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    The Adventures of Captain Laserbeam 
  • In "Tinker Taylor and Tyler Too" Captain Laserbeam is confronting Tinker Taylor, an ex-Adventurekateer made bitter by what he perceives as Captain Laserbeam's neglect. One point he makes is that Captain Laserbeam took every call to action, at one point abandoning Taylor's class when he'd promised to take them on a field trip in order to fight Major Minor, the Minuscule Musician. Taylor's recitation of size themed superheroes in this scene gets a loud applause from the audience.
    Captain Laserbeam: Who else was going to stop his martial march of minitature musical mayhem?
    Tinker Taylor: So many people could've done it! Mighty Mite, Guy Small the Small Guy, Little Hercules, Tiny Timothy, Short Attack, Willy Wee Warrior, the Homounculus, Space Midget, Scale Model, Robo Small, the Itty Bitty Hitty Committee, shall I go on?!
  • In the episode "Book, Line and Sinker," Phillip Fathom, the Deep-Sea Detective, traumatizes two Adventurekateers with his uncanny Bat Deduction:
    Emily: What kind of detective are you?
    Phillip Fathom: You stopped playing with Silly Putty four years ago.
    Emily: Wha...I never...Yeah, but how did you...?
    Phillip Fathom: Right pant leg.
    Emily: That's-
    Phillip Fathom: You bite your nails.
    Emily: Yes, but-
    Phillip Fathom: Is that your lunchbox?
    Emily: Sure, but-
    Phillip Fathom: Either you stopped playing with Silly Putty four years ago, or you're a right-handed tennis pro.
    Emily: (distressed) I'm...I'm a lefty-
    Phillip Fathom: I KNOW YOU'RE LEFT-HANDED! That's what kind of detective I am.
    Elisabeth: What did her fingernail-biting have to do with it?
    Phillip Fathom: Back home they called you "Lizardbreath." That's why you're here. That's why you'll never go back there again.
    Elisabeth: (crying) Who are you?!
  • The episode "Try, Triangle Again", in which Captain Laserbeam is voiced by Keegan Michael Key instead of John DiMaggio. This is not a case of The Other Darrin, as throughout the episode characters are fully aware there's something different about him but tiptoe about asking. Finally, one of the Adventurekateers walks in and asks "Are you black now?" Later, when wondering what Apex City will do if something happens to Captain Laserbeam, the same Adventurekateer asks if they would get a lady version of him.

     Amelia Earhart Fearless Flyer 
  • In "Vive Le Reich," while infiltrating a Nazi assembly at Notre Dame with Joan of Arc, Amelia gets frustrated with Joan's tendency to decapitate the Nazis whose uniforms they want to take.
    Amelia: Okay, you don't have to decapitate everyone...
    Joan: I don't not have to.

    Beyond Belief 
  • Any time Nightmares the Monster Clown appears. Sadie is absolutely unable to take him seriously because she finds all kinds of clowns hilarious, so she spends all her time laughing at him. In the "The Haunting of Howard Schroeder", Nightmares can even be heard to ask "Why does she keep this up?"
    • One highlight of her not being able to take him seriously in "The Devil You Know":
    Nightmares: You (a dame)... brought a gun to a personal apocalypse?
    Sadie: If a flag emerges that says "Bang", he may fall over.
    Nightmares: (starts to respond, then pauses as the audience cracks up) ... You know what? Not even then.
  • From "The Devil You Know", when someone threatens Nightmares with a gun in the hell he rules and finds that it won't fire:
    Nightmares: When you entered my hell, you walked past a sign that says "Abandon hope, all who enter". It is because I have dominion over you, it's an implicit contract.
    The Dame: I walked past no such sign!
    Nightmares: I'm paraphrasing. Actually, it says "Welcome to New Jersey".
    • Anything Cerberus's heads say from the same episode, especially the middle head.
    Head 1: You want I should ask him, or should I?
    Head 3: Don't strain yerself.
    Head 1: Hang on, Head #2's got somethin' to say.
    Head 2: I'm a doggy! :D
  • In an episode parodying The Exorcist, Frank and Sadie take a girl possessed by a demon to their bed and tie it to the bedposts, which already has ropes on it, to keep it from hurting anyone.
    Basil Valentine: Ropes on the bed? Do you do a lot of exorcisms?
    [Frank and Sadie say nothing; the audience completely loses it]
    Sadie: Ehrm...
    Frank: Sure.
  • In "Nun's The Word," Frank is recruited by a trio of warrior-priests to execute a potential Antichrist...who is a baby girl and daughter of his friend Donna Henderson. Frank's Cuteness Proximity is priceless:
    Frank: Look at your toes! I could and would gobble them up.
    Father Lancaster: Do not gobble the toes of the Daughter of the Beast!
    Frank: Concede that those toes are adorable!
    Father Lancaster: I'll concede that they are not cloven!
  • During the Valentine's Day special, Frank and Sadie are forced to attend a party thrown by Bacchus, the Greek God of Wine and Revelry, in order to get their precious liquor back. Frank bluffs his way past the Sommelier:
    Sommelier: Sir, we have several reds. Would you prefer something opulent, or might you be one who prefers his wine ::dismissive chuckle:: fruit-forward?
    Frank: As a connoisseur, you'll find I have very specific tastes. I seek a wine with structure and stability and backbone. Something brooding, but which won't tell me what's on its mind. A wine that's superior. Haughty. Withholding. I want a wine so fickle and baffling that I'll wake up at 3 in the morning with my fingers already fumbling for the dial of my phone to ask it what I've done wrong! I want a wine that disapproves of every choice I've made! Bring me a wine that insults me to my face and makes me like it!
    Sommelier: Ah. A French wine, then.
  • Any time Sadie recites a Long List.
  • Pterodactyl Jones' noir-style dialogue, especially the odd similes and metaphors he uses.
    Jones: She was the kind of dame they write similes about.
    • "The Devil You Know" features a lampshading by Sadie.
      Sadie: Dames are like fireflies. Our behinds light up the darkness. (To Jones) That's how you speak!

    Down on Moonshine Holler 
  • Gummy's fear of The Hobo Dracula!

    Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars 
  • Agony of The Feet:
    • The Running Gag of the Preacher shooting Croach and his Na'Notek reviving him.
    • The palpable awkwardness of Croach insisting that Sparks must stimulate his egg sacs before he can remove his shoes.
      Sparks: Do not moan.
      Croach: I did not! I did not...Ohhhhh.
      Preacher: Slower...
  • Space-iversary:
    • The ship they go to rescue is called The Pride of Uranus.
    • Sparks's reaction to the USSA having a treaty with the Murder Men.
      Sparks: You guys... you guys made a treaty with a people called "Murder Men."
      Caiphas Nevada: You cannot imagine how tenuous that treaty is.
      Sparks: No I bet I can.
    • The sound effects used in the episode:
      • When going into Mega Space, the pipe sounds from Super Mario Bros. plays.
      • Large vehicle back-up beeping when going into stealth.
      • When hacking the Murder Mens' network, the computer Sparks uses for the desktop connection boots up with the Windows startup music.
    • The laughably easy passwords for both Caiphas Nevada's and the Murder Men's ship (Sparks' mother's pet name for him and "Murder", respectively)
    • After hacking into the Murder Mens' network, Sparks then proceeds to get their attention by deleting their playlists then emptying the trash.
      Sparks: They ain't gettin' those back.
  • Martian Orders
    • Croach's increasingly emotional state as he tries to ensure the picnic goes smoothly.
      Croach: My chief progenitor is watching. I shall not be embarrassed before him.
      Sparks: I know this is high stakes for you Cr-
      Sparks: Croach I'm trying to-

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