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Funny / The Village

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  • Christop: (After watching Ivy give her sister a long hug) She's not going to do that to my shirt, is she?
  • The Narm of Kitty Walker hammily declaring her love to Lucius while he just stares at her in disbelief and confusion, followed immediately by a scene of Kitty sobbing in her bed.
    • Later when Ivy tells Lucius that Kitty is to be married, she acknowledges her past...ahem...affections.
    "She has found love...again..."
  • M. Night Shyamalan's Cameo as the head security officer.
    A few years ago it got out in the papers that some government guys had been paid to keep plane routes from flying over this place. It was a very stressful time for me.
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  • Early in the movie, Ivy plays hide and seek with Noah. After looking outside for him and having a chat with Lucius she heads inside, apparently giving up on the game. She puts something in the closet, where we see Noah hiding all along, doing his best not to laugh.
  • Ivy and Noah agree to a foot race.
    Noah: No cheating.
    Ivy: What a deeply scandalous thing to say. I insist you take that back. Is that the school bell?
    Noah looks away. Ivy runs off.
  • Lucius attempts to quote Ivy's "so that people won't know we want to do them" speech to his mother re: why Mr Walker has a thing for her. He completely bungles it, and his mother just responds with "what nonsense are you saying?"