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Main Story

  • When Peter goes to the magic shop he got the spellbook from, the owner tells him that saying anything evil related causes thunder; Peter then says evil-type words and one of them is Disney.
  • Quagmire's birthday present for Meg.
  • When Seamus warns Meg about the book, he tells her that Death will come, and Death complains that he was there as a guest.
  • Peter said that he doesn't do stupid stuff; the family reminds him of the stunts he's pulled:
    Peter: Hey! I don't do stupid stuff!
    Lois: Don't you remember when you kidnapped the Pope?
    Brian: Or when you faked your own death and Death almost took your soul away?
    Chris: Or when you pretended that I was dying to prevent the cancellation of Gumble 2 Gumble?
    Meg: Or when you disguised as a teenager assisted to my school?
    Peter: Well, maybe-
    Lois: Or when you almost get me killed by the Mafia?
    Brian: Or when you founded your own nation?
    Chris: Or when you tried to convert me to Judaism because you thought that would make me smarter?
    Meg: Or when you tried to break a Guinness record, losing your sight in the process?
    Lois: Or when you-
    Peter: OK, I GOT IT!
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  • Peter uses the wish potion Meg made to increase the size of Lois's boobs.
  • Matt seeing Peter for the first time.
  • Peter tried to drive the family back from the hospital with his teeth.
  • When Meg gave the family superpowers, Lois found out the hard way Brian's power was X-Ray Vision.
  • The super-power Griffins stopping bank robbers.
  • Starscream suing Chris for using his name for his super hero alias.
  • Matt's sister Sophie actually understanding why Stewie wants to kill Lois after he explained himself, and then accidentally frying him with one of his rayguns.
  • Peter trying to narrating his life again.
  • Peter tried using a cutaway to get rid of a giant that was tearing the town apart and when that failed he tried to take it down Mario-style. When that failed too the family got the Arias to fix things by doing a reset and made it All Just a Dream.
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  • When the Griffins were talking to Jillian about seducing Matt's dad, Ernie the Giant Chicken showed up to pick another fight with Peter.
  • After getting Peter to drink a truth potion, Meg gets him to confess that he loves her, and later reveals to have a recording of the confession; when he tried to take it from her, [[Smoke out she vanished in smoke]] then Chris teases him for loving Meg until Peter punches him, then Brian and then the screen itself.
  • Meg and Matt playing Marvel vs Capcom vs Street Fighter vs Killer Instinct vs Mortal Kombat vs Tekken vs SmackDown vs Raw IV Turbo Beta X Plus: Gold Edition.
  • The Running Gag "Hey, did you notice that witch and bitch almost sound the same?"
  • When Tom and Diane report Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles being cancelled for inducing zoophilia, Tom complained how ridiculous that sounded, only to be followed by a cutaway of a man preparing to have sex with a turtle.
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  • Peter and the other's methods of exorcising Miriam and her sisters out of Meg, Lois, and Jillian's bodies, which in turn gave Jillian a fear of apples.
  • When everyone realized that Stewie and Sophie were lost in the show, they did a series of "oh no"'s, expecting the Kool-Aid Man to burst in, but he was frozen.
  • The ending of Meg and Matt's wedding chapter; I won't spoiled what happened but it did end with Peter saying he knew one of his kids wedding's would end like it.
  • The copyright violations of chapter 16.
  • Ander's fake out at the start of chapter 17.


  • The Terminator meets his in-laws.
  • John Cena wrestles Cookie Monster.
  • Peter accidentally pulls a Rabbid out his hat during a magic act and all Hell breaks loose.
  • Peter crashes a WWII fighter into Joe's house, and Joe reacts by chasing and shooting him.
  • The flashback of Greta Griffin.
  • Peter having House as a doctor.
  • Mutant Warrior Apple.
  • Chris finds Megatron buried in the beach.
  • Matt's uncle is revealed to be Mr. Kennedy who later interrupts Tricia's news report to say his name.
  • A female astronaut giving birth.
  • The government tortures the Griffins by making them watch every Disney musical.
  • Meg's job hunting experiences.
  • The Snow White gag featuring the Kool-Aid guy.
  • Meg and Matt take on Connie and her friends with some help from Batista and later the Undertaker.
  • Solid Snake Griffin.
  • Peter and Chris after messing with Hancock.
  • Peter's super glue accident.
  • Peter's failed comedy club act which included a cameo from Stan Smith.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog falling victim to Robotnik's casino trap.
  • Peter cosplaying as the Human Torch.
  • Lois catching Quagmire under the effect of the truth potion.
  • Agent Smith's identity.
  • Peter having [[Series/{{24}} Jack Bauer]] as a roommate.
  • The montage of Sophie finding Stewie's machines and activating them.
  • Bastita's gift to Edge after winning Night of Champions.
  • Stewie's flashback within a flashback.
  • Peter 12th anniversary gift to Lois.
  • Noah Griffin.
  • The Star Wars Convention.
  • Peter lost a bet to Quagmire.
  • Matt's time working at McDonald's.

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