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You were once my closest friend, you always felt so right,
Your fine-sewn seams would never tear, never loose or tight.
O cruel fate! to tear those seams and force us two apart,
Untimely at a Jaeger's hands you did this world depart.
Though we'll never meet again, I shall remember you,
Always with me in my heart, my dress-pants fine and true.
-Joshua's idea of poetry

Don't let that whole "plot-heavy" thing fool you, this game is often a comedy goldmine.


  • One of the very first events included "the Spoon Incident". Vash was left in charge of the Winding Way, and so chaos ensued. Naruto decided to teach Haruhi to be a ninja, Vash panicked, and to appease the temporary captain, Naruto used only completely harmless "training weapons" — spoons stolen from the kitchen. Watanuki noticed the spoons missing and went on the warpath. While all of this was going on, Giselle learned where babies came from and didn't take it too well. And then there was the woodchuck...
  • Actually, any time Vash was in charge of the Way, there were bound to be plenty of these. Like the time he tried to force Hanatarou and Haruhi into marriage.
  • The clearing-up of Anko's pregnancy scare came with some unintentional hilarity when someone pointed out the song and artist on the accompanying "Music" tag...
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  • Rikku's experiment exploding, making the entire Way smell like feet. Air fresheners became a very hot commodity.
  • Any time Joshua writes fake badfic.
  • Susan's "visit from family".
  • Failing (of course) to have stolen Amicus, Team Fail tried again with Lunasa. They stole presents from all over Licere, including from the 4423... and also "stole" the injured Isako. Highlights:
    • Beat's You Can Keep Her speech, meant both to throw Team Fail off and to make Isako so angry that she'd kill them and come back to the ship herself.
    • Hiruma taking a page from Joshua's book when he edited sound clips of Doc and Holly into radio play badporn.
    • Holly being so intimidated by Isako's weapon bluff that he ordered her to check herself for weapons.
  • The snowball fight in Tulgim.
  • Souji teaching Luffy about sexual orientation via the now-infamous peanut butter and chocolate analogy.
  • The time when, in search of Ichigo, Isshin ran through all of Licere, busting down doors and interrupting everyone. He caught Ness and Joshua at the least convenient time possible twice. Oh, and Ichigo was on the other side of the country.
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  • Truth or Dare Dice. Seta Souji is dared to sing the Ivonian national anthem. In falsetto. The players had just learned that Johnny Yong Bosch had a band... and that it wasn't a very good band. Oh, and did we mention that the Ivonian national anthem is eight minutes long?
  • Isshin giving the entire network the Talk.
  • The pillow fight on the Convoy.
  • The above-quoted poem that Joshua wrote to publicly mourn his ruined pants.
  • Rikku's experiment exploding again, this time drugging half of Serenity. Nothing like a bunch of usually-serious people running around high.
  • The tabloid story where Ichigo "seduces" Edgeworth, embellished from a simple conversation. Particularly poor Watanuki's reaction... and, of course, Isshin's.
  • Red and Green mistake Milk for a Mon and try to capture her.
  • When humanity ensued for Optimus Prime, Sam and Hex talked him into an experiment "for science!"... to see if he could get drunk. He did, and promptly posted his drunken ramblings to the network.
  • Sougyo no Kotowari getting loose on Long Night and running around the Amestris having as much fun as they could. Particularly their quest to make noise.
  • Gold breaking Roxas' airboard.

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