dwight learning of Daryl's escape, and also sees that Daryl hid himself in his own room for a short time and ate some of his food and trashed the place. It's clear that Dwight knows exactly what's coming for him, and simply sits in his room virtually unblinking until the other Saviors storm in and beat the shit out of him.
  • Eugene is dragged into the Sanctuary by Laura, and he begins panicking when he sees he's being led to some room, and pleads for Laura to let him go, and Laura ignores him and opens the door... and finds a comfy room with a fridge, microwave, video games, books, and beer. Eugene is utterly dumbfounded, and Laura then asks him what he wants to eat. When she kindly says he can have anything, Eugene asks for lobster, and Laura shoots him down, annoyed. Eugene settles for pasta with tomato sauce - orangey colored sauce. Eugene asks for pickles, but Laura says they're all out. Finally, Eugene asks if the Saviors have any chips, but declines when Laura says the chips are freshly made in a kettle.
    Eugene: What do I want?
    Laura: Yeah, to eat. Whaddya want?
    Eugene: Anything?
    Laura: Sure, whatever.
    Eugene: Really? Anything I want?
    Laura: Dude, yes. You can have anything. What do you want?
    Eugene: Can I have lobster?
    Laura: No you can't have lobster, what the hell do you think this is?
  • Eugene finds a stereo system in his room at the Savior's complex. He turns it on....and "Easy Street" plays. Even better, he starts bobbing his head to the music.
    • In hindsight, even if Daryl did accept the room and he plays the stereo, it's not hard to imagine what his response will be.
  • When Eugene outlines a solution to keep the walkers strapped the Sanctuary's fences standing, Negan is overjoyed, and declares it's not only practical, but badass.
  • While it's definitely terrifying for Eugene, the mere sight of him, a Dirty Lovable Coward, Non-Action Guy, self-proclaimed Science Hero who is really just an avid gamer with Ambiguous Disorder and has tendency to speak in unnecessarily complicated way; being surrounded by Negan and his hardass Saviors is darkly hilarious. In fact, Eugene looks as if he's soiling his pants in some parts of the episode.
  • Eugene awkwardly treating Negan's wives to an evening of popcorn and video games.
    • Later, when he's outside showing the wives some science experiments, he hums the 1812 Overture while setting off his homemade explosives.
  • After pushing himself to the front of the line to get the materials he needs for the poison pill, Eugene takes a stuffed animal in addition to everything else. Later, when he's directing the Saviors on how to pour metal on the walkers, we can see it hanging out of his coat pocket.
    Eugene: I don't even know what you call this. I'm gonna call it a grimbly-gunk.
  • Negan later visits Eugene's room and makes a big, threatening speech about how he doesn't make this sort of lavish offer to everyone, and begins to ask him who he is. However, Eugene answers he's Negan before he even finishes his sentence, and says he was Negan before he even met him, but he's especially Negan now that he's met him. Negan is clearly a bit miffed that he couldn't finish his usual hammy monologue, but is still pleased nonetheless.
  • Eugene oversees some Saviors putting his plan for the fence walkers into fruition, and is one hell of a backseat driver. Dwight shows up just as Eugene begins eating a pickle. When Eugene tries to bring up their past interaction, Dwight refuses to talk about it.
    Eugene: Regarding me clamping down-
    Dwight: You on board?

Say Yes

  • Rick and Michone falling through the moldy roof of a building. Even they laugh at the situation.

Bury Me Here

  • As they're about to leave for a drop to the saviors...
    King Ezekiel: Leave the cobbler.
    Jerry: [mouth full of pastry] Really?
    King Ezekiel: Jerry!
    Jerry: [puppy eyes]
    King Ezekiel: ...Fine.
    Jerry: :D [Keeps eating]
  • And from The Talking Dead, a quiz is offered:
    Carol said to Morgan, "You can go ________"
    A. and stay.
    B. and not go.
    C. f*** yourself.
  • Gavin and the Saviors are shocked when Morgan strangles Richard and goes on his rant. Gavin, who outright mentioned he signed up to handle the Kingdom's tributes just for an easy job, is mortified and very clearly rattled. You half-expect him to say, "Damn I should've went to college" or something.

The Other Side

  • Simon returns to Hilltop to conscript Carson, and Gregory immediately tries to suck up to him by offering him some gin, as Simon had previously said that he was a "gin man". However, Simon turns him down and says he's moved on to tequila as his favorite drink - clearly just to fuck with Gregory for trying to toady up to him.
    • When he conscripts Dr. Carson, Carson asks why Negan needs two doctors. Instead of answering right away, Simon gives him a significant look. Then tilts his head. Then narrows his eyes. Then raises his eyebrows. When this gets no reaction besides silent confusion, he sighs and says he thought his face conveyed the information ("I'm told I have a very expressive face.") and grudgingly answers that Negan doesn't need two doctors and that the other Dr. Carson is dead. He consoles Dr. Carson on the death of his brother, then tries to cheer him up by revealing the Sanctuary has both ice cream and gelato.
  • Rosita tells the story of how before she met Abraham, men would see her as someone they needed to protect, and Rosita rolled with it so she could learn all of their skills. Having sex with each guy was just a bonus.

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

  • When the Kingdom soldiers see the same roadblock that Richard set up in "Bury Me Here", one of them casually mutters, "What the hell!? (But) he's [Richard] (already) dead!"
  • When the Saviors arrive at Alexandria, Negan demands they bring everything they own and put it in a pile for him to take - especially the powdered lemonade.
  • The episode is the first time Negan really loses his cool, and as a result has some hilarious moments:
    • Negan's unique reaction to opening a coffin Sasha was stored in and being attacked by a zombified Sasha instead.
    • Negan's reaction to Shiva attacking one of his foot soldiers right behind him just as he was about to execute Carl. Unlike his previous reaction to his first surprise, he doesn't even say anything about it until some time later!
    • And when he spots Maggie, his disbelief is something to behold.
    "That widow's alive, guns a-blazing! You taste that, Simon? That is the taste of shit!"
  • As Negan makes his exit in a truck, while nearly everyone is firing at it, he gives them all the finger out the window (pictured).
  • Seeing the very person viewers know is responsible for the roadblock holding up the Saviors standing among them as they wait for it to be cleared. And doing it with an impeccable poker face.
    Season 8 
The Big Scary U
  • Simon wakes up Gregory singing, "Wakey, wakey, eggs and pancake-y, Gregory!", having brought him some breakfast he claims to have made himself - from sorghum directly plundered from Hilltop, of course. Simon then reflects how Gregory went to the satellite outpost as he instructed. Gregory vehemently declares the outpost was impressive, and Simon's happy face begins to fade as he muses that Gregory already told him that three times. During their conversation, Gregory continues to try to suck up to Simon as much as possible, and Simon, who's trying to be as friendly as possible to get Gregory's cooperation, just gets more exasperated since it's not really his forte.
  • Gabriel gets Negan to confess his weakness while he, Gabriel, is locked behind a door. Negan almost tearfully tells the story of his doomed pre-apocalypse marriage, that he cheated on her, she died during the outbreak, and he wasn't strong enough to put her down. Gabriel then opens the door, comes out, and serenely tells Negan he is forgiven... and Negan punches him in the face. He doesn't even seem angry — and Gabriel seems more surprised than injured — almost as if he was thinking, "OK, done with the sappy stuff, gotta do something manly to reset."
  • When Negan and Gabriel are working to escape the trailer they're trapped in by a swarm of walkers, Negan starts smashing a walker so they can use its guts as camouflage. He starts describing how it's been out in the Virginia sun rotting all day and how much more disgusting it makes the already-disgusting idea. Gabriel just zips up his coat and gives a deadpan, resigned, "We're from Georgia," and starts putting the guts on as Negan himself starts chuckling.
The King, The Widow, and Rick
  • Carol decides to go talk to Ezekiel and persuade him into becoming a leader again. As she prepares to shoot a locked door with a shotgun Jerry chimes in saying that the door is unlocked. The look she gives afterwards is priceless. She seems so disappointed that she didn't get to blast the door open and make a dramatic entrance.
  • Gregory being carried and tossed into the Saviors' pen, as he cries like a baby that he didn't do anything. Later, Jesus notes with absolutely no surprise that Gregory is already trying to suck up to the Saviors.
How It's Gotta Be
  • While preparing for the final attack on the Sanctuary, we get an odd moment where Rosita plays with Tara, loading her up with heavier and heavier munitions and supplies. The way they get so playful, you can't help but wonder...
  • When Maggie goes to collect Dean from the Savior pen, Gregory immediately starts begging to be let out. When Maggie picks Dean, Gregory whines about how he's getting let out instead of him.
The Lost and the Plunderers
  • Simon's reaction to Jadis' weird speech pattern: "BUUUULLLLSHIT!". Steven Ogg is clearly having a blast in his role.
The Key
  • Two of the three new characters utter unreal words to make an example when at the meeting spot with Hilltop. The third one then utters "moisture" causing confused looks from her leader, Maggie and Enid.
  • After Negan loses Lucille Rick asks him if he's still alive. Negan, who is crawling around in the dark looking for his bat says "I'm a god damn cat" in the most pissed off expression ever.
Still Gotta Mean Something
  • Negan gets the first lines in the episode, while tied to a rolling board, no less and boy does he deliver.
    Negan: Ugh... What the shit? <Beat> No, seriously, what the shit?!
  • Steven Ogg's facial expressions can be a slew of amusement all on their own, and seeing Simon zombified has him moving his prominent mouth in incredible, Scenery-Chewing fashion, making the whole situation one big case of much-needed Narm in an otherwise bleak episode.
  • Like in the previous Season's finale, Negan and the Saviors have Rick and co. in a seemingly hopeless situation: surrounded, outnumbered, outgunned, and wide open for slaughter. He has one of Rick's friends at gunpoint, ready to execute him. And just as he pulls the trigger... his gun explodes, as do the entirety of the Savior forces' guns. It's a hilarious sabotage that somehow manages to both be climactic and anticlimactic at the same time. Right after all the guns explode, the show cuts to Rick's group looking on in confused relief. Morgan even lowers his gun a moment and turns to Rick with an expression that practically says, "What the hell just happened?"
  • At the end of the episode, Eugene explains to Rosita — in his usual way — why and how he sabotaged the bullets after puking on her to escape in the previous episode. Rosita nods in understanding, then decks him.
    Rosita: That's for the puke.
    Eugene: [rubbing his jaw] ... That's a fair play.

    Season 9 
  • At one point, Michonne muses about Rick's status as the one who ended the Savior war. Rick isn't amused.
    Michonne: "The famous Rick Grimes".
    Rick: Oh, don't you start.
  • Magna thinks Hilltop is a cult since their leader is called Jesus. Connie correctly guesses that it's just a nickname.
  • Carol quietly accepts Ezekiel's marriage proposal by putting on his ring. When Ezekiel notices at a camp during a mission, he's ecstatic and starts to stand up before Carol pulls him back down and tells him she doesn't want to make a big deal of it. Ezekiel pouts and protests that he wrote a whole speech for the occasion.
  • Judith berates Negan for swearing before swearing herself.
    • It comes around again in "The Storm", and it comes back full circle when Negan injures himself while protecting Judith during a blizzard.
    Judith: [notices his leg wound] You look like shit.
    Negan: [jokingly] Language, Miss Grimes!
  • Dog fetches Daryl's crossbow bolts only to hang on tight as his master tries tugging it from his jaws, as if Dog wanted to play tug-of-war. The bolt ends up breaking, and Connie ends up laughing at this little exchange.
    Daryl: (Beat) ...bad dog.
  • Carol finds out that Ezekiel and Jerry are planning a side mission after their successful hunt, albeit only after realizing they don’t want her to know about it. Ezekiel unconvincingly insists it’s not silly, and asks Jerry to back him up. Jerry, however, takes one look at Carol’s inquisitive stare and folds like a wet blanket, to Ezekiel’s exasperation.
  • When the Kingdom higher-ups are trying to figure out who attacked Jerry, Dianne suggests it might be Jed and his roaming bandits who have been plaguing the roads. Carol, who burned them all alive in an earlier episode, immediately shoots her down. Dianne only takes a second to wonder how Carol would know that, but doesn't bring it up again.
  • Just before negotiations are about to break down between the Kingdom and the Highwaymen, Carol steps forward with her offer in exchange for them keeping the roads safe. She suddenly wears a bright smile and enthusiastically asks the leader if they've seen a movie since the apocalypse started. There's a brief second pause and the leader looks to his men and back at Carol in disbelief before lowering his gun and asking if she's serious in a somewhat excited voice. Ezekiel just smiles silently and the next time we see the Highwaymen, they are indeed protecting the roads.
  • Jerry begins the fair by giving it an overly long title that spells out "FAIR", but Ezekiel has to remind him that they canned the long title for being too wordy, almost ruining the dove ceremony.
  • Eugene volunteers to be the dunkee in a dunking contest, and teases Judith until she successfully dunks him in a tank of water.
  • Lydia pays back Rodney and Gage for their bullying by throwing goat shit at them offscreen.
  • In "The Storm", Negan cracks jokes at Siddiq, Rosita, and Gabriel, calling Gabriel "Father Not The Father". Gabriel and Eugene try not to laugh. Near the end of the episode, he even calls Siddiq "Dr. Baby Daddy".

    Season 10 
  • While helping take care of Coco (Rosita's baby daughter), Eugene turns off the music that's playing, causing the baby to be fussy and cry. In response, Rosita turns the music back on, which cheers Coco up.
  • Eugene trying to sneak a peek at Rosita breastfeeding, then trying to look inconspicuous when she catches him. Some things never change...
  • Dante pestering Siddiq while the latter is zoning out while staring at the former due to PTSD flashbacks, though to be fair Dante doesn't realize it and Siddiq insists that he's fine when he clearly isn't.


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