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Funny / The Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men

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  • Marian asks Robin about the hypothetical lady he'd like to please.
    Robin: Well, she's tall and stately...
    Marian: [stands there being short]
    Robin: ...with bonny blue eyes and golden hair.
    Marian: [stands there being brown-eyed and dark-haired]
    Robin: And above all, she's sweet-tempered.
    Marian: [stomps on his instep with a grin]
    Robin: Oooh!
    Marian: [shoves him to the ground and runs off] Farewell, clodhopper!
    Robin: [grins widely]
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  • A Funny Background Event: after the outlaws give Marian all their money, Much the Miller gives her gold that he hid in his sack (which he previously insisted contained nothing but flour - and fought Robin to prove that it held nothing but flour). When Robin and Marian turn away, Little John can be seen in the background looking into the sack, clearly trying to see what else is hidden in it.
  • Towards the end, Little John tries to sing. It's so bad that even Alan-A-Dale's dog can't stand it.
  • Little John's "baptism", which is followed by Friar Tuck's introduction... singing a love song.
  • "Ah, well, the Scriptures say we must bear one another's burdens." "What marvels have I seen today? A friar singing a love song and a horse quoting Scripture!"
  • In Friar Tuck's first appearance, the Sheriff of Nottingham hits him over the head. This becomes a Brick Joke when the Merry Men have captured the Sheriff and are forcing him to pay for the losses they suffered under Prince John's taxes.
    Friar Tuck: [adding up how much the Sheriff owes] Roughly, one hundred and... [remembers the bump on his head] Two hundred shillings.
    • Followed by,
    The Sheriff: You thieving mock-priest, why don't you join them too?
    Friar Tuck: God forgive me, but it seems I have already.
  • Little John literally carrying off Much the Miller after Robin told him to "persuade [Allan-A-Dale and Much] to join us, if you can".


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