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  • The Running Gag in the first episode regarding Colt wearing Ugg Boots.
    Beau: What the fuck is on your feet?
    Colt: They're Uggs. It's what they call boots in Australia.
    Beau: Those are lady shoes.
  • After receiving a medical checkup, Beau's doctor advises him to cut back on red meat and alcohol. When she asks him what he does to reduce stress in his life, he responds "I eat steak and I drink whiskey."
  • Beau's reaction to Almond Milk
    Beau: What the fuck is Almond milk?
    Colt: Its milk
    Beau: Show me the tit on an almond!
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  • Any time that Beau and Dale are onscreen together, you can expect hilarious Snark-to-Snark Combat between two cranky old men.
  • Colt and Rooster inseminating a cow in "Easy Come, Easy Go."

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