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Funny / The Vision (2015)

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  • A teenage vandal spraypaints "Go Home Socket Lovers" on the synthezoid's garage, unaware that Virginia is on the other side of the garage door. She phases her hand through the garage door, grabs the vandal, and slams his head against the garage door so hard that he's knocked unconscious. When she phases through the garage door and approaches the vandal's nearby friend, he's terrified.
  • Virginia casually pretending that everything is fine as she talks to George inside the smashed living room.
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  • Vin casually applying machine oil to his neck as Virginia talks to George.
    Squeak squeak
  • Victor's conversation with Vin over his excess time upstairs is hilarious.
    Victor: Dude, I'm sorry, but we've got to talk about what's going on when you, y'know, "go upstairs" every day. I know you think no one knows, but, like, dude, everyone can hear you. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it, don't think that. Like, everyone does it and everything, but, I don't know, like, too much Shakespeare can be, like, too much Shakespeare.
  • Issue 10 is mostly a Bottle Episode, on the letters page Tom King notes that such ideas might be too inane for a superhero comic and considered his colleagues reactions:
    No, no, the editor will kill me, the artist will kill me, the colourist will kill me, and the letterer will probably be cool with it, but letterers tend to roll with stuff, so that's not really a thrilling endorsement."
    • Then when describing everyone's response
    Our letterer (Clayton) "Actually letterers don't really roll with things we actually have lots of opinions it's just blah blah blah helvetica blah blah blah."
  • Spider-Man's reaction to Vision effortlessly defeating Iron Man brings some humor to an otherwise frightening situation.
    Spider-Man: Oh poop.
    • Tom King has remarked that that single line distills everything he ever wanted to do if he was ever given the chance to write Spider-Man.
  • It's black humor in an otherwise tragic scene, but it's darkly funny when Virginia nonchalantly tells Vision that she killed the dog in the same conversation in which she admits lying to the police and drinking poisonous water.

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