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  • Quite a few people come up with silly scenarios for the characters to get into. For instance, this description of Miguel's reaction to everything.
    Silvio: Dad, I'm getting married.
    Feliciano: I'm getting married!
    Miguel: WINE TIME
    Silvio: triplets...
    Miguel: (throws cigars in the air)
    Feliciano: Two sons
    Miguel: (sprays wine everywhere)
    Lovino: I got an acting job!
    Miguel: FIESTA!
    Alejandro: I'm starting my own restaurant.
    Isabelle: I just got a huge commission for my dresses!
    Miguel: Know what goes good with dresses? FIESTAS!
    Carlos: Dad, I just graduated in the top fifths of my cla—
    Miguel: FIESTA. TIME!
    Carlos: Dad, how do you still have cigars and wine?
    Carmen: Dad, I'm pregnant and getting married.
    Carmen: Dad, I'm getting divorced and marrying someone I love.

  • The Squid Anon. And the fact that in the Fandom In-Jokes deck for Cards Against Humanity, there exists a card reading "The Fucking Squid Anon".
    • The Fandom In-Jokes deck in general, and the fact that the password to the games vary from "strex" to "noot" depending on who's hosting (Noot is in and of itself an in-joke that has yet to be fully explained).
    • The image of Diego falling down the stairs while wearing Heelies that the deck proposes.
  • At one point, Diego’s RP blog created the following message:
    If you’re looking to determine whether or not I’ll care about what you have to say, I’ve compiled a list of questions to ask yourself before you bring your useless little comments to my inbox.
    If the answer to both of those questions is no, then I assure you that I really could not care less.
  • “Diego is hella fucking gay.”
  • Diego apparently borrowed Divina’s dress during their quinceanera. And then someone wrote it into their fic, followed by a conversation between Diego and Divina's roleplayers that involved the phrases "You don't have the breasts or ass to pull off my wedding dress" and "FUCK NO I'M PRETTY". The author of the fic then illustrated the latter phrase.

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  • Cosplay by the main Family are usually planned well in advance, which meant when smilingindoctrinator held a surprise cosplay as Luciano's good double Lovino everyone was pleasantly surprised. And then eruditexperimenter showed up as Sergio's double Silvio, and then strexcorpslittlemouse arrived as Jezebel's double Isabelle...
    Commenter: What's next, "oh BTW we're all in the same house so have a musical number?"
    Mark: You mean the Strex Family doubles kicking the originals out of the mansion while singing "It's Our House Now"?

  • There are a number of anons that frequent the blogs and their arrival always indicates interesting reactions. Among them are the "squid anon" (leaves squids on character's desks), the "pun sex meme anon" (after a "describe in detail how you would have sex with X character" meme went around, someone created a series of extremely long and detailed answers that ended in really terrible (or really good) puns), and the "poetry anon" (on the Heartwarming page).
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  • Ricardo Vega's general personality.
  • The Great Hair Debate.
  • The entire Reverse Family and their...unusual methods.
    Carmen: Apparently my brothers—and father—have decided that looting the Strex building is more important than finding Carlos.
  • Ciro's musical talents.
    Ciro: La-la-la, other smiles are mean
    Ciro: La-la-la, they're just jealous 'cause I'm queen.
    Ciro: At least I've got this neat hoodie that's yellow
    Ciro: Maybe later I'll make some Jell-O...
    Risus: (hits him with a broom) Stop that racket.

  • The Sorriso Family held an in-character game of Cards Against Humanity with a custom deck. Highlights include:
    • "Every step towards ___ gets me a little closer to ___", with the answers "the many love interests of Caesar Santiago" and "Luciano Silva, that son of a bitch".
    • "And what did you bring for show and tell?" "Joshua's spine".
    • "What left this stain on my couch?" "Ciro".
    • "The Five Stages of Grief: denial, anger, bargaining, ____, and acceptance". "Hitting on all of the Smiling Gods".
    • "____ and ____ are the new hot couple." "Puberty" and "Risus Sorriso"
    • "I got 99 problems but ____ ain't one." with possible answers including "being fabulous" and "killing Joshua".
    • "Let's all rock out to the sounds of ___" "Zacharie Du Bois trying to go against his re-education."
      • That one is slightly less funny now that the mun has drawn a picture of Zacharie doing exactly that, and it's not nice.
    • "Stop, drop, and ____" "PRAISE YOUR GREAT WARMTH".

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