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See The Replacements (2000)

Disney Series

  • The episode "Truth or Daring". Most of the funny comes from Todd's uncontrollable lying due to "lie spice", while also failing to read all of what it actually does. Especially when he's calling Conrad as a desperate cry for help but keeps saying "No, I don't" all the while sounding desperate and tearing up.
    • Even funnier is him accidentally joining the military, with the recruiter unable to realize he's obviously recruiting a child he accepts as 18, whose facial expressions clearly indicate he doesn't want to be there. Anyone who has been through basic will also laugh their ass off when Todd lies to the Sergeant that he would gladly run more miles and lies about not being exhausted to get more physical training until he breaks. Yet, the drill Sergeant grows impressed by Todd and thinks he actually is unbreakable, and Agent K too is positively surprised when she calls and thinks Todd really does want to be a hardened marine and not rescued. And somehow Todd is able to do well enough to get on a paratrooper course with him finally being bailed out because he's of course too short to be one. Nonetheless, his instructor is saddened by how much "promise" Todd had, oblivious to Todd's joyful expressions given that he can only tell lies.
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    • As for Riley (who in turn, got the "truth salt")— after accidentally telling the truth about her father:
    Dick: (crying) I can't believe my own flesh and blood is running against me!
    Riley: I didn't mean to...! (covers her face in shame) And I'm adopted, duh. (covers her face again)
    Dick: (continues crying)
  • Following a Line-of-Sight Name in "The Insecurity Guard" where Todd guesses the first president is George Stapler, the school is renamed such and stuck for the rest of the show.
  • There's a brief gag in "Quiet Riot"; Mrs. Shusher forces Todd into silence by shaping the veins of her forehead to form the word "QUIET". Todd responds by shaping his forehead veins into the word "sorry".
  • The episode "Fiddlin' Around" has the Running Gag of Dick constantly falling asleep every time he hears classical violin music because it sounds like the lullabies his mother used to sing.


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