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Funny / The Swarm

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  • Some of the examples below can be seen here.
  • Unfortunate Implications and poor screenwriting, yes. But still funny.
    General Thalius Slater: By tomorrow there will be no more Africans... at least not in the Houston sector.
  • The bees manage to cause not one, but two helicopters to crash. Bonus points for the scene preceding the second crash, when the copter's pilot, in full Dull Surprise mode, utters "Oh, my God! Bees! Bees! Millions of Bees!" They also cause both a train crash and the destruction of a nuclear power plant.
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  • Baker and Slater watch Dr. Crane pray after Helena suffers toxic shock from a bee sting:
    Major Baker: Can we really count on a scientist who prays?
    General Slater: I wouldn't count on one who doesn't.

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