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  • A good majority of the show's CMOF is on this one video.
  • Listen closely to Peter's ringtone. It's Itsy Bitsy Spider.
  • Spider-Man beginning episode 8 by defining defenestration:
    Spider-Man: [as he is being defenestrated] The dictionary defines defenestration as the act of throwing a person or thing out a window... Really not my favorite word.
  • During the battle with the Lizard:
    Spider-Man: Hey, wall-crawling's my shtick! You start spinning a web, and I'll sue!
  • During the Christmas battle with the Sinister Six, Spider-Man defeats Rhino by luring him onto the frozen river which gives way under his weight. Just before he falls:
    Rhino: ... I hate you. So much.
    • Rhino rampages across the city to get to the Daily Bugle... then politely asks Foswell to hit the elevator button for him. 'Nuff said.
      • Spidey's trolling of Rhino in general tends to bring about a lot of funny one-liners. For example;
        Spider-Man: Come one, come all, before your very eyes, the world's largest dehydrated turtle!
  • Peter's initial thoughts on Mary Jane:
    Aunt May: I've just been visiting Anna and her niece, Mary Jane. A lovely girl. Oh, Peter, you must meet her!
    Peter: Oh? What's she like?
    Aunt May: Oh, she has a wonderful personality!
    Peter: D:
    • This becomes a Running Gag that is done at least thrice in Season 1, and then done once by Green Goblin in Season 2.
      Goblin: ... Oh, don't tell me you like the Master Planner and his wonderful personality! [shudders]
  • Speaking of running gags, there's poor Hobie Brown, who always gets cut off before he even says anything. The first time we hear him is in the penultimate episode of season 2, in which he gets his moment of glory during the school play.
  • In what proves to be his only appearance in the series due to cancellation, Cletus Kasady can be seen briefly sitting in the prison therapy group. He's wearing a Santa hat.
  • Spidey's reaction to being faced with the Sinister Six deserves a mention.
    Doctor Octopus: Now then arachnid, Any Last Words?
    Spider-Man: "Humina humina humina" comes to mind.
    • Immediately followed by this:
      Spider-Man: Only six, huh? What happened, Lizard and Goblin had Knicks tickets?
  • Most of the interactions in the Green Goblin's first appearance fall into this.
    Green Goblin: You know the old saying: If you can't join 'em, BEAT 'em!
    Spider-Man: Took the words right outta my mouth. Is that a felony?
    Green Goblin: I certainly hope so. This little goblin wouldn't be caught dead committing a misdemeanor!
  • This little exchange between Spidey and Doc Ock is classic.
    Spidey: Look, Doc. Have you thought this through? The next Spider-Man who finds you under a pile of debris might view this as a cautionary tale.
    Doc Ock: [while repeatedly slamming Spidey around] Glib! Does not! Equate! With clever! Spider-Man!
    Spidey: Yeah, well, the ratio of arms-to-sanity hasn't exactly been established either.
    Doc Ock: Do you ever SHUT UP?!
    Spidey: Sorry, no. My fans expect a certain amount of quippage in every battle.
  • A lot of Green Goblin's lines are sadistically funny. That said, this quip from Spidey is hilarious.
    [After Green Goblin suggests that he and Spider-Man team-up and rule NYC together]
    Spidey: Are we talking Manhattan or all five? Nah. Sorry, I make it a rule not to partner with anyone green. Or, you know, psychotic.
    • After the big fight, Jonah tries to establish a headline that his son saved them all, only to have John point out that the following investigation could scrub him from the mission he's gonna embark on. Cue the following:
      Jonah: Robbie, scratch that headline. [mumbles] Give the credit to Spider-Man. TO SPIDER-MAN, CONFOUND IT! But fire Parker, the kid never showed up! WHAT?! What do you mean, he just e-mailed photos?!
  • Bernard Houseman (the Osborns' butler)'s remarkable stoicism in the last episode, after emerging from the wine cellar:
    Bernard: [greeting everyone] Mr. Osborn, Master Harry... Spider-Man.
  • When Spider-Man believes Venom might be after MJ.
    Spidey: There she is! And with Flash. Ew! Well, at least Flash isn't evil... well, at least he's not possessed by an evil symbiote.
    Spidey: [with suspicion] At least not as far as I know...
  • In "Destructive Testing," after a rather embarrassing defeat, Sergei Kravinoff goes hunting for Spider-Man — using his faithful lion to track locations that the webslinger has been to. What follows is a dialogue-less montage of Sergei and the lion's travels. At the Daily Bugle, we see lots of scared employees — except Jameson, who based on body language, is clearly yelling at the hunter and the lion to get out of his office.
  • When Jonah continues his smear campaign against Spider-Man, Peter bursts into his office:
    Peter: Boss, I'd like a word...
    Jonah: How 'bout "scram?" Or two words, "scram kid." Or seventeen! "Get out of my office in two-point-three seconds or I'll staple you to a flagpole!"
    Peter: ... H-how did you count so... never mind.
    • Later in that same confrontation:
      Jonah: Soon [Spider-Man]'ll be caught, jailed, and run out of town!
      Peter: [muttering as he stalks off] How can he be jailed and run out of town?
  • After Spidey first beats Rhino via overheating him, we get this hilarious bit of Delirious Misidentification.
    Rhino: [groggily] I swear I'll crush you! Promised Big Man I'd crush you! Crush you... crush you... crush you...
    Spider-Man: Are we losing it a bit, Alexander?
    Rhino: Only Mama calls me Alexander! You're not my Mama! Not my Mama... Mama...
    Spider-Man: Yes, I think we are.
    Rhino: [whining childishly] Mama, do I have to go to school?
  • In the episode, "Nature vs. Nurture," there's a moment where Spider-Man leaves Tombstone's office and is immediately followed by Venom coming in.
    Tombstone: I really should start locking those windows.
  • After Flint Marko robs a bank for the first time as Sandman, he turns into sand so he can escape through the sewers, then frustratingly realizes that the bulky money bags didn't go down with him.
    Sandman: Aw man, my money!
    • Becomes a Brick Joke in "First Steps" when Sandman gets flushed down a sewer drain without his score of stolen jewels.
      Sandman: Awww, my big score!
  • In "Group Therapy", while telling the other members of the Sinister Six about Doc Ock's escape plan, Vulture gives Sandman a sandwich. Sandman is unimpressed.
  • In "Probable Cause", Sally Avril calls Peter "Stinky Pete".
  • Sally's... unique attempt to merge Shakespeare and cheerleading. Shockingly, she doesn't get a part.
  • Flash confronting Peter about Sha Shan:
    Flash: She's, like, totally immune to The Flash!
    Peter: 'Cause she's got a brain?
    Flash: Exactly!
    • Later, when Flash is trying to enlist Peter's help to impress her:
      Flash: You need to make sure I don't say nothin' to make Sha Shan think I'm stupid.
      Peter: Uh, dude? Ship. Sailed.
      Flash: Shuddup!
  • Jameson referring to the spores his son's infected with as sporks.
  • While Doc Ock is getting his coffee from the Sinister Six's communal coffee machine in "Shear Strength", for a few seconds a note in the back can be seen:
    Why leave that mess? Please take the time to clean after yourselves. Thank you.
  • Spidey meets Mr. Parrot:
    Spider-Man: Is there anyone in here?
    Voice: Get lost!
    Spider-Man: I'm afraid I can't do that Mr... [camera pans to reveal the source of the voice to be a caged parrot] Parrot.
    Parrot: Get lost! RAWK! Get lost! RAWK! Get lost!
    • The next shot is the cage being tossed out of the building, with a web parachute.
  • Out-of-universe: Josh Keaton has decided to read 60s Spider-Man memes. This is "volume 1."
  • Flash's mom embarrassing him at his party in "First Steps". First, she says that Peter and Flash are best friends. Flash protests that that was in nursery school. When Sally is shocked ("Flash was part of the Nerd Herd?!"), Peter mockingly reveals the source of his nickname (hint: it wasn't because he could run fast.)
    Flash: I was four, okay?!
  • This:
    Jameson: I'm giddy like a schoolgirl!
    • Also this:
      Jameson: He did it! My boy did it... HEY, HEY! I'm not paying you bums to watch television! Get me a new layout in seventeen seconds OR YOU'RE ALL FIRED!!!
  • Spider-Man's battle prattle lends itself to many funny moments, such as this exchange during Spidey's fight with Montana/Shocker.
    Spider-Man: ... you've had more shots at me than Marko and O'Hirn — and done about as well!
    Shocker: Them boys are punks. This is my profession!
    Spider-Man: You do this for a living? With that accent, Ah wuz thinkin' ro-de-o clown!
    Shocker: Don't you mock me, boy!
    Spider-Man: Hey, I mock. I'm a mocker. Also a puller, a tugger, a yanker...
    • This:
      Spider-Man: [after throwing a traffic cone on Rhino's horn] Oh-ho-ho! I got the thing on the thing! What do I win?
      Rhino: [enraged] YOU!
      Spider-Man: I win me?! That makes no sense.
    • Spidey trying to banter against Electro and Vulture with a scalded tongue.
      Spider-Man: Now, now, wathh the mouth! Thewwa thildwen pwesenn. translation 
      Electro: ... What? [gets webbed up] Ugh!
      Spider-Man: [sigh] I burhned my tonghh, okay?
      [Vulture shows up]
      Spider-Man: Beechi? Ith thewwa wevolving doow ah tha pwithin? translation 
      Vulture: What?!
  • Spidey decides to ask Rhino to team up with him against Hammerhead and Silver Sable:
    Spider-Man: I know I'll regret this, but... you wanna partner up to destroy it?
    Rhino: [bursts out into jolly laughter, followed by a beat] Okay.
    • And when Rhino inevitably turns on him the second the two are dealt with:
      Spider-Man: What, no high-fives, no kumbayas?! I am shocked, shocked, I tell you!
  • When Flash lands the role of Nick Bottom in the school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, Sha Shan imagines him with a donkey head, then tells him he won't need much time to prepare.
  • "Okay, the thermals with the hearts were half-price, and do not reflect my very high macho quotient."
  • Sandman and Kraven meeting for the first time in "Reinforcement". Kraven enters, and notices the unpleased look Sandman gives him, prompting him to ask what's his problem:
    Sandman: I've had bad experiences with cats.
  • After Spidey beat The Vault and recaptured all the inmates released by the Green Goblin, Jonah states his belief that said inmates all have been working with Spidey. Captain Stacey immediately asks him why would they do something like that.
    Jonah: [with Cross-Popping Veins] TO RAISE MY BLOOD-PRESSURE!
  • When Jonah has been dragged to the opera by his wife for Valentine's Day, he tries to get out by claiming that he must investigate faint sounds coming from the lobby ("Could be news!"). He proceeds to walk in on the three-way fight between Tombstone, Silvermane, and Dr. Octopus.
    Jonah: Woah, I thought I was just making an excuse!
    • And earlier, when he is whining to Joan during the performance, another attendee, Hobie Brown, turns around to silently shush him.
  • In a bit of Bilingual Bonus and Genius Bonus, if you translate all the ominous spells Mysterio chants in Latin to add to his sorcerer gimmick, you'll find that they're actually just a bunch of comical non-sequiturs like "I believe Elvis is alive!" or "Thank you for not smoking!". It means one of two things; either Mysterio doesn't actually know what he's saying and is just trying to sound deep or Mysterio does know what he's saying and is deliberately screwing with Spider-Man. Both options are equally amusing.
    • Even funnier, one of the spells isn't even a generic quote, but instead a line that Mysterio has stolen from the lyrics of a Rolling Stones song.
  • Throughout the series, the characters tossing around the phrase "Big Man of Crime" like it's such a prestigious and threatening title to possess, rigidly dodging the use of the title "Kingpin of Crime" due to Kingpin being tied up with the Daredevil rights.
  • Electro's That Man Is Dead moment is undercut when Spider-Man can't remember which nickname he's talking about.
    Electro: Without a cure, I'm not Max Dillon! I'm... what did you call me?
    Spider-Man: ... Lightning butt?
    Electro: No! Not that!
  • In the opening of "Natural Selection", a group of robbers breaks into a bakery, and the leader instructs his cronies to take the money from the cash register but to NOT eat anything, as the owner is his great-aunt. Spidey pops in to comment on those priorities.
    • Then in the course of beating them up, Spidey gets each of the robbers in the face with a pie.
  • Ned Lee interviewing several of the supporting cast to figure out if Peter Parker is Spider-Man in “Identity Crisis”.
  • In "Final Curtain", Harry says the Goblin clearly isn't any of the three non-Spidey guys who know about the Globulin Green. The only possible person left is "...Mom?" Norman looks like he's holding back laughter. Barely.