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Given this is a series about slow motion, a lot of episodes are funny due to certain Amusing Injuries.

  • Dan is slapped upside the head as the first video.
  • The suggestion of Dan's warped face when hit by a football as a Facebook profile image.
    • Actually using said image as the series' icon on the Rooster Teeth website.
  • Bees seem to actually fall off of flowers
  • Gav's failed front-flip and the "world famous" double-Supermans.
  • Dan's shirt received quite a bit of abuse in the flint and steel video, first ripping it in the Cold Open and then having it singed when Gav tried to set him on fire.
    • Dan's jacket gets more and more filthy over the course of the series. Currently, it is horribly tattered and covered in paint, and even Dan's own bloodstains, while Gavin's is...perfectly clean. This may be deliberate.
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  • Dan being burnt by butter and cooking oil when filming popcorn kernels popping. Notice how he doesn't move from his spot.
  • The Cuboid being caked in various omelette ingredients to kick boredom's ass. Especially the slow motion capture of him blowing milk from his nose. It might be Squick but it's damn funny!
  • Gav seems to have no regard for Dan's safety. When they filmed champagne corks in slow motion, Gav was worried about the cork rebounding and hitting him in the eye so he gives himself safety goggles. Note that Dan is the target for said corks and isn't given goggles until he asks.
  • During the promo for Sledgehammer Week, Gav and Dan strut their stuff to the camera... until Dan accidentally whacks Gav in the head with the sledgehammer grip.
  • Gav's pure and undiluted reaction to being shot in the hip area (bare skin) with a paintball. He spends a good ten seconds venting his pain out by running and jumping around, and he tops it off with a somersault at the end.
  • Dan's reaction to finding out that his 'new lab coat' is about to be pelted with condiments. While he's wearing it.
    Dan: "MOTHERFU"-Scene Change
    • The first shot is ketchup, which gets everywhere. The second is chocolate pudding, which nails Dan's goggles and knocks them off. Then the third is mint chocolate chip ice cream...
    Gav: Three! (fires instead of continuing)
  • After filming a wet foam ball being spun to simulate a spinning galaxy, as well as throwing said ball at Dan's face, Gav thinks that it could be made better in a way… pulling up a can of gasoline.
    Dan: I'm out.
  • Much of the humor in the duo's collaboration with Blue Man Group is amplified by the trio's expressive silence throughout the video.
    • Among the many non-sentient objects to suffer from Gav and Dan's curiosity are some ceramic busts of the Blue Man Group. The introduction of this skit is made all the more hilarious as we see a total of six busts... Only for the closest three to start moving to reveal they're the Group themselves... and they're understandly disturbed by the idea of smashing effigies of themselves.
  • Dan gets inside another water balloon and pops it from the inside once he had enough. He then winds up laughing uncontrollably, which confuses Gav. They go over the footage and Gav sees that Dan had an unexpected "guest" pop out from his underwear. Cue Dan laughing at the whole thing since Gav has to spend extra time trying to censor in slow motion.
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  • The first time Dan got into a water balloon is funny in and of itself, but throw in a Snoop Dogg commentary and you have comedy gold.
  • Dan dicking around with the tuning fork. He put it in his mouth before sticking it into Gavin's mouth, cackling as Gavin is startled.
  • Jon Risinger trolls Gavin at the end of the dog video. He gets ready to throw a treat at Bella while Gavin has her around his shoulders. In her excitement for said treat, she kicks and scratches him up as he collapses to the ground. Dan and Jon subsequently lose their shit laughing as Gavin calls Jon a monster.
  • The introduction video for the Super Slow Show has Dan proudly announce their new lab coats... only for his sleeve to pop off for no reason whatsoever.
  • Episode 1, Part 1 has Dylan Sprouse shoving Dan off a platform from 18 feet in the air and onto an airbag... because Dan insulted his Friends character.
    • And then he pushes Gavin off, seemingly just for the sake of a one-liner.
  • Episode 1, Part 4 of the Super Slow Show involves crashing through panes of glass. For once, Dan is pumped to do this... but he injured his hand, so Gavin has to do it.
    Gav: What happened yesterday?
    Dan: I hurt myself trying to be badass.
    Gav: And what does that mean?
    Dan: You have to do it.
    Gav: So I'm gonna run through a pane of glass.
    • The second pane of glass is safety glass rigged with a detonator to pre-shatter as Gavin's running towards it. He runs towards it, Dan presses the trigger... and nothing happens. Gavin just slams into the glass and bounces off it.
  • Episode 4, Part 2 features a giant hamsterball, which Dan climbs inside. He promptly farts in it.
    • Dan describes the equipment necessary for the shoot like he's describing a list of Noodle Implements.
      Dan: All you need is six water trucks, a hamsterball and an idiot.
  • The paint pendulum episode, where Dan gets glorious revenge by convincing Gavin to get hit with a giant balloon filled with paint. He's even more gleeful when he beats Gavin at Rock–Paper–Scissors in betting who would get hit from two balloons filled with paint.
  • Episode 7, Part 2 contains fruit collisions using air cannons. Gavin and Dan tried just throwing grapefruit at each other; the only collision ended up being between Dan's grapefruit and Gavin's plums.
  • Episode 8 Part 2; after Gavin suggests acquiring a target for their slingshot, Dan follows through by driving up in a stylish looking car... that Gavin immediately recognizes as the sound guy's car. Dan promptly gets whacked by the boom mike.
  • Episode 10, Part 2 involves the giant balloons the series is famous for, and a slow-mo reaction pose-off between Gavin and Dan. Dan goes first, but reacts so quickly to the balloon popping that his kneeling pose doesn't really work. Then Gavin goes... and when the balloon pops reveals that he managed to smuggle in a camping chair and an appletini. The smug face he has on has to be seen to be believed.
    • Before that, Dan's first attempt climbing into the balloon results in it quickly deflating and wrapping around him like shrink wrap. Gavin, already on the ground attempting to keep the balloon inflated, just collapses laughing like a loon.
  • The outtakes video is filled with failed attempts and the guys dicking around, but the final clip is worth mention. It's a failed attempt at the video where they both climb inside a giant weather balloon and while Gavin is removing his shoes the balloon bursts on a tiny pin on the platform, yanking Dan (already inside the balloon) over backwards by his nose. And there's a slow-motion replay of it too.
  • Oreo sponsored a Slow Mo Guys video, and asked Gavin to come up with an "anything". Gavin's "anything" is Dan, dressed as a waiter, carrying a tray with glasses of milk, on a treadmill, suspended above a pool of milk, which is actually water and corn starch.
  • The boys dick around with a face puncher device, especially on Dan's face. Upon upon reviewing the footage, they're excited to use it on Gavin's nose.
    Gavin: We should do my nose!
    Dan: We should do your nose!
  • In Episode 2 of Planet Slow Mo, the guys get access to a wind tunnel. They start with simply trying to stand up, then splashing Dan with water. Then Dan decides to use the wind to inflate a condom that he calls a "slippy see-through lubricated party balloon". Then Dan decides to use another inflated condom as a kite to propel himself on a skateboard.
    Gavin: *referring to the first usage of the condom, whilst Corpsing* That is without a doubt the stupidest thing I have ever recorded in slow motion in my life.
    *after the second usage of the condom*
    Gavin: It's almost offensive the amount of effort that goes into a place like this and then we show up and do that.
    Dan: "Yes, it's for scientific testing of automobiles", and then...
    *cut to Dan's smug face as he's pulled through shot on the skateboard*
  • Episode 3 is called "Flying Fish to the Face in Slow Motion". Says it all, really.
  • Episode 4 sees the boys at a wave motion lab in Scotland, and once they've done some wide shots, as usual, Dan gets volunteered to stick his face over it. Even though the first blast knocked his safety glasses off, he doesn't have that bad of a time. Then hits the Stinger, and as he and Gavin wrap up the last shot, Dan's inflatable lifejacket goes off for no reason.
  • Episode 7 sees them in Singapore to record lightning, using a special feature to allow the camera to automatically start recording as Gavin wouldn't be able to react fast enough. They're set up in a hotel room with the camera pointed out the window, and they're ready. Cue the evening, when a lightning storm rolls up - on the other side of the hotel. Cue dashing through the hallways of the hotel to a crew member's room with Gavin lugging the camera and Dan struggling to get his labcoat on.
  • The second part of the last episode is filled with Hilarious Outtakes. Highlights include the intro for the South Korea episode being interrupted by a cat, Dan ripping the wrong sleeve on his labcoat before filming even began, said sleeve being sewn back together when it went to get dry cleaned in Singapore, having to make up more bloopers on the spot because they didn't have enough, and a peek into the "Time Reversal" lab at Caltech.
  • While partly tragic, during the filming of Dan (successfully, multiple times) slicing a flying arrow in half with a katana, they try for one more shot using an arrow that Dan had taken the tip off, with a new tip pushed on. And, unlike every other shot with Gavin had been fairly accurate with the bow, the ‘stubby’ arrow struck the monitor screen on his camera. As the boys realize what happened, a “‘Oh No’ Counter” pops up, quickly rolling up to 9.5 “Oh No”s.
    • Then, at the very end, they are chatting with the You Tuber who inspired the shoot, and show him the damaged monitor. Queue “10.5” appearing in the corner of the screen.
    • And there is the reaction to Dan making an almost perfect slice on the very first try, especially after he joked it would take about 30 tried.


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