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Like its begetter, this version of Twilight Zone is not without its funny.

WARNING: Per wiki policy, all spoilers are unmarked on Funny Moments pages. As such, this page will contain no spoiler markings of any kind. You Have Been Warned.

  • Admittedly, the premise of "Wordplay" is funny out of context: people starting to speak a mangled jargon.
  • "Children's Zoo":
    • Interpret it however you want, but there's something funny about Debbie walking past an exhibit of two parents lazily sleeping in bed, as though they were any other zoo animals that are too sleepy to come out today.
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    • Also in the ending, when Debbie leaves her parents in their very own zoo exhibit, the parents can do nothing but mime their desperation/bickering. At one point, the dad even tears up a pack of cigarettes in half, as though miming "I won't smoke anymore, I swear!"
  • "Wish Bank" appears to be setting up another Be Careful What You Wish For story, where a woman who finds a magic lamp is taken to a Wish Bank where she gets to file papers for three wishes with a genie broker. Instead, the typical problems of a bureaucracy end up getting in the way and the Bank has to close for the day without her having actually completed the process. She angrily yells "I wish I never found that stupid lamp in the first place!", and that wish is instantly granted.
  • "The Burning Man" may be about a hitchhiker with uncomfortable conversation topics, but the Aunt's breaking point consists of her angrily lying to said hitchhiker that she has countless holy items hidden in her car.
  • In "Dealer's Choice", a group of friends playing cards believe that the stranger in their group is The Devil (note that they live in Newark):
    "What's he doing here?"
    "What do you mean? I think he lives here!"
    • Once he confirms he is, they're less upset about him being the Devil and more that "you're a jerk!"
  • "The Uncle Devil Show". Basically what Calvin and Hobbes would be if it were written by H. P. Lovecraft.
  • "I of Newton", in which Sherman Hemsley finds himself confronted with Ron Glass's devil.
    • The devil's ever-changing message Fun T-Shirt: "Hell is a Summer Festival", "Hell is a City Much Like Newark", "Over 2,000,000,000 Served", "Gehenna: More Than a Place, a Way of Life", and "Let's Do Damnation".
    • Exchanges like this:
      Sam: Yeah, well you can just go back to whatever Stygian depths you came from, fella. Because I have no intention, thank you, of selling my soul for the solution of any equation!
      The Devil: "Stygian depths." I like that. You mention Dante to most people these days, and they ask you how you liked Gremlins.
    • The punchline, which just rubs it in: "That guy wasn't any help at all!"
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  • "The Misfortune Cookie": As soon as Harry complains of a sudden mysterious hunger, the street is flooded with neon lights. A street full of Chinese eateries, no less!
  • This line in "To See the Invisible Man":
    Mitchel Chaplin: [drunkenly] ...Wait a minute, I hate gin!
  • "Tooth and Consequences" has a dentist getting a wish by the tooth fairy to be the most famous, which ends with him being swarmed by adoring fans. Eventually he can't take it anymore and runs away, deciding to live as a hobo. He jumps into a train filled with other hobos, who were all dentists who dealt with the same problem with the tooth fairy.
  • Gerrit Graham's hilariously over-the-top performance as an agent of death in "Welcome to Winfield".
  • "Cold Reading", which depicts the humorous chaos unleashed when a wish accidentally brings to life all the sound-effects for an old-time jungle-adventure-themed radio show.
  • All of the ways that the Leprechaun makes the kids' wishes go horribly wrong in "The Leprechaun-Artist".
  • In "The Card", Linda's family owns a dog named "Scooby". Naturally, when it disappears mysteriously, she has a hard time convincing them they had a dog with a name like that.
  • In the end of "20/20 Vision", just the way Warren so casually tells his livid boss, "Please Mr. Cutler, stop screaming."
  • In "Cat and Mouse", Andie first encounters Guillaume wearing her robe and drinking coffee. Freaked out, she starts to call the police.
    Guillaume: Tell them you've seen a man turn into a cat. [does so]


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