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  • "Oh, damn! I forgot Dialla!" *Gunfire outside the door, cue player's disbelieving laughter.*
  • "Get in there, or I'll shoot you!"
  • Pocketknifing through a concrete wall.
    • Funnier still when later, once Dialla's knife disappears after making the "banana-rope-knife-glue"...thing she breaks another chunk of wall. With what this time? Her bare hands! She won't touch grease because it'll get her nails dirty but she'll risk chipping them—or, worse, seriously injuring herself—to break through the same kind of wall?
  • Speaking of, the fishing rod puzzle. You glue a banana to a rope and put a pocketknife through it. This somehow catches a fish.
    • Well, hook = knife, line = rope, and banana = bait. Seeing as fish aren't the brightest... It's more funny that the sewers of all places are clean enough that fish can swim in it.
      • Fish are bright enough to not bother with a banana (or anything else) if biting it once or twice didn't produce any desirable effects. Either the fish had teeth sharp enough to get through the peel right away and it then decided to hold on even after being lifted from the water, or it bit the knife without somehow completely slicing its mouth off. There's a reason fishing hooks are shaped the way they are, and not like pocket knives. The fishing pole is adventure game moon-logic at its finest, and it's hysterical.
    • That, and as one Youtube commenter pointed out, is a sewer fish really something you want your cat eating?
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    • Better yet, your reward for fetching a fish in this bizarre, moon-logic fashion? A blow torch, which the cat's owner just casually trades you!
  • "Thank you, young lady. I have no USE for this BLOW torch of mine." "My CAT is not for sale..."
    • The character is question happens to look and sound like Patrick Stewart, making it even funnier.
  • Mickey Lee's death scene.
    Proteus: He's got a smirk-He is the smug emoticon!
  • The sink puzzle in Escape. Especially the result of this, with the guard immediately slipping on the floor.
  • Also, Dialla will refuse to leave her apartment unless you collect everything there is to collect inside. Why she needs a banana, a teddy bear, and a light bulb to chase down a criminal is unexplained.
  • McNeely just shooting Jason White. "You'd think he'd have noticed the gun in my other hand."
    • Made even funnier just beforehand, when he calls him "Whitey".
  • "By the way... Did I forget to mention I have a thing for women?" No! You don't say!
    • Not "I have a thing for girls with red hair" or "I have a thing for girls that are tough", just "I have a thing for women". What, did he think she was just assuming that he was trying to rape her just for kicks and he's actually gay?
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  • Dialla asks White to help her escape from her cell, and suddenly his dialogue turns incredibly stilted.
  • The shooting game that happens in the third part between Dialla and Merek has Merek make very strange pain noises when shot that can only be described in text as "Uhhhhhhhhhhhhg"; it sounds like he's waking up from a heavy sleep. When Dialla gets shot, she just whimpers a bit and makes some sort of noise that sounds like a sneeze.
  • A headline about a serial killer being at large? Not funny. The headline relegating a story about the return of Jesus Christ? Funny.

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