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Funny / The Rise of Kyoshi

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Kyoshi may be the Avatar universe's Memetic Badass, but she has her share of funny misadventures.

  • The first thing we learn about Kuruk, the previous Avatar, is that he died at thirty-three. Which would be sad, except Jianzhu complains it's the first time Kuruk ever did anything early.
  • The father of one of the potential Avatars tries to negotiate payment: Sixty-five silver a year if she's the Avatar, and ten if she's not.
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  • Jianzhu's various disdains of people and places are written humorously. One instance is his disdain for Hue and the Earth King of his time. He imagines leaving both of them on a stranded island to see which one would eat the other first.
  • As Kyoshi walks through the mansion, she mentions overhearing a merchant discuss the future of cabbages. Oh, if only that family knew what trouble Aang's going to bring to them.
  • Yun using his earthbending to write out messages in pebbles to Kyoshi and Rangi. But the words aren't perfect.
    Yun: (Through pebbles) What are my three favourite ladles doing today?
  • When Kyoshi gets lost in thought, Kelsang throws a small ball of dough at her, leaving powder to fall on her face. As she turns to the elderly airbender, he unsubtly hides the hand that is airbending another ball of dough in his hand.
    Kelsang: Wasn't me.
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  • The children in the village think since Kyoshi came from the slums, that meant she got all the gross and disgusting jobs. On the contrary, she's basically a nanny for Yun, picking up after his messes.
  • Kyoshi tries to get rid of Ragni by saying there are things Ragni doesn't know about her. Ragni yells that she just found out literally the most important secret in the entire world.
  • After Rangi finally convinces Kyoshi to let her travel with her, she points out that they're in the middle of the ocean and only have one flying bison, so it's not like they had the option to split up anyway.
  • As the daofei, Kyoshi and Rangi are running from the police, everyone is gracefully jumping off the roofs above to avoid being caught. Whereas Kyoshi... accidentally ends up running/earthbending through a wall, leaving "a Kyoshi-sized hole" in it. She then proceeds to crash through several more of them.
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  • Upon being asked by Kirima how she ended up with Kyoshi, Rangi begins to explain how she's "honor-bound" to protect her...and Kirima immediately stops her upon hearing the h-word. Seems everyone in the other nations got tired of hearing Firebenders talk about "honor" long before Zuko came around.
    Kirima: The last time I listened to a Firebender talk about ‘honor’ my ears nearly rotted off my skull. Had to kick him out of my bed with both feet.
  • As the group head to Hujiang for the first time, Kirima and Wong warn Kyoshi to act tough and aggressive to discourage anyone from picking a fight with her. Lek then says that Rangi's doing an excellent job of which Rangi protests that she's not doing anything.

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