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Funny / The Strangerhood

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  • "Wade became the most popular president ever elected... In Durntakistan."
  • Earlier when there's a fire in the kitchen:
  • Wade, Chalmers, Dutchmiller, and Tovars's angels throwing a dance party on Griggs' shoulder... and then we see that Griggs' angel and devil have stopped fighting and started dancing as well!
    • And then Sam's angel, after telling them to quiet down, decides to join in.
  • Season 2's existence. To a large extent, Rooster Teeth saw it as their Old Shame and it had limited success. Then Ray started making jokes about it - particularly making references to Wade - and suddenly there was a demand for Season 2. During the crowdfunding campaign for Lazer Team, Burnie put a stretch goal in for Season 2 as part of a last minute push to set a new record on that site - jokingly declaring it would be written, directed and voiced by Ray. When its release was confirmed, the RT Animation Department made it clear that it was quickly becoming their Old Shame as well
    • The final episode of season 2 became one massive meta joke of RT Animation expressing their frustration with Ray

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