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  • It says something when part of the protagonist's Establishing Character Moment is her playing with herself in the bathtub. And it turning out to be a daily routine. And she has an egg timer for it.
  • Zelda's Establishing Character Moment when she goes about her work while complaining about her husband to Eliza. Most notable is one part where she's dusting a turbine hanging overhead as though it were simply a high-tech chandelier rather than a giant hulking machine that could crush her and Eliza if it ever dropped.
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  • Zelda's rather calm bewilderment at how there is pee on the ceiling when she and Elisa are cleaning the men's bathroom.
    Zelda: There's pee freckles on the ceiling now. How'd they get it up there?
  • Giles orders pies from a diner because he has a crush on the shop owner. He chides Elisa for not liking it and wasting them. Cut to a shot of all the unfinished slices of pie in his fridge. At least a dozen of them.
  • While Giles and Elisa watch some musicals together, he sighs at the actors' youth and tells Elisa if he could talk to his past self he would give himself some advice. Elisa asks him what kind of advice.
    Giles: Take better care of your teeth. (Beat) And fuck, fuck a lot.
    • What's funnier is how Elisa gives him a small smile of approval.
  • Giles tells Elisa that corn flakes were invented to prevent masturbation. Elisa, who keeps a regular schedule, looks at the cornflakes she's eating dubiously.
    Giles: “They failed."
    Eliza: -continues eating-
  • When Elisa and Zelda discover Strickland's bitten off fingers, they quickly pop them in the only thing handy — a lunch bag — and return them. It's later pointed out that they arrived up at the hospital with mustard on them.
  • During Dimitri's first meeting with his handlers, they try to engage in code exchanges, but can't hear each other over the wind and have to keep repeating themselves. During the second meeting, Dimitri doesn't even bother with them.
    • Also during the first meeting, when he's taken to their meeting point at a restaurant, he complains about having to go through the whole runaround when they just come to the same place every time.
  • As they get ready to rescue the Asset, Giles expresses admiration at how Elisa isn't afraid. Elisa tells him she is afraid. Giles's response is priceless.
    Giles: "Don't tell me that. I'm terrified."
    • In the same sequence, as Giles prepares a fake ID, he puts his age down as fifty-one. Despite insisting that he can pass for that, Elisa talks him into raising his age to at least fifty-seven.
  • Zelda cursing under her breath as she and Elisa sneak the Asset out of the building.
    Zelda: Oh, woman, we gonna burn in hell!
  • Strickland's brand-new car getting clipped by Giles as the Asset's being stolen, just adding insult to injury.
  • Zelda's reaction when she realizes Elisa had sex with the Asset.
    Zelda: Why?! ... How?!
  • Elisa signing "F-U-C-K Y-O-U" at Strickland with a smirk on her face.
    • Even better, she's deliberately and emphatically spelling it, instead of just using the sign. She's daring him to understand her!
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  • The consequences of Elisa flooding her bathroom for an assignation with the Asset. The door is watertight thanks to some towels stuffed into the crack underneath (just roll with it), but the floor isn't, and the landlord throws a hilarious shitfit when huge leaks start drizzling into the movie theater downstairs. And inevitably, Giles floods the whole apartment when he opens the bathroom door.
  • Giles expressing wonder at the Asset healing his arm and his receding hairline, saying that he understands now why the Asset was originally worshiped as a god.
    "Now, is he a god? I dunno if he's a god. I mean he ate a cat, so I mean, I don't - I don't know.
  • When Dimitri's bosses come over to his apartment, he asks them if they would like some pound cake. One says yes without hesitation causing the other to give him a "Dude, really?" look.
    • There's also the fact that Dimitri is not wearing any pants throughout the whole conversation.

Meta and Out of Canon

  • Del Toro's response to the fanmade dildos of the Asset's dick? He doesn't think they're accurate.
  • Speaking of fanmade stuff, Sally Hawkings gets involved in a sketch on The Late Late Show with James Corden, where James plays an unrelated fish-man that gets with her on a dating app. The sheer complexity of the prosthetics on James qualifies it for an Awesome moment as well.
  • The 89th Academy Award show had an infamous moment where Warren Beatty misread the Best Picture winner. Come this year's show, The Shape of Water won Best Picture and Del Toro can be seen checking the envelope and cheerfully confirming that, yes, the winner is correct this year.

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