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  • This film is ripe with them but special mention must be given to the cheerleader tryouts interspersed with the replacement players interacting with each other for the first time, the bar fight (which doubles as a Moment of Awesome), and the replacement players dancing to "I Will Survive" while in jail.
    • Clifford Franklin hiding behind the jukebox throughout the bar brawl.
  • The strikers are harassing Brian Murphy (who's deaf). Brian Murphy just writes a note and passes it to Shane Falco: "One good thing about being deaf, it makes it easier to ignore the assholes. You. Asshole."
  • "I'm not a Mick. I'M BLOODY WELSH!"
  • What can only be summed up as: Buttslap, "Hike!" Instant False Start call.
  • Clifford Franklin’s glued-up hands. "Coach, I look like I just jacked off an elephant!"
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  • Falco beaning a notorious late hitter in the head with the football? Awesome. The fact that the ball lands in Fumiko's hands afterwards, causing the huge guy to have to run down the field with the ball? Hilarious. The fact that he scores a touchdown while carrying almost the entire opposing defense on his back? Hilarious AND awesome.
    Madden: "Fumiko scores! Fumiko scores! I love to see a fat guy score!"
    Summerall: "Why?
    Madden: "Well, first you get the fat guy spike," (Jumbo spikes the ball) "followed by the fat guy dance!" (Jumbo breaks into his Sumo stomp routine, and the rest of the team joins in!)
  • As Falco decides whether or not to give Annabelle a goodnight kiss, Madden and Summerall chime in with commentary seemingly on the situtaion. While a Smash Cut reveals that they're actually commenting on a play Falco ran in the next game they're playing, it's hilarious how well it applies to the situation Falco's in on screen.
    Summerall: What do you do here, John?
    Madden: You go for it. You have to.
    Summerall: But Falco's been shut down by this defense all afternoon.
    Madden: But I'll tell you this, all it takes is one big play to get him back in the ball game. (Falco approaches Annabelle) And here goes Falco. (Falco kisses Annabelle) Falco scores! Falco scores!
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  • When Falco returns to the final game, he makes out with Annabelle on the sidelines. Madden and Summerall see this.
    Summerall: Shane Falco seems to be...
    Madden: Hell, he's necking with a cheerleader! That's what he's doing!
    Summerall: The players aren't supposed to fraternize with the cheerleaders.
    Madden: Yeah, but what are they gonna do? Fire him?
  • The first play Falco calls when he returns for the final game of the sesaon? "Kick ass on one." The entire team starts beating up on the opposing defense, causing a ton of flags to be thrown and pushing them back to the 1 yard line. The real hilarity is the poor referee that has the misfortune of trying to announce all the committed penalties. And to cap it off, they score a 99 yard TD immediately afterwards.
  • Honestly, anytime Danny's onscreen, he has the potential to bust one of these out. In particular is his exchange with Coach McGinty that ends with the coach mumbling to himself, "I hope he doesn't kill somebody."
    • The Coach and Danny after Danny forced a turnover like he wanted. They're yelling at each other back and forth. Beat. Then, calmly, "Go sit down now Danny." "Okay."

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