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When not busy avoiding faeries, the Grace siblings usually find themselves in some pretty hilarious situations.


  • Jared meeting Thimbletack for the first time. When the brownie slips into the drawers, Jared offers him more honey and crackers, causing him to mutter sporadically that he shouldn't take the food, but ends up slipping out and munching on it happily.
    • After turning into his boggart form, Jared quickly squirts more honey onto a cracker and offers it to Thimbletack to placate him. The boggart almost immediately calms down and happily munches away on his treat.
    Jared: Here, more honey! (Tosses the cracker with honey to Thimbletack)
    Thimbletack: (In boggart form) I'm not falling for that-! (Happily munches away and turns back into a brownie)
    Jared: And they say I got anger issues.
    • As he tells Simon the ingredients to create a deadly powder for goblins he can be seen sucking down on a container of honey.
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  • Mallory calling out Jared for reading the field guide, when it explicitly states on the front that it should not be read.
    Mallory: The book had a note that said "do not read", and you still read it?!
  • Mulgarath berates his henchmen for not kidnapping the right Jared, and instead getting Simon. Red Cap sheepishly notes this saying, "There was the Jared and the Not Jared. We got the wrong one..."
  • A car runs into the Mole troll that was chasing Mallory and Jared. The driving jumps out asking if they were okay and worries that he hit someone, Jared confirms this and thanks him.
  • When going to meet with Lucinda at the nursing home, Jared stoops down to the nearby garden to pluck up some of the flowers. The receptionist looks at his improvised bouquet, noting that they were very pretty flowers and that they had similar ones up in the front.
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  • In the movie, Hogsqueal yelling at Byron, "Fly while you can, gryphon! I swallowed an ogre whole! You could be next!"
  • "Now that's teamwork!"


The Field Guide
  • Mallory's hair getting tied up to her bedposts can be kind of funny, and yells at her mom to just cut her hair and forgo attempting to untie it.
The Seeing Stone
  • Hogsqueal revealing to Jared and Simon that he can give the gift of the "sight" through his spit. Neither of the siblings are enthused by the thought of the hobgoblin spitting in their eyes. While he does spit in a handkerchief and gives it to them, it doesn't make the experience less disgusting.
Lucinda's Secret
  • When Helen leaves a plate of cookies for Lucinda, she thanks her but has a face that Jared describes as "like she was offered a plate of cockroaches". However, this is due to the fact that she eats the food her Sprite friends provide her, causing human food to taste like dust, or cockroaches in her mouth.
The Ironwood Tree
  • There's this exchange where Jared notices that Mallory's fencing armor makes her chest look big:
    Jared: Looks like you've got...
    Mallory: Shut up!
  • During Mallory's match, Jared winces at a hit that Mallory delivers to her opponent and feels sorry for the guy since he knows how it feels because Mallory makes him her sparring partner.
    • What's funnier is how you can find a Creator Cameo in this chapter's illustration or Holly and Diterlizzi sitting in the stands.
  • To both of the twins' horror, they find Mallory encased inside a glass coffin, and once they get the lid off they realize that shaking her wasn't waking her up. Jared points out how there doesn't seem to be a way to wake her up, and the two really hope that they don't have to kiss her to wake her up like in the fairy tales.
  • Once Mallory and her brothers have managed to escape the mines, she looks down at her outfit and is horrified to see that she's been put in a dress.
    Mallory: I hate dresses!
    • The illustration for that page shows the distress on her face which only makes the scene funnier.
The Wrath of Mulgarath
  • When the Grace siblings return the field guide to Arthur, the elves are mildly surprised that Jared kept his word on giving the book to them, and the queen lightly notes that if they tricked them again, Simon would be the one staying with them for a long, long time. Simon nervously gulps at the queen's joke.

Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide

  • In one description of a boggart, Arthur writes that it tried to steal his spectacles.
    • A changeling named Fink that he studied also became interested in his glasses.

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