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  • In the Sooty and Co episode, A Magical Voice, Matthew is using a laptop to speak as he has lost his voice. The screen lights up in one scene and says, "Not a dickie bird." A dickie bird pops up from behind the laptop and Matthew hits it with a rolled-up newspaper.
    • Also, in the Sooty show episode, Boarding House, this scene with Sweep and Sooty make a bed for Matthew, only to find it has no mattress and lies down on it.
    Matthew: Where's the mattress for it?
    Sweep: *Squeak*
    Matthew: You haven't got one?
    Sweep: *Squeak*
    Matthew: Yes, I know, I realise that, Sweep. And so, the fact is you expect that after I've had a hard day at work, I'm going to come back and go to sleep on a nice, soft, *thud*, ow, plank!
  • Most of the Sooty and Co. episode "Soo to the Rescue" counts, where the gang set to work on making adverts for the shop. Highlights include Sweep trying to make a banner that reads "come to Sooty's shop" (which ends up reading "cos tooty poo smesh"), Sooty and Scampi's TV advert and Matthew trying to attract business through a rendition of "My Way".
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  • The beginning of the Sooty and Co. episode "Read All About It!", where Matthew is excited to read an article on him and the shop in the local newspaper. Soo tells him not to get his hopes up as newspapers can often make mistakes. Hilarity Ensues.
    Matthew: Look at this! It's a picture of Sweep with my name underneath it!
  • In the Sooty and Co. episode Buddy Jolly, Sweep is assigned to act as a guard dog at night to protect the titular statue. He has an Imagine Spot about how much he'll be praised for doing the job well, which escalates rather quickly:
    Narration: Then, after triumphing over evil, maybe he'd be called to the Palace to receive a medal! (thought bubble shows Sweep as a Royal Guardsman getting a medal) He'd get to meet the Queen! Even better, he may even be the Queen, and rule the world! (thought bubble shows Sweep in a tiara and a Queen t-shirt)
    ...All while Sweep falls asleep and the statue is stolen in the background.
  • In the Sooty and Co. episode "Clocks Galore", Sooty has trouble with clocks - first, the alarm clock won't stop ringing, so he stuffs it in a cupboard and muffles it with duvets, then he is annoyed by a cuckoo clock, so he shoots it with an Acme Cuckoo Gun.


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