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Funny / The Purge

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  • Any scene with Charlie's charred baby doll spy camera moving around.
    • Especially the scene where the neighbors are about to kill the Sandins, but then the dramatic tension is killed when the stranger that Charlie was trying to save finds it and uses it to distract them when he suddenly appears behind Grace Ferrin and punches her.
  • The scene at the dinner table when everyone's talking about their day.
    Charlie: I read a story in history class about a man whose love was so powerful that it killed people. He had to cut off his own heart.
    Zoey: He should have cut off his own penis.
    • Then James tells Zoey that they're not in the "dormitorium" and they all laugh.
  • The part where the homeless stranger rolls under the security door Indiana Jones-style after James and Mary make it go down while he was running there.

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