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  • The working title of the second book was at one point Book of Endless Pages. Sanderson changed it because the jokes were too obvious
  • In The Way of Kings, we see Jasnah soulcast a brigand into fire. When we find out how soulcasting actually works (you have to talk to the object, cajole and convince it to change), audiences wondered what Jasnah could possibly offer to convince a man to turn into fire. Lots of people joked that maybe she just ordered him to do it. Then we see a soulcasting from her perspective...and that's basically how she does it.
    "You," she commanded, "will change."
    "I am a rope," one of them said. "I am—"
    "You will change."
    The ropes shivered, transforming—one by one—into smoke in the physical realm.
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  • Meta example: When it was pointed out on his Twitter that, by sheer accident, Sanderson had written Shallan in a way that, to many fans, made them think she was bisexual, his reaction essentially equated to "sure, why not?", and he accepted the idea.


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