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  • Keith Richards is the band's resident Deadpan Snarker. There's even a book of his witticisms, titled What Would Keith Richards Do?
    • The police pulled a massive drug raid on the Stones. There was a salacious rumor that they caught one band member in the basement performing sexual acts with Marianne Faithfull involving a Mars Bar. Keith's response to the rumor? "Well first off, we were out of Mars Bars..."
  • Charlie Watts is fun to watch in music videos. First, there's "It's Only Rock and Roll". The band performs in a plastic tent that gradually fills with bubbles. Guess which band member is totally submerged while the others are performing? At one point, all we see of Charlie are his arms waving drumsticks, while his bandmates turn around and start chuckling. At the very end, Charlie emerges completely covered in bubbles.
    • In "Start Me Up," Charlie looks like he's trying not to chuckle while Mick, Keith, and Ron ham it up. Then he trades sly glances with Bill Wyman at the 2:27 mark.

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