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The Try Guys (both the videos and the guys themselves) are easily some of the most hilarious things you will see on the internet —

The Try Guys Try Drag For The First Time

  • The video starts with Mayhem Miller, laughing silently, standing outside a bathroom stall while we hear Eugene's struggles with tucking his junk.
    Eugene: (whimpering in pain)
    Mayhem: (amused) If it hurts, it's working!
    • Actually, all the guys reactions to what tucking is and what it implies. The sheer horror on Zach's face when they explain where the balls are supposed to go is epic.
  • The guys' drag personas:
    • Ned is Champagne Canne, a trashy party girl that has bruises from all the times she has fallen over drunk.
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    • Zach is Kornucopia Kornfeld, a sometimes insecure gal that has so much to offer.
    • Keith is Ginger Vitis, a bubblegum pop princess with a deep voice.
    • Eugene is Cheyenne Pepper, a classy lady that likes to be shady.
  • The montage of them trying on high heels and all failing miserably in walking more than two steps.
  • Eugene's list of possible names that ranged from Kore Anne to Sushi Homemaker.
    Eugene: That's like sexist and racist at the same time.
  • When Eugene (as Cheyenne) is interacting with his sisters after his performance in the drag show (done to Beyoncé's "Partition").
    Eugene/Cheyenne: We can finally prove to mom I'm the prettiest sister.
  • This Immediate Self-Contradiction done with editing.
    Eugene If I'm going to be a woman, I want to be a classy woman like my mom.
    [As the next clip overlaps]
    Eugene Where ma pants?!
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  • When Zach's grandma was asked about who in the family did he resemble the most in drag:
    Grandma: His father!

The Try Guys Try "Fifty Shades" Style BDSM

  • Just the fact that they decided to do a video about how accurate the scenes in the books are and trying some of the less intense stuff.
  • While the rest of the guys are paired with each other or some of the girls, Zach is with an actual dominatrix and the contrast between how sensual and professional their scenes are compared with the utter chaos present in the rest is hilarious.
  • They have the guys and girls read excerpts of the book, all with varying degrees of derision in their voices. Special mention goes to Keith and Ned who read the infamous tampon scene, both trying to sound all breathy/hot and bothered only to become rather disgusted by it at the end.
    Keith: HOLY FUCK
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  • Another gem from Keith:
    Keith: Give me a boner with pain, Ned!

The Try Guys Try Ballet

  • A large part of the humor comes from the Reality Ensues-aspect of the video, since the Try Guys (roughly aged 25 to 30) are all essentially first-timers when it comes to ballet, which, despite popular belief, is actually much harder and more physically than what a lot of people think it is.
    • Bianca Bulle (a principal dancer working with the Los Angeles Ballet Company who's originally from Australia) ends up putting the Try Guys into a children's ballet class—as Bianca points, when it comes to seriously training for something like ballet, you typically have to start at a pretty young (around 3 to 5 years old). All the kids in the class that the Try Guys are training with are around 10 to 12 years old, and one of the girls that Zach and Ned talk mentions that she's 10, but has been doing ballet since she was 3.
      • Part of the reason that the Try Guys were doing ballet training in the first place was because they were planning on doing a ballet performance for their coworkers at Buzzfeed—the guys get excited about training with other ballet dancers, but initially assumes that they're going to be training with "seasoned professionals" from Bianca's dance company. However, since none of the Try Guys have ever done ballet before, Bianca (even gesturing with her hand) explains that they're actually going to be working with children (or "young [dancers]" as she puts it).
    • The video starts off with a shot of the Try Guys dancing across the floor of ballet studio room with a bunch of children (who're much better at ballet than the guys are). Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene are shown trailing behind all the kids, and as soon as everyone else is offscreen, Keith (talking about himself and the other Try Guys), "That [referring to what just what happened] was actually the best [Ned, Zach, Eugene and I] have done all day."
    • At one point, Zach tries sitting down but one of the girls they're training with explains that you can't sit down in ballet because it's apparently not "proper" to do so, and Zach complains about "getting yelled at by a ten-year-old."
  • Overall, it's pretty funny just seeing four men (roughly aged 25 to 30) trying something as intricately difficult and physically demanding as ballet and seeing how much better a bunch of kids are better at it than they are.

The Try Guys Take A Lie Detector Test

  • One of Keith's very first questions concerns the size of his mouth and what exactly he can stuff in there...
  • Ned reacting to Zach admitting his theft of several of his pens. He's not pleased.
    Ned: Where do they go?! I never have pens!
  • Ned lying about thinking that Zach would make a good husband. The silence between the question and the answer is a bit too long.
    • His facial expression makes it even better!
  • A couple of recurring questions pop up during the video:
    • Zach is asked exactly how many co-workers, he had made out with. The total number is three.
    • The guys make up multiple, escalating scenarios for Ned, all including his wife and another group of people (italian babies, nuns), and asking him to save one of them. He picks his wife every single time.
    • Eugene is questioned about if he had ever thought being with one of the other Try Guys.
  • Keith is caught lying about thinking that Zach would someday find love.
    Zach: Dammit, Keith!
  • When asked about Ned's dog, Keith admits disliking both it and any other dog. However, Eugene's dog doesn't count for some reason.
    Zach: Hey Keith, do you like Ned's dog?
    Keith: No.
    John, the examiner: Keith is telling the truth.
    Ned: What? No...
    Keith: I don't like any dogs!
    Ned: You like Eugene's dog?
    Keith: I do like Eugene's dog...
  • Ned digs himself into a hole, as he has to answer if he thinks that he has a better marriage than John, the lie detector examiner. John doesn't take it well.
    Ned: He's older, marriages tend to not get as as good as they get older... But, like, I don't know... We got stuff that we deal with, everybody does.
    John (turns his head): I'll kill you right there.
    • It gets even better, when Ned presents John with the same scenario of picking your spouse or a boat full of orphans.
      John: I'd kill her.
  • Every single Try Guy is asked, who is their favourite. Eugene, Zach and Ned all answer Keith, but Keith himself answers Zach.
    • The next question is if they themselves think they're the best. Eugene and Zach say no, Ned also says no but is lying and Keith says yes.
      Keith: I'm sorry, you have to have self-confidence!
  • As the video nears its ending, there's a final clip of Zach answering a question about answering yes or no.
    Eugene: Do you think, you could ever learn how to answer a yes/no question with just yes or no?
    Zach: Here's the thing, though, is that there's complexity-
    • He's interrupted by the other guys simply walking out on him.
  • In a Hilarious in Hindsight moment, Keith is asked whether he thinks Zach will ever find love, says yes, and is found to be lying. In late 2018, it was revealed that Zach was in a relationship at the time of the test, which the other guys knew about but had not been made public.

The Try Guys Bake Bread Without a Recipe

  • The hilarity begins with the fact that the entire episode is a pastiche of The Great British Bake Off, complete with shots of the countryside and adorable baby animals cut in-between segments. It even has a "quintessential British host."
  • The first ingredient Eugene grabs? Beer. He promptly opens one to drink while he's looking for the rest of his ingredients.
  • Zach's "buck-sweet" bread is made from things he just likes or thought sounded fancy. The ingredient list includes buckwheat flour, breadcrumbs, chocolate-covered pretzels, Fruity Pebbles, gummi bears, and Nutella. The result can most accurately be described as "turd-like."
  • Ned describing his proofed bread as going from an "airline pillow to a butt pad."
  • Joan, the British host, offers commentary and advice throughout the entire process that borders on Deadpan Snarker. It culminates in her voice-over at the end of day one. As the Try Guys leave their dough to proof, she mutters at the end, "Oh, I hope they don't fuck it up."
  • Speaking of Deadpan Snarkers, the judges (professional baker Zack, Alexis from Tasty, and Hannah Hart) offer delightfully snarky observations on each of the Try Guys loaves:
    • Ned's cinnamon raisin bundt bread turns out to be a weird cross between bland and extremely bitter. After being asked if it's bread:
      Alexis : It is bread-like.
      Hannah: But there's so much more it wants to be...
      Ned: The more I eat it, the more I'm into it.
      Hannah: That is called Stockholm Syndrome.
    • Zach's buck-sweet loaf provokes the strongest reactions both visually...:
      Zack: What forest floor did you pick this up off of?
      Alexis: It looks... rustic.
      Zach: Thank you.
      Hannah: (forced smile) I don't want to eat it.
    • ...and after being tasted (and promptly spat out):
      Zach: I ate at least ten percent of that.
      Hannah: That's not the goal.
    • After being agreed on that Zach's loaf is definitely not bread:
      Zach: I can leave this wherever you want...
      Hannah: No. You should burn it.
  • The fact that Eugene, the least accomplished cook of the the Try Guys, drinks an entire six-pack while making his bread, thinks he completely blew the whole thing, and still manages to win.

The Try Guys Recreate Fan Fiction

  • Zach (a not-so-secret Shipper on Deck) reassures viewers that no underage characters will appear in any chosen fanfic; instead:
    Zach: We're just going to read stories where we fuck each other.
    (awkward beat)
    Keith: Click to subscribe!
  • Any scenes involving sex or sexual activities will be turned into eating sandwiches.
    Keith: "Masturbation" becomes "mastication!"
    Ned: "Beating the meat" becomes "eating the meat"...
    Keith: And "penetration" becomes "pastrami!"
  • Each of the fanfics have the Try Guys narrating the parts in voice-over; the actual recreations involve them mouthing to the narration, misreads, grammatical errors, and all. This combined with the wistful looks, overacting, and editing makes each one more than hilarious, even before "sandwiches" are eaten.
  • The first fanfic, a Zach/Eugene one, is about how the two are broken up, and intercuts the story with romantic flashback shots of Zach and Eugene feeding Subway sandwiches to each other.
  • Ned confesses how he originally wanted no part of this, but after reading some of the stories, he's kind of into it now. He has way too much fun with the action story they read for their second selection.
    Ned: You put all caps, you get all caps.
  • There is a brief interlude discussing sexy The Lord of the Rings fanfic where Keith tries to come up with as many sexy versions of lines from the story as he can.
  • Keith starts off the final story by misreading a line meant for Ariel, in which he says his own name. When met with protests, he points out "That's totally canon." The other Try Guys can't disagree.
  • Speaking of which, Ned's costume for playing Ariel consists of a short blonde wig and a white t-shirt with "Ned's Wife" printed on it.
  • After story!Eugene describes story!Keith as looking like a "cat that was drenched in the Arctic Ocean," Keith makes a weird face that he carries over to his character in the acted-out version.
  • Eugene and Keith's "sandwich" scene is still pretty sexually charged, and then Keith tries to decode the sandwich rewrite.
    Keith: It seems like, without any warning, he... (quietly) started sucking my dick. (normal) And then, I was like, "You gotta stop" and then he starts sucking my other dick. It seems like he sucked both my dicks..."
    Eugene: That's why I gave you a promotion.
    Zach: You're different than the other employees!

The Try Guys Bake Without a Recipe: Holiday Pies

  • Eugene going for the bourbon almost on reflex.
  • Zach's creation turns out to be a surprise once again... and not a pleasant one.

Eugene Ranks Every Girl Scout Cookie

  • One of Eugene's "Rank King" videos, he begins it with the usual amount of sass and bravado. This quickly folds when his special guests arrive... two actual Brownies named Olivia and Georgia. Eugene quickly becomes concerned with the shortness and tightness of the shorts he's now wearing in the presence of children.
  • The second issue he has with kids is he realizes his Rank King catchphrase ("I'm right, you're wrong, shut up!") is too harsh for kids, so he and the girls change it to "Maybe I'm right, maybe you're wrong, let's all get along." They later add, "Except robbers" at Olivia's suggestion.
  • Eugene is alarmed when the troop leader mentions they've seen previous Rank King episodes...
    Eugene: The fruit one?
    Leader/Mom: Yeah.
    Eugene: Not the beer one... note 
    Leader/Mom: No.
    Eugene: (relieved) Good.
  • Eugene discusses Keith and Zach's lactose intolerance with the girls as they drink milk with the Thanks-A-Lots.
    Eugene: It means when they drink dairy, they get really farty.
    (Everyone giggles)
    Olivia: Wait, they can't have cake?
    Eugene: They can, but then they fart a lot.
    Olivia: How do they celebrate their birthday.
    Eugene: With lots of farting! So it's "Happy Birthday, here's your cake!" and then it's like "thppbbb!"
    (More giggling)
    Eugene: I like this. Can we replace the Try Guys?
  • Eugene complains that the Toffee-Tastic cookies look better on the box than in real life. He compares them to looking at someone on Tinder before realizing that the girls have no idea what he's talking about. He does the same thing later with blood diamonds and foie gras.
  • The girls follow Eugene's lead in discarding cookies by throwing them on the floor. Olivia does it later with another cookie. Eugene notes she probably just wants to see him clean up the cookies, she responds with a sassy head bob.
  • Olivia dubs the square chocolate-covered S'more cookies "poop windows."
  • Olivia admits she likes Eugene's old slogan, so Eugene gently says it to her. He then feels bad for telling a kid to shut up.
  • Eugene has his hands on his hips as he accuses Olivia of being negative for fun, then adds:
    Eugene: You remind me of a young me.
    Olivia: Elbow...
    Eugene: Exactly. Elbow.
  • The Stinger has Eugene does his best impression of Russell from Up.

The Try Guys Surprise Eugene With His Nightmare Car

  • Eugene volunteers his car to be remodeled by the other try guys, with the faintest shred of hope that they'll actually give him a decent makeover. To put it as simply (and politely) as possible...they don't.
    Eugene: This surprise car makeover video is single-handedly the worst thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. And I was in the closet in an Asian family in Texas.

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