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  • In the first scene of volume one, we are introduced to Aika, a little girl who uses a white liger as a couch and invokes Little Sister Heroine. She then engages Kyousuke in a Straight Man and Wise Guy routine.
  • Early in Volume 2, Kyousuke and his friends discuss the student council president Fuuki. They see her as a genius far above the likes of them. Then it turns out that she loves cheap food (to the point of pinching some of Kyousuke's lunch) and often gossips about the student council's secrets (like the fact that the secretary and treasurer are secretly in love with each other, but refuse to admit it).
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  • At the beginning of volume 3, Kyousuke arrives at Aika's dorm to find her cooking and immediately worries that he might be in danger. He's relieved upon hearing that Lu Niang Lan was helping her cook... then he notices the "was" part. At that moment, Lu Niang Lan falls out of the closet, knocked unconscious by Aika's cooking. Kyousuke then pulls out a flashbang grenade in an attempt to escape. Said attempt is foiled by Aika's white liger, which then proceeds to force Kyousuke to sit at the table and eat despite his pleas. After taking a bite Kyousuke briefly blacks out and sees the White Queen lying around watching television. To top it all off, the reason Aika's cooking is so bad? Because (she thinks) a little sister's cooking must not taste good.
  • The beginning of Volume 4 is an example that's also Nightmare Fuel. Kyousuke wakes up in a strange room... only to find the White Queen snuggled up against him. He screams and tries to get away, but she's far too strong. Then he grabs everything he can reach and tries to use it as a weapon, only for the Queen to knock him out with a single flick to the forehead. To top it all off, she states that it's the 45th time that's happened, and complains that the breakfast she prepared for him will get cold
  • The White Queen's antics in Volume 4, in general.
    • She excitedly pays attention to a TV program about blood types, despite not having any human blood type herself. When she hears that Type AB girls are compatible with Type A guys (the implication being that Kyousuke falls under the latter category), she considers killing all Type AB girls in the world. To distract her, Kyousuke wipes a stain off her cheek, nearly making her pass out.
    • She repeatedly makes Double Entendres regarding her association with the color white. The second time she does this, Kyousuke pretends to misinterpret this as her being perverted, and feigns disappointment, causing her to panic.
    • Kyousuke's current mission is to infiltrate Pandemonium and recover his memories. Thanks to the Queen clinging to him and proclaiming their relationship to the world, he can't even walk down the street without attracting a crowd.
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    • At one point, the Queen attacks by conjuring up - of all things - a white dinosaur. To prevent said dinosaur from devouring the hapless enemies, Kyousuke tackles the Queen, embarrassing her and throwing off her aim.
  • After Biondetta and Kyousuke team up, half their interactions are this. Biondetta repeatedly pretends as if Kyousuke's actions (e.g. tackling her to stop her from killing an innocent guard) are sexual in nature.
  • The Saint explains the true purpose of Bridesmaid:
    Saint: But if we are to serve our master, isn’t it only natural to want to know as much about her as possible? What does she see, what does she hear, what does she eat, what does she smell, what does she touch, what does she take, what does she wear, what does she bathe in, what does she feel, what does she like, and what does she love? If we know all that up front, we will not have to bother Her Majesty by asking.
    Biondetta: I have a feeling writing ‘Shiroyama Kyousuke’ in every single blank will get you a perfect 100 on that test.
    Kyousuke: Please don’t give her any ideas.
  • Aoi Meinokawa is a living example of this trope. A complete Woman Child who's completely unfamiliar with such concepts as "dignity" or "tact", she cheerfully engages in such diversions as playing with children in the river. The fact that she was actually the White Queen in disguise makes it all even funnier.
  • In Volume 4, Kyousuke and the Queen's appearance at a summoners' convention turns it into a scene straight out of Monty Python's Life of Brian, as Kyousuke yells at everyone for abandoning their independence as human beings...then wonders why they don't want to listen to him.
    "I am not accepting any indirect offerings! The entire world is far too kind to this insane twintails!". note 
  • What the Queen did to Kyousuke while he was in a highly suggestible state for 24 hours was horrible, but also hilarious once the reader realizes she treated him like a pet rabbit.
  • The Queen loves her own colour so much that she only prepares white food.
  • While he's shooting down cultists in Volume 8, Kyosuke opens his phone to troll Olivia with the existence of cockroach sandwiches.
  • In the beginning of Volume 9, Aika sends her liger out to quell a riot. The liger saves a little cat who is in danger, and the cat falls in love with her and offers her a present!
    “Oh, the cute little thing is going with a gift strategy?” said Aika. “That is the liger’s new follower. I believe we are witnessing the birth of a true harem.”
  • In Volume 10, after the climactic battle to end all battles with the White Queen, Kyousuke wakes up in a bed with the two other yanderes in his life.

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