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Funny / The Smurfs and the Magic Flute

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The French Version:

The United Kingdom English Dub:

  • Peewit keeps trying to join in the singing with the minstrels in "Gentle Lady", but keeps getting booted off the stage for being a Dreadful Musician.

The United States English Dub:

  • The King and Johan's reactions to the seller, and his desperate attempts to convince them to take something.
    Seller: A music box?
    King: NO.
    Seller: How about a triangle?
    King: NO.
    Seller: Not even a deal on a flute?
    King: NO. MORE.
    Johan: You fool!
    King: I can't believe this! Now take your things and go before Peewit sees it!
    Seller: Should I come back tomorrow?
    Johan: Get going!
    King: If I ever see you again, I'll send you to the dungeon! Forced to listen to Peewit's signing! And that's the worst torture in the world!
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  • After Peewit find the flute in the fireplace, he shows it to Johan and The King and says "I wanna know what idiot threw it in the fire''." The King furrows his brows since he's the one who threw it in there and Johan chuckles.
  • After being handed a jug of wine to put out the fire producing green smoke in The King’s bedroom, he takes a big swig of it.
    Peewit: Wait! This is wine! (Drinks it) It's good wine! (Hiccups and pours the rest into the fire)
  • Peewit constantly being booted off the stage whenever he tries to join in singing with the minstrels in "Life Is A Voyage".
  • After Peewit takes an axe from a Smurf and chops away, the head goes flying off and comes back down. The three Smurfs, each reaching Peewit’s knees, get into a columned line and angrily point for him to sit back down next to Johan as if scolding a naughty child.
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  • A Smurf is cutting away a tree with an axe when Greedy comes up and puts the plate of some round pastry in front of the axe to get four slices.
  • Another Smurf is sharpening other Smurfs' axes. He’s so fixed into sharpening axes that he doesn't notice Greedy handing him a piece of pastry, which he grinds.
  • When Greedy is carrying a plate with a slice of pastry to the Smurf working on the axe grinding machine, Clumsy is limping with a few bandages and using a crutch walking past him. Couple of scenes later, two Smurfs carry a handmade stretcher with Clumsy bandaged from head to toe in the background as Greedy leaves with his sharpened pastry. What makes it more interesting is both Clumsy and Greedy were going the opposite ways each time they passed each other.
  • The whole sequence “Peewit Wants A Smurf.” When they finally get a sickly green, dilated eyed Peewit a (small) glass of water, the blond just ends it with “NO MORE SMURFS!” before sighing in exasperation.
    • One of the many "smurfs" the Smurfs tries to give Peewit during the song is... a Smurf. Well, a smurf doll, but still.
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  • During the Smurfs throwing their party after creating the second magic flute, Greedy is stuffing his face with pastry when Brainy approaches and starts his lecture:
    Brainy: That cake looks really good and Papa Smurf said if I want it too, then you’ll let me have it!
  • On the ship to Terminac, Peewit’s suffering from seasickness.
    Peewit: Oh I feel so sick! Oh! I think I’m gonna die!
    Johan: Oh yes, yes.
    Peewit: What do you mean “yes, yes”?
    Johan: (shrugs) Alright then, no, no.
    Peewit: That's better! (then resumes his seasick agony)
    • When the Smurfs who stowed away on the ship comfort Peewit to make him feel better, Brainy breaks into a lecture that makes him feel worse:
    Brainy: Hopefully you weren't foolish enough to eat bad food. Like strawberries with onions and tuna.
  • After Homnibus makes a tree grow, he picks an apple from it, where a worm comes out to stick his tongue at the wizard.
    Worm: Blegh!